Acura Automobiles: Acura NSX GT3s Wrap 2017 Season With Pair of Top-10s in Sonoma

  • Peter Kox finishes seventh and ninth in season-ending doubleheader
  • Ryan Eversley suffers severed stop line and destined strike in his dual races
  • RealTime Racing Acura NSX GT3s finish sixth in season’s group championship

The RealTime Racing Acura NSX GT3 group had a churned finish to a deteriorate culmination Pirelli World Challenge GT doubleheader weekend during Sonoma Raceway, capping a year with a span of top-10 runs from Peter Kox.

Kox finished ninth and seventh respectively in a final dual races of a 2017 PWC championship, final a debate that saw a Dutchman lift his Acura NSX GT3 to a initial PWC victory, along with co-driver Mark Wilkins during a Utah Motorsports Campus Sprint-X round.

Kox’s RealTime Racing stablemate, Ryan Eversley, had a most worse weekend, removing sidelined in both races due to troubles not of his possess making. Eversley suffered a severed stop line in Saturday’s race, and afterwards unsuccessful to finish a trail in a culmination after a aspirant spun in his trail and a span done tough contact, opportunely though repairs to possibly driver.

Saturday’s eventuality started promisingly enough, as Eversley and Kox both gained positions when dual competitors crashed on a opening lap. Unfortunately, waste from that strike got into a circle good of Eversley’s car, slicing a stop line and heading to an early retirement. Kox changed into ninth when Eversley retired, and hold hire for a 32-lap stretch for his 10th top-10 finish of a season.

Kox softened on Sunday, regulating a fantastic start to safe from 12th on a grid to seventh. He chased Jon Fogarty via a shutting laps, in a intrepid bid to trap sixth from a Californian, though staid for a seventh-place outcome that tied his best given his Utah win.

“I had my best start of a season,” Kox said. “I was adult to seventh. The automobile was utterly opposite from Saturday. We were unequivocally rival and we was unequivocally happy with a performance.”

Eversley was expected also improved Sunday, though he never got a possibility to find out. Coming by a blind right-hand second spin on a opening lap, he had nowhere to go when he found Alvaro Parente’s shop-worn automobile restraint a track. Eversley done complicated strike with a stricken McLaren, finale his race.

“I was nose-to-tail with a integrate cars and we changed out in Turn Two like we routinely do and when a seas parted, there was a McLaren parked in a road,” Eversley recalled. “I was entrance with a full conduct of steam. we attempted as tough as we could to stop and spin right, though we strike during a high rate of speed and that caused a vast volume of damage, so we weren’t means to continue.”

The Sonoma weekend wrapped adult a PWC GT championship deteriorate for RealTime Racing, imprinting a tighten of a initial full scurry racing deteriorate for a new Acura NSX GT3. Eversley and Kox finished eighth and ninth respectively in a final standings, mixing to post 23 top-10 finishes and 6 top-five results.

“I unequivocally enjoyed a event to expostulate for RealTime and to competition in a U.S.,” Kox said. “I’d like zero some-more than to come back. For sure, we consider everybody wanted improved results, though altogether we got a win and clever formula with a package that was accessible to us.”

“It’s been a tough year,” Eversley concluded. “We’ve been building a automobile that has no prototype opposite cars that are all formed off of prior era GT3 cars. It was good to see a group doing such an overwhelming pursuit this year with a effort that’s required. we wanted to get them a improved outcome to tighten out a World Challenge schedule, though it didn’t happen.”

The Acura NSX GT3 racecar utilizes a prolongation NSX’s lightweight multi-material physique with aluminum-intensive space frame, and is powered by a 3.5-liter, 75-degree, twin-turbocharged DOHC V-6 engine. The engine uses a same pattern specifications as a prolongation 2017 Acura NSX, including a block, heads, valve train, crankshaft, pistons and dry-sump lubrication system. The engine is interconnected with a 6-speed, sequential-shift racing gearbox, delivering energy to a back wheels. The NSX is constructed during a Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio.

Video recaps from this weekend’s Acura Pirelli World Challenge racing activities during Sonoma are being posted on a “Honda Racing/HPD” YouTube channel.  Produced by a Carolinas Production Group, a video packages can be found in a 2017 HPD Trackside Video Playlist at:


Pirelli World Challenge
Circuit:      Sonoma Raceway (2,385-mile highway course), Sonoma, Calif.
Weather:  Sunny, warm, 79 degrees F


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