After feat in Saturday’s competition both BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers in a points in London.

London. In a scattered Sunday race, Maximilian Günther (GER)
and Jake Dennis (GBR) scored profitable points in a altogether ABB FIA
Formula E World Championship standings. Günther had started a 13th
foe of a deteriorate from sixth on a grid and crossed a line in
a same position. Dennis followed adult his win during a London E-Prix
(GBR) on Saturday with a bold liberation performance, clawing
behind 8 places to finish ninth, carrying started from 17th on the
grid. A drive-through chastisement only before a finish of a foe put
paid to his chances of a improved finish. The MINI Electric Pacesetter
desirous by JCW, a central FIA Formula E Safety Car, appeared
twice after incidents had occurred.


Günther gathering a autocratic foe after a unsatisfactory Saturday. He
had delivered explanation of his gait during a morning subordinate session,
securing a place in a Super Pole foe for a seventh time
this season. He reached sixth in a conflict for grid positions,
recording a time of 1:20.398 minutes. Günther was incompetent to steer
transparent of all a incidents as a foe progressed during a London
muster centre, though he displayed copiousness of stamina to say his
position to a finish line.


Dennis gave another clever opening in a giveaway use session,
culmination a eventuality in second place as he had finished on a before day.
However, his starting position in a drivers’ standings meant that he
had to contest in subordinate organisation one. He was a initial motorist out on
a lane and cumulative third place, before being pushed behind down to
17th as a eventuality progressed. Dennis mounted a energetic follow in the
foe and spent some time brazen of Günther before being knocked behind to
ninth place due to a drive-through chastisement for a technical infringement.


Formula E rookie Dennis is now fourth in a drivers’ standings, with
81 points. Günther is in 15th place, with 62 points. BMW i Andretti
Motorsport is fifth in a organisation standings with 143 points.


The Season 7 culmination will take place in 3 weeks, during a former
Berlin-Tempelhof (GER) airport. After races 14 and 15 finish the
season, one motorist will be crowned universe champion for a initial time
in a story of Formula E.


Reactions to Race 13 in London.


Roger Griffiths (BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team Principal,
organisation standings: 5th place):

“The second foe here in London was many some-more eventful. Everyone was
a small some-more regressive yesterday though it was many some-more aggressive
today. In a end, we finished with both cars in a points. That’s
what we came here for and that is what helps us in a championship.
Maximilian came home in sixth place; Jake finished ninth. It was a
good opening from Jake, who worked his approach adult from P17 after a
rather unsatisfactory subordinate session. Maximilian reached
Superpole again. We are now fifth in a organisation standings and we had a
good time here in London. Formula E organized a illusory event. Now
we are streamer into a final dual rounds of a universe championship in
Berlin. Let’s see what we can achieve.”


Jake Dennis (#27 BMW iFE.21, starting position: 17th place,
foe result: 9th place, points: 81, motorist standings: 4th place):

“Overall, we can be unequivocally happy with a weekend. We scored points
twice and had a win to celebrate. My automobile behaved unequivocally good from FP1
to a final foe on Sunday. We were superfast in any session. I
don’t consider that we were ever outward a tip five, detached from during
subordinate of course. We changed adult from 17th to seventh place and then
we got a drive-through penalty, so that was a bit of a shame. But
overall, it was a good weekend. Now we am looking brazen to Berlin.”


Maximilian Günther (#28 BMW iFE.21, starting position: 6th
place, foe result: 6th place, points: 62, motorist standings: 15th place):

“All in all, it was a plain day. we felt good in my automobile during free
use and built a good substructure for qualifying. we can also be
unequivocally gratified with organisation qualifying. we put in a good path in Superpole,
nonetheless a initial drops of sleet had started to fall. We were only two
tenths of a second divided from stick position, that shows how tighten it
was. We were banking on racing in a rain, though unfortunately that
didn’t occur so a gait was not utterly ideal. we also had a feeling
that we could have used conflict mode improved to finish aloft up, though in
motorsport there’s no indicate meditative about could have, would have. We
gave it all and scored some good points.”


The FANBOOST vote.

FANBOOST gives Formula E fans a event to opinion for their
favourite motorist and endowment them an additional boost of appetite during the
race. The 5 drivers with a many FANBOOST votes accept an extra
100 kJ of power, that they can make use of during a brief time frame
in a second half of a race. Fans can opinion for their favourite
motorist in a 4 days before to, and heading adult to 15 mins into,
any race. Each fan can opinion once per day. There are dual ways to vote:
Online during
or around a central Formula E App.


The BMW Group Safety Cars.

The BMW Group has been represented in a ABB FIA Formula E
World Championship as ‘Official Vehicle Partner’ given a very
commencement and will continue to yield a swift of reserve cars for
deteriorate 7 of a fully-electric racing series. Alongside a BMW i8
Roadster Safety Car (fuel expenditure (combined): 2.0 l /100 km;
appetite use (combined): 14.5 kWh /100 km; total CO2 emissions: 46
g/km)*, that has been mutated specifically for racing use, a MINI
Electric Pacesetter desirous by JCW will be appearing as a new safety
automobile from a Rome E-Prix onwards. The growth of a automobile formed on
a new MINI Cooper SE represents a hitherto singular collaboration
between MINI Design, BMW Motorsport, a FIA and Formula E. The fleet
also includes a BMW i3s (Power expenditure in kWh/100: 14.6-14.0
(NEDC); 16.6-16.3 (WLTP), electric operation in km: 278-283 (WLTP))* as
‘Race Director Car’ and a BMW iX3 (Power expenditure in kWh/100:
17.8-17.5 (NEDC); 19.0-18.6 (WLTP), electric operation in km: 450-458
(WLTP))* in the roles as ‘Medical Car’ and ‘Rescue Car’.