Acura Automobiles: Honda, Acura Racers Claim Four SCCA National Championships

  • Honda-powered Formula F racers brush podium, tip 8 positions
  • Honda, Acura drivers also explain titles in STU, STL and H Production
  • Six additional Honda, Acura lectern formula finish successful “Runoffs”

Honda and Acura racers won 4 Sports Car Club of America inhabitant titles, including a third uninterrupted Formula F title, in a SCCA National Championship Runoffs during Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

A sum of 48 Honda and Acura racers, one of a largest fields given a start of a Honda Racing Line in 2009, trafficked to a classical Laguna Seca highway march in executive California Oct 7-12 for this year’s 51st annual inhabitant championship “Runoffs”, holding partial in 10 of a 27 classes.

Nineteen drivers in a 26-car Formula F margin employed a HPD L15A7 engine during Laguna Seca, a largest Honda-powered fortuitous given a engine was authorized for a difficulty in 2009.  Jeremy Grenier scored Honda’s third-consecutive feat in a class, heading a 1-2-3 Honda brush in Formula F.  Chuck Horn finished second and Ethan Shippert dull out a lectern as Honda-powered drivers claimed a tip 8 finishing positions.

In STU, Honda drivers posted a 1-2 finish with Andrie Hartanto holding his Honda S2000 to a five-second feat over a identical automobile of Rylan Hazelton.  Honda and Acura drivers claimed 4 of a tip 6 finishing positions with Bruce Trenery fifth in his Acura RSX and Will Clark sixth in his Honda S2000.

“It feels incredible,” Hartanto pronounced after winning a Runoffs in his initial attempt. “I had high hopes. We did a lot of preparations and attempted everything. The competition was amazing. We were on a behind step for a initial dual days chasing Rylan [Hazleton]. We had to ask a friends to come with fixing apparatus on a second day to make certain we could locate him. We laid down a flattering good path and got a stick and that set a tone. I’m unequivocally happy.”

The Acura Integra of Cliff Ira valid to be both quick and sturdy, claiming a feat in STL notwithstanding smoking heavily in a final dual laps due to an apparent oil leak.  Qualifying on a pole, Ira fell to third in a early laps in cool, damp conditions.  But as a lane warmed and his tires came adult to temperature, Ira regained a lead on Lap 16 and began to lift away, until fume began to vapour from a back of a Integra.  But no fluids were being dropped, and Ira’s Acura finished a 20-lap competition though blank a kick for his initial inhabitant championship.

“There was adequate oil to make oil pressure,” Ira said. “That’s all we needed. we had my brother, Greg, on a radio, and he only told me to watch my gauges. He asked me if we was losing power, and we wasn’t, so we only stayed in it, and it had [oil] vigour to a end.  This is a unequivocally tighten class. They combined this STL class, and I’m an IT racer. This is truly a dream come true.”

The fourth Honda championship of a weekend came in H Production, where Lawrence Loshak won his fifth Runoffs championship – and third with Honda after winning E Production in 2006 and repeating his H Production pretension from 2013.

Loshak took a early lead after starting on a stick in his Honda CRX, a automobile built and prepared this year after Loshak sole his 2013 championship-winning Honda. However, a Toyota of Jason Isley stayed tighten and was even means to record one path as a central leader. Entering a final 3 laps, Isley sealed adult to a back fender of Loshak, though could not finish a final pass.  Driving Loshak’s championship-winning Honda CRX from 2013, Steven Hussey returned from an 11-year “retirement” to finish third.

“I was doing all we could to stay forward of Jason [Isley],” Loshak said. “It was a small crazy.  Toward a end, my back tires weren’t happy with me, and afterwards my front tires assimilated a party. Jason was right there to request a vigour and all we could consider is ‘Don’t make a mistake, don’t make a mistake. Oh, we roughly done a mistake.’ we only attempted to hang it out there. It’s not fun only to validate [on a pole], and afterwards transport divided from everybody else. It’s all about racing door-to-door with a best drivers in a country.”

Video News Releases from this weekend’s SCCA National Championship Runoffs can be found on a “Honda Racing/HPD Trackside” YouTube channel constructed by a Carolinas Production Group. CPG supposing video highlights packages following Honda Racing/HPD events via a 2014 season.  The videos can be found at:

Honda Performance Development [HPD], by a Honda Racing Line, offered strait awards of adult to $2,500, along with additional support to assistance equivalent transport costs for a racers.  HPD also hosted catered, trackside liberality exclusively for Honda/Acura competitors and their group members, providing an infield paddock tent where competitors could ready and say their cars, and smorgasboard lunches from Oct 7-11.

Founded in 1993, Honda Performance Development (HPD) is a technical operations core for high-performance Honda racing cars and engines, and operates during competition circuits around a universe from a domicile in Santa Clarita, California. HPD offers a line of competition engines for lane applications from antecedent sports cars to karting; and showcases “fun” products for professional, pledge and entry-level efforts.

Launched in 2009, a Honda Racing Line is a module targeted during protected participants in authorised pledge and entry-level veteran racing.  The Honda Racing Line was shaped to yield a members with a approach tie to Honda Performance Development and a forlorn record of success during a top levels of motorsport.

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2014 Honda/Acura SCCA National Championship Runoffs Victories and Podiums: