AdHocKennzeichnung Volkswagen delays a stating of a Annual Results and a Annual General Meeting

Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft will set a new date for a announcement of a annual accounts for mercantile year 2015 due to remaining open questions and a ensuing gratefulness calculations relating to a diesel emissions issue.

Consequently, new dates for a Annual Press Conference (previously designed for Mar 10, 2016) as good as a Annual General Meeting of shareholders, (previously designed for Apr 21, 2016) will be announced as shortly as possible.

In this regard, Volkswagen will grasp a best probable pure and arguable outcome for a shareholders and stakeholders.

Before special equipment Volkswagen anticipates a Operating Result for a Group during a turn of a before year within a approaching operation for mercantile year 2015.

The timing of a news clarifying a credentials and responsibilities connected to a diesel glimmer emanate is not influenced by this decision. Volkswagen is adhering to a timing and skeleton to tell a commentary in a second half of April.