Acura Automobiles: Honda Launches Redesigned Media Newsroom

Honda North America has launched a newly redesigned Media Newsroom (, serving eight divisions in North America, including Honda Corporate, Honda Autos, Acura, Honda Racing, Powersports, Power Equipment, Marine and HondaJet. The substantially revamped media site is designed to make life easier for working media needing fast access to company and product information and assets.

Working with its longtime website service and development partner, Wieck Media, Honda made mobile device compatibility a top priority for the new site using “responsive design” to support mobile phones and tablet computers, devices that have become staples for many working media.

Ease of use was also prioritized and features such as the advanced, upgraded search function with selectable filters helps media find what they’re looking for, quickly and easily. Simplified page structure and easy-to-use navigation contained near the top of every page also speeds access, as does the enhanced photo/video viewing, search and browsing capability.

A content-driven aesthetic greets users with hi-resolution images at the top of every home page in a new “featured content” area, with links to the latest news from each division. Scroll down to find an aggregation of the latest photos and videos. On the pan (overall) home page below the photos and videos, there is a new Division Highlights section that brings focus to important news items. The new site also uses larger fonts and cleaner page designs, optimized for easier viewing/reading.

Releases and assets can be easily shared via popular social media channels, and links within each division’s primary navigation menus lead to a single page listing of all official channels.

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