Alessandro Zanardi forward of his DTM guest appearance: “I am some-more flexible but my prosthetic legs”.

A exam will follow in due time. Zanardi has been successfully
racing BMW competition cars given 2003, though Misano will be a premiere for
him: for a initial time ever, he will competition though his prosthetic
legs. The BMW M Motorsport engineers grown a complement for a BMW
M4 DTM that allows Zanardi to stop by hand. In an interview, the
Italian explains since pushing though prosthetic legs brings nothing
though advantages for him.


Alex, since is it some-more gentle for we to expostulate without
prosthetic legs?


Alessandro Zanardi: “Because, technically speaking, of a approach the
prosthetic sockets works. They stay in place interjection to a kind of
opening outcome and this of march does not concede any transpiration. But
a limbs are a cooler of a body. We remove heat with blood
dissemination by a extremities – so when we wear my prosthetic
legs we am like an engine though cooling system. And this doesn’t help
while we stay in a cockpit of a competition automobile where a temperature
mostly rises above a decent limit. When we started to investigate a Daytona
2019 devise we told a engineers that this was a categorical change we
should had demeanour at. And when we was offering to expostulate DTM in Misano, we
had already finished sufficient work and swell to trust that for me
to expostulate though my prosthetic legs would potentially also assistance the
performance. The advantage we get pushing this way, physically
speaking, gets bigger with each lap. You can't suppose the
difference!  I’m therefore certain it’s this will also be a improved option
for a dual one hour races in Misano with a BMW M4 DTM.”


So far, we walked to a automobile and got in like each other
driver. How will we get in a automobile though prosthetic legs?


Zanardi: “Getting into a automobile is not a problem during all – utterly the
discordant as though my legs we am most some-more flexible than with them on to
get in and out a car. It is 10 times easier for me. we can’t use my
legs for any other purpose than a disposition point. we have to drag them
in to a automobile regulating a strength of my arms with that we need to raise
a weight of my body. So though a legs we have zero interfering
in a transformation and also we have reduction weight to pierce around. So yes, I
am by distant some-more agile. The devise is to get to a automobile with my wheelchair
and to afterwards burst into a cockpit. Then a same approach to get out. And
in box we would incidentally stop around a circuit and have to get
out a automobile in a hurry: well, it won’t be good for a ones watching,
though we guarantee we we can travel faster on my arms on weed or sand than
we would with my feign legs anyway.”


As we are some-more flexible though a legs, also a extrication
in box of an collision will be even easier than before?


Zanardi: “Exactly. So this has never, ever been a concern. Not just
for me though also not for a people who know me from a prolonged time.”


Let’s suppose a box we are stranded with a automobile in the
gravel: You only get out and travel divided on your arms?


Zanardi: “Yes, as we said, it does not demeanour super good to see somebody
walking divided somehow like this, though in existence it would be easier for
me to pierce divided from a automobile – generally in sand – out of my arms
with no legs than it would be with my legs. we already done this
experience: we was means to somehow travel on a sand with my
prosthetic legs and no canes though it wasn’t easy. And a possibility that I
maybe put a feet in a wrong approach and tumble is greater. This would not
paint any unsentimental danger, we have a prolonged knowledge of ‘falling’,
though of march this would delayed down my routine of using divided from a car.”


“So altogether it is a improved choice also from this indicate of view. This
does not meant that if ever we motionless to expostulate with my prosthetic legs
again it would be unsafe. Of march we took all aspects in serious
care since we did not wish to strike any reserve issue, not
only for myself, or BMW, or some-more for other people, simply since is
what we have to do when we do things during this level. And we wouldn’t
start this new journey if we didn’t consider we have it lonesome under
this indicate of view.”


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