Acura Automobiles: Michael Shank Racing Acura’s Knocked Out in Virginia

  • Virginia International Raceway runs finish early for both Acura NSX GT3s
  • Competitor penalized after strike with Katherine Legge’s #93 Acura
  • Ozz Negri’s #86 NSX GT3 retires after strike from a GTLM entry

Promising early runs for both Michael Shank Racing Acura NSX GT3s finished after reduction than an hour of racing Sunday during Virginia International Raceway, due to repairs ensuing from apart incidents.

The GT-only eventuality noted Round 10 of a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.  As a margin funneled into a initial spin of a dual hour, 40-minute race, Katherine Legge in a #93 Acura was forced to take shy movement to equivocate a spinning car, dropping her from ninth during a start to 14th in a rival GTD class. However, in a MSR #86 NSX GT3, Ozz Negri was means to benefit 3 positions in a melee, relocating him to ninth.

Negri and Legge both gained additional positions in a opening laps, with a span quickly using together in seventh and eighth, respectively.  Once in front of her teammate, Legge sealed fast on sixth-place Sage Karam as a competition strike a 40-minute mark.

Coming out of a “Oak Tree Corner” hairpin and entering a downhill apportionment of a VIR circuit, before to a array of “S” bends, Legge pulled alongside Karam to pass.  But Karam changed over, creation side-to-side strike with Legge, and deleterious a front suspension.  The span again done strike several times entering and going by a following left-hand bend. 

Karam was assessed a 60-second “stop-and-hold” chastisement by competition officials for causing a incident, though a repairs caused to a #93 Acura resulted in a car’s retirement from a race, withdrawal both Legge and do-driver Andy Lally on a sidelines.

Just 5 mins later, a GTLM category Corvette of Jan Magnussen done strike with a left-rear dilemma of Negri’s Acura, promulgation a #86 NSX GT3 spinning off march during a left-hand Turn 3, and creation strike with a barriers.  Negri was means to resume, and pitted for use and a scheduled motorist change.  But co-driver Jeff Segal shortly returned to array lane, and a automobile was late due to repairs from a progressing contact.

The Acura NSX GT3s contest in a GTD category of a WeatherTech series, campaigning opposite reward automotive brands including Aston-Martin, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Developed from a prolongation Acura NSX, a NSX GT3 utilizes a prolongation NSX’s ultra-rigid and lightweight multi-material physique with aluminum-intensive space frame, that is constructed during a Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, disdainful worldwide prolongation trickery for a NSX. The 3.5-liter racing engine uses a same pattern specifications as a prolongation Acura NSX, including a block, heads, valve train, crankshaft, pistons and dry-sump lubrication system. A six-speed, sequential-shift racing gearbox delivers energy to a behind wheels.

Video recaps from this weekend’s Acura WeatherTech SportsCar Championship competition during Virginia International Raceway, as good as Honda IndyCar movement from Gateway Motorsports Park, are being posted on a “Honda Racing/HPD” YouTube channel.  Produced by a Carolinas Production Group, a video packages can be found in a 2017 HPD Trackside Video Playlist at:

After a run of late-summer events, a WeatherTech SportsCar Championship now takes a three-week mangle before returning for a 11th turn of a 12-race championship, a Sep 24 Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix during Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, Calif.

Michael Shank (owner, Michael Shank Racing) on today’s race: “The good news is that both cars were discerning and we approaching them to do good today.  The bad news is that a wheels only fell off a whole thing today. The initial problem was Sage [Karam] and Katherine [Legge] removing together. What Sage did is over anything reasonable in racing. We’re all aggressive, and we’re all perplexing to do well, though he blatantly gathering her off a lane and afterwards stop checked her. I’m intensely unhappy in Sage and how he raced us.  In a #86 car, Ozz [Negri] was pushed out by a [GTLM class] Corvette [of Jan Magnussen]. They were both going for a same apex, and arguably a Corvette shouldn’t have attempted to do it there [in Turn 3]. We’re going to regroup.  We’ll repair both cars and we’ll be behind during Laguna, prepared to go forward.”


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