Acura Automobiles: Press Kit: 2014 Acura MDX


The 2014 MDX is the third generation of Acura’s seven-passenger luxury
performance SUV, the first to be developed from the ground up using an
all-new, purpose-built platform (body and chassis) fully optimized for the
needs of today’s luxury SUV buyers.

The new MDX, like its flagship sedan counterpart, the RLX, harnesses a host
of Acura signature technologies to deliver on Acura’s “Synergy between Man
and Machine” product direction, and to offer higher levels of luxury,
quietness, comfort and prestige in a vehicle that performs “at the will of
the driver” with intuitive control and exhilarating dynamic performance.

Developed on the image of an “Executive Family Jet,” the 2014 MDX is sleek
and refined, prestigious and powerful, and designed to deliver on the
unique performance and functional needs of the luxury SUV driver and
passengers, be they kids or clients. In designing the new MDX, Acura
engineers focused on three core values: class-leading fuel economy ratings;
new levels of prestige and luxury comfort; and top-level safety
performance. At the same time, they sought to further enhance the MDX’s
dynamic performance while maintaining its core appeal – the
family-friendly, seven-passenger cabin and nimble, mid-size SUV exterior
size and appearance.

*For full details, download the “2014 Acura MDX Press Kit” by clicking on
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