Acura Automobiles: 2017 Acura NSX Technical Introduction

2017 ACURA NSX: Introduction

When a strange Acura NSX finished a entrance 25 years ago, it perpetually altered a supercar star by mixing scintillating sports automobile styling and jaunty performance—common traits prolonged compared with a outlandish automobile segment—with a new dimension of quality, well-developed ergonomics, comfort, and energetic poise. The NSX introduced and tangible Acura’s proceed to “Precision Crafted Performance” with a cutting-edge pattern and innovative record that supposing permitted supercar opening for genuine drivers in a genuine world.

By origination use of modernized new technologies such as a lightweight nonetheless firm all-aluminum monocoque body/chassis and a mid-mounted cross V6, a strange NSX challenged a compulsory knowledge for a supercar. Its high-revving V6 engine featured a series of innovative prolongation automobile technologies including fake pistons, titanium fasten rods and VTEC valve train.

Moreover, a NSX sought a some-more insinuate tie between a car, a motorist and a highway underneath them, followed by essential pattern elements – light weight, open and ethereal cockpit, and glorious ergonomics – formulating an altogether new and paradigm-challenging clarification of supercar performance.

Next Generation Concept
The overarching judgment for a pattern and growth of this next-generation NSX was a thought of a “human-centered supercar,” one that places a motorist during a core of a idea in any and any member of a pattern and energetic performance.

Respecting a foundational concepts of a strange NSX—accessible supercar performance, bland drivability, and honesty to new technology—this next-generation NSX pursues an altogether new and insubordinate judgment of Acura supercar opening – melding undying NSX values with modernized technologies to emanate a New Sports eXperience.

Advanced Fundamentals (Timeless NSX Values)
First and foremost, a engineering group felt a endless shortcoming to continue a elemental origination followed by a strange NSX team. Four foundational philosophies are elemental to a undying NSX values and essential to comprehend a new NSX judgment and goals:

  • Total Airflow Management – a wholistic proceed to thermal government and aerodynamic opening that supports and enhances energetic response and high-speed fortitude though a need for active aero devices
  • Human Support Cockpit – a cabin that supports a motorist and amplifies a pushing knowledge with no scapegoat to comfort or bland usability
  • Multi-Material Body – light and ultra-rigid body, requesting material, construction and fasten methodology optimized to a idea of any physique component
  • Advanced Sports Package – optimizing a pattern and wrapping in all a above aspects—the tellurian package, a body, and finally a pivotal components of a appetite territory to revoke and core a mass of a vehicle.

Advanced Technologies
With these fundamentals in place, NSX engineers could effectively rise technical solutions indispensable to broach a New Sports pushing knowledge they sought.

To entirely comprehend this New Sports eXperience, Acura electrifies a modernized fundamentals by leveraging a longstanding Direct Yaw Control knowhow by a Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive (SH-AWD) system, a initial of a kind in a supercar realm.

The NSX judgment for “zero delay” is some-more than acceleration, indeed involving any aspect of a motorist interface … a ability to directly respond to a driver’s final in all 3 phases of driving: Go, Stop, Turn (acceleration, braking and cornering). The NSX’s modernized appetite territory supports this achievement. Zero check acceleration and active AWD traction appetite a NSX out of corners. Energy liberation supports proceed and linear braking. And appetite strategically practical to a wheels directly creates a bend impulse to assistance spin a automobile according to a driver’s will.

Marrying new approaches to automobile pattern fundamentals, including modernized physique construction, member wrapping and aerodynamic optimization, with an modernized and electrified new countenance of Acura’s proceed bend control judgment formula in a supercar that steadily translates a inputs of a motorist with implausible fealty and 0 check while minimizing a driver’s workload—qualities that conclude a New Sports eXperience.

Design, Development and Manufacturing
Development of a next-generation NSX concerned a tellurian group of engineers and designers, with growth of a Sport Hybrid appetite territory centered in Tochigi, Japan. Development of a body, chassis, electrical, interior and other automobile technologies including sum complement integration, was crafty in Raymond, Ohio. Initial styling pattern for a NSX was conducted during a company’s Wako pattern studio in Japan, and was grown for prolongation by a Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles.

Throughout a roughly four-year development, a elemental “human-centered supercar” judgment for a next-generation NSX remained transparent and consistent. However, a technologies and means by that a RD group would comprehend their judgment underwent a routine of continual alleviation and evolution, many quite in a area of engine design. Whereas a strange instruction called for a transverse-mounted, routinely aspirated V6, a NSX growth judgment grown to a new and some-more severe approach: an all-new bespoke twin-turbocharged, longitudinally mounted V6. This radical re-imagination of a engine pattern had surpassing implications for any member of a NSX design—the package, cooling, aerodynamics, framework and more.

The NSX has been tested and tuned on streets and competition circuits around a world. Primary growth was conducted during a Transportation Research Center adjacent to Honda RD Americas Ohio Center as good as a Honda Takasu proof belligerent in northern Japan before relocating to marks such as Virginia International Raceway and a famed Nürburgring, followed by tellurian “genteki” events (“at-the-spot” verification) that took NSX on open roads around a U.S. and Europe and beyond.

Construction of a NSX will take place during a new Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio. The PMC was designed to innovate both a means and a methods of producing low-volume specialty cars and to comprehend severe new ideas for next-generation craftsmanship and peculiarity energetic by a NSX prolongation team.

The PMC employs approximately 100 associates, including 70 rarely learned prolongation technicians intent in physique construction, painting, public and peculiarity acknowledgment of a NSX. Among a many innovative processes is a use of robotic MIG welding for a construction of a NSX’s aluminum space frame.

The NSX’s bespoke twin-turbocharged V6 engine is fabricated by master engine builders during a company’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio. The engine is damaged in on a dyno so that it’s track-ready when it leaves a factory. Then it’s corresponding to a proceed expostulate engine (part of a hybrid system) and pointing offset as an assembly. Its bespoke 9-speed twin purchase smoothness is afterwards trustworthy to a engine and this apportionment of a sum appetite territory is sent to a PMC. The Twin Motor Unit (TMU) and other hybrid complement components are built in Japan and shipped to Ohio for final assembly, completing a altogether appetite unit.

2017 ACURA NSX: Dynamic Performance

Dynamic Concept
The NSX was sum to change supercar performance, delivering a some-more vivid, evident and discerning energetic knowledge with zero-delay acceleration, braking and doing – such that a automobile responds according to a “will” of any driver’s inputs, though truly comes “alive” in a hands of sublime drivers. Fundamental energetic concepts are as follows:

  • Ultimate Rigidity – around a multi-material body, providing a substructure for a zero-delay interpretation of motorist inputs by steering, stifle and brakes. The same crafty substructure directly reacts a bend impulse sum from a modernized technologies
  • Human Fit – exemplified by a cockpit that is optimized in any member of a pattern to support a motorist and explain a pushing knowledge while providing superb comfort and class-leading ergonomics
  • Advanced Sports Package – optimizes a pattern and wrapping of all vital automobile systems to revoke and core a mass of a automobile for implausible doing and energetic response
  • Total Airflow Management – a new airflow government proceed gives a NSX a greatest airflow government approaching of a next-generation supercar, cooling is ducted by feverishness exchangers and afterwards precisely destined to several exit locations to optimize drag and downforce.
  • Advanced Zero Delay Technologies – a ability to directly respond to a driver’s final in all 3 phases of driving: Go, Stop, Turn
    • On Rails Cornering – translating motorist inputs into automobile responses with implausible fealty and amplifying a capabilities of a motorist and a automobile around proceed bend control with next-generation Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All Wheel drive
    • Fade-free braking – powerful, linear, predicted and probably fade-free braking opening in all pushing conditions around a seamless formation of high-performance involuntary (Brembo hydraulic) braking and hybrid engine assisted electro-servo (regenerative) braking
    • Acceleration – present acceleration G feeling from a impulse a motorist engages a throttle, extended by a evident torque response of 3 electric motors operative in unanimity with a bespoke, twin-turbocharged V6 and 9-speed twin purchase smoothness (9DCT)


Ultimate Rigidity (Multi-Material Body)
Like a strange Acura NSX—the world’s initial all-aluminum supercar—the all-new NSX has a cutting-edge structure: a Multi-Material body, utilizes new materials and construction methods to emanate a height with rare energetic rigidity.

  • Space support torsional acerbity that surpasses anything in a class
  • Each cessation indicate is trustworthy to pointing machined castings—including a world’s initial automotive concentration of ablation casting technology—to yield a ultimate, internal tie indicate acerbity
  • Unparalleled height acerbity transmits a full feeling of a Power Unit, suspension, and steering directly to a motorist with 0 delay, while maximizing a efficacy of Direct Yaw Control  to urge automobile dynamics

Human Support Cockpit
From a minimalistic nonetheless contemporary pattern to a crafty concentration of materials in a chair and steering circle a group sought to support a motorist and explain a pushing experience. The interior of a all-new Acura NSX has a “human-centric” ergonomically-enhanced pattern thesis for both a motorist and passenger.

Since steering feel and opening are such an vicious aspect of a on-rails doing inlet of a high-performance NSX, scarcely minute courtesy was paid to perfecting a steering wheel. This enclosed maximizing hold around a some-more ergonomic figure and augmenting aspect hit for a hands, as good as easier operation of a paddle shifters.

To maximize brazen visibility, specifically designed A-pillars finished of ultra-high-strength steel were incorporated into a pattern of a all-new Acura NSX. These new pillars are indeed a full in. thinner than those of a strange NSX, though offer extended reserve performance.

Advanced Sports Package
The new Acura NSX Advanced Sports Package is a pattern truth that seeks to optimize a pattern and wrapping of all vital automobile systems—the body, framework and interior, including a mid-mounted Sport Hybrid Power Unit (engine, Direct Drive Motor and 9DCT) and pivotal hybrid components including a Intelligent Power Unit (containing a lithium-ion battery pack), PDU and a TMU—to revoke and core a mass of a automobile for optimal doing and energetic response.

While progressing belligerent clearway identical to a top volume sports automobile and expanding a conduct room to accommodate a 95th percentile American male, a new NSX has a lowest core of sobriety among a core competitors.

Total Airflow Management
“In many ways, with a pattern of a all-new Acura NSX, we literally have form following function, so this was a unequivocally sparkling automobile to work on as an aerodynamicist,” says Thomas Ramsay, a Aerodynamics and Cooling Project Leader on a new Acura supercar.

NSX’s physique figure was effectively designed to minimize aerodynamic drag while formulating offset front-to-rear downforce by a sum airflow government concentration on utilizing airflow by any vent, while extracting extent appetite from a airflow domain to cold a brakes and conduct appetite territory thermal loads.

Through endless investigate and development, a NSX aerodynamics group energetic that fixation approximately 3 times as many downforce during a back of a automobile relations to a front of a automobile would yield a optimal downforce change for high-performance pushing as good as bland functionality. Further justification of a aloft aerodynamics engineered into a NSX is that a high spin of downforce is achieved though a need for active aerodynamic bodywork or other devices.

Advanced Zero Delay Technologies:
With a Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, 0 check opening is ensured in probably any pushing scenario:

  • When accelerating, a complement provides evident torque around a 3 electric motors—the back proceed expostulate engine and front Twin Motor Unit—that is maximized during all 4 tires when accelerating or powering out of corners.
  • When trail-braking into a corner, a complement utilizes a front TMU for extended deceleration—the modernized braking complement works in unanimity with a vehicle’s involuntary brakes to precisely decelerate, and a Direct Yaw Control delivers accurate and evident turn-in opening while permitting drivers to indicate their eyes toward a dilemma apexes.
  • When exiting a corner, a motorist can collect adult a stifle progressing and with some-more certainty and accelerate with sum pointing and as good as reduced workload.

“Using Honda’s strange beta routine to cruise altogether doing performance, we’ve been exploring proceed bend control torque vectoring for over twin decades,” says Ted Klaus, Acura NSX Global Development Leader. “With a growth of a Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All Wheel Drive System, we can take advantage of a aloft responsiveness of a electric engine characteristics within a complement powered by an eccentric Battery to significantly enhance a advantages of proceed bend control.”

By holding advantage of a evident torque response of a system’s 3 electric motors to worsen a control and efficacy of proceed bend control, a Acura NSX Sport Hybrid SH AWD complement elevates any driver’s certainty and opening pushing capabilities while extracting some-more opening from a car.

2017 ACURA NSX: Sport Hybrid Power Unit

The well-developed energetic capabilities and zero-delay responses of a new NSX are enabled by a exploitation of modernized powertrain technologies. This judgment of utilizing next-generation record to broach a New Sports eXperience is succinct by a adoption of a Sport Hybrid appetite unit.

At a heart of this new hybrid appetite territory is a bespoke, mid-mounted twin-turbocharged, 75-degree 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine with dry sump lubrication, corresponding to an all-new 9-speed twin purchase smoothness (9DCT) and Direct-Drive Motor. This is protracted by a front Twin Motor Unit (TMU) pushing a front wheels. The NSX Sport Hybrid appetite territory offers well-developed horsepower and torque with a extended powerband for endless stifle response and acceleration. Total complement rise outlay is estimated during 573 horsepower—500 horsepower from a gasoline engine and 73 horsepower from a front TMU.

Twin-Turbocharged V6 Engine
Featuring a far-reaching V-angle of 75 degrees to assistance revoke a core of gravity, a NSX’s twin-turbocharged V6 engine achieves a best change between appetite production, altogether condensation and reduced mass. With a banishment of 3.5 liters, it combines both proceed injection and pier injection, along with Variable Timing Control (VTC) to broach optimal camshaft phasing, for pointing explosion control around a whole rpm rope while concurrently achieving high appetite outlay and opening during high engine speeds.

Making use of an electronic wastegate for any turbocharger for faster response as good as some-more precisely varying vane positioning, a single-scroll turbocharger pattern allows for a use of smaller turbos to revoke weight and urge packaging, while still public appetite and opening benchmarks. Furthermore, their single-scroll pattern allows for some-more fit collection of empty as it escapes from within a cylinders.

To revoke a response check that is compared with turbocharged powerplants, a back Direct Drive Motor acts directly on a engine’s crankshaft and works in unanimity around a worldly algorithm to comprehend direct, high output, high torque acceleration performance. The extended potency of this pattern arrangement is quite conspicuous in normal bland pushing when accelerating from a low engine speed. Additionally, a back electric engine also acts as a generator to yield supplemental appetite to a vehicles lithium ion battery pack, that also powers a front-mounted TMU.

Other pivotal engine pattern elements embody a sand-cast engine block, lightweight and compress cylinder heads, FC thermal mist cloaking on a engine retard cylinder sleeves (for aloft thermal efficiency, weight and compactness) and a dry sump lubrication complement that significantly reduces a engine’s core of gravity—allowing 61 mm rebate from a hilt core to a engine bottom contra a compulsory soppy sump—while ensuring effective lubrication during high cornering speeds.

The NSX has a compress valve sight utilizing representation arm-type valve actuators, assisting to revoke a inertial weight of a valve sight and permitting a some-more compress conduct structure. The structure is identical to those found in some Honda racing engines. Intake and empty non-static cam timing (VTC) is deployed to yield an glorious change of high power, torque, fuel economy, and emissions.

9-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission with Direct Drive Motor
The new 9-speed twin purchase smoothness works in unanimity with a engine and Direct Drive Motor to make full use of a appetite unit’s extended appetite band, producing lightning discerning rigging changes that support a NSX’s zero-delay response. As a pivotal member of a Advanced Sports Package, a 9DCT has been optimized for compress size, low mass and low CG.

The 9DCT has a really far-reaching ratio operation that allows for optimal rigging preference in all pushing conditions. First rigging ratio is configured for extent automobile launch acceleration, while a close-ratio gears (2nd by 8th) are ideally matched to make a many of a appetite unit’s appetite band. Conversely, high rigging (9th) has been optimized for fuel potency during steady-state highway cruising.

In efforts toward condensation and rebate of mass, a purchase and a differential are singly situated side-by side in a common housing. By adopting this design, overhang from a back spindle is minimized while a core of mass is changed forward.

Other modernized technologies incorporated into a 9-speed DCT are:

  • Electronically-operated soppy twin clutch, a high-rigidity change fork, double-cone synchronizer, and an electronic change actuator to some-more precisely synchronize appetite territory torque with change timing for a quickest and smoothest shifts possible
  • Precision flush high-efficiency hypoid shelf rigging tooth figure for all gears for softened operation with reduced rigging noise
  • Addition of twin oil “rooms” within a smoothness housing for some-more fit and higher-capacity cooling
  • Clutch box and differential conduit integrated into a smoothness for a some-more lightweight and compress structure
  • Lightweight high-strength gearbox box
  • Multiple-plate singular outing differential (LSD) provides increasing traction when accelerating and cornering during a boundary of adhesion

Twin Motor Unit (TMU)
The well-developed proceed and linear acceleration and energetic response of a new NSX is enabled in partial by a front-mounted Twin Motor Unit (TMU). It is a vital pushing force in formulating a vehicle’s greatest zero-delay acceleration and can directly beget a bend impulse to support turning, and also recovers braking appetite during deceleration.

The TMU provides present torque as good as AWD traction, permitting proceed and highlight giveaway launches from start. In serve to improving 0-to-60 mph and quarter-mile times, this zero-delay acceleration response allows a motorist to knowledge a heightened clarity of G-loading that invigorates a senses, an adrenaline rush as accelerative army pull a physique into a seat. Most importantly, a Sport Hybrid SH-AWD works in peace with a staid framework and stop complement to yield discerning stop pedal and steering feel so a motorist always feels totally in control.

The TMU is geared to support acceleration adult to 200 kph, though continues to support Direct Yaw Control during all automobile speeds. It is also a pivotal enabling record for pushing in a Quiet mode sourroundings of a IDS, permitting for inside automobile operation by doing a NSX as an electric vehicle.

Intelligent Power Unit (IPU)/Power Drive Unit (PDU)
The IPU integrates a lithium-ion battery container and a high-voltage chain train bar, with voltage chain tranquil by a PDU. The newly grown lithium-ion battery container allows for increasing appetite firmness and softened electrical outlay when compared to identical systems in existent automobile models.

The Power Drive Unit (PDU) is centralized in a low position within a vehicle, dark subsequent a core console. The high-voltage lithium-ion battery is mounted within a Integrated Power Unit (IPU), that is in spin mounted behind a motorist and passenger, brazen of a firewall.

Engine during a Glance

  • Longitudinally mounted, 75-degree,  3.5-liter DOHC V6,
  • 500 hp; 550 Nm torque
  • Twin single-scroll turbo chargers with electronic wastegate
  • Swing arm valve actuation
  • Variable timing control (VTC) for both intake and empty camshafts
  • Dry sump lubrication system
  • 10.0:1 focus ratio
  • Direct and pier injection
  • Drive-by-wire stifle system

9-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

  • Competition-inspired, steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters
  • Close-ratio gears comparison for extent sports performance
  • Coordination between Sport Hybrid All-Wheel-Drive complement and gearbox creates for ultra-quick and well-spoken shifts

Wide sum rigging ratio widespread to maximize sporting opening as good as highlight giveaway and fit steady-state highway driving

2017 ACURA NSX: Multi-Material Body

To comprehend a New Sports eXperience and to support new concepts in automobile dynamics—in sold a proceed bend control effected by a torque vectoring capabilities of a front-mounted TMU and a direct, zero-delay response of a framework to motorist inputs—the NSX engineering group was challenged to emanate a new judgment for physique pattern that delivered ultimate acerbity while minimizing weight and public other vicious targets such as visibility, pile-up reserve opening and durability/quality/reliability (DQR).

The final outcome of this engineering plea is a NSX multi-material space-frame that achieves constructional acerbity distant aloft to a top-in-class competitors. More importantly, NSX drivers will feel their inputs directly translated to a car’s actions with 0 delay, while concurrently permitting a extent intensity of a Sport Hybrid SH-AWD complement to be felt by a driver.

Multi Material Space Frame
The aluminum-intensive space support utilizes extruded and expel tools to yield well-developed acerbity and light weight.

In sequence to directly interpret a proceed bend impulse generated by a TMU, and to precisely broach feedback to a motorist with 0 delay, sold aluminum castings have been employed during any and any tie indicate for a suspension. These castings are upheld in all 3 measure (x, y, z) by optimized extrusions.

Utilizing Global and internal optimization routines, any casting and hilt was analyzed for intensity weight savings. The outcome is that many extrusions have tradition wall density and many have a opposite wall density for any of their sides.

Steel stampings have also been sum to a pattern in certain areas where appetite fullness is required, with supplemental aluminum stampings used where low weight is a pivotal consideration. The front building panels are assembled of CO fiber core.

Ablation Cast Nodes
One of a many formidable pattern hurdles in a growth of a all-new Acura NSX was to minimize a front and back overhangs of a automobile while doing appetite fullness in pivotal areas for pile-up reserve opening and to say preferred constructional rigidity. To solve a issues of crashworthiness and newcomer protection, a sold plea in mid-engine vehicles, normal aluminum castings were deserted due to their frail characteristics. Instead, engineers have practical an innovative new record called “ablation” casting, an all-new member concentration and a universe initial in a automobile industry.

Jointly grown with Alotech, ablation casting record is being employed in a origination of 6 fasten members, or nodes—two top and twin revoke nodes in a front support and twin back nodes. The front top and back nodes also offer as ultra-rigid cessation ascent points. The ablation casting routine allows for a fine-tuning of both a expel part’s shape, as good as a member properties of a castings in a energy-absorbing areas of a vehicle, while minimizing weight in a form of a vale partial with optimized wall thickness.

Unlike normal castings, a high-strength and plastic properties of a aluminum ablation expel members concede these sections of a space-frame to gradually vanquish and are designed to withstand endless loads of adult to 210 kN though breaking.

3-Dimensional Bent and Quenched Ultra-High-Strength A-Pillar
For a A-pillars, new advancements in ultra-high-strength steel tools mixing supposing a ideal resolution that met a engineering team’s goals for reserve opening while maximizing brazen prominence for a motorist by shortening a A-pillar width. The strange NSX was famous for a superb brazen visibility, giving drivers a feeling of being connected to a road, and this pattern assign was deliberate essential to preserving a core evil of a NSX pushing experience.

The NSX A-pillars have been precisely crafted regulating an all-new, three-dimensional mixing and tempering routine that allows for a formidable tools figure with ultra-high tensile strength of 1,500 megapascals. This “3D focussed and quenched” member is exhilarated and afterwards robotically bent. During a tortuous routine a partial is cooled and gradual (quenched) regulating H2O jets. This routine enables a really tiny territory A-pillar with accurate figure selection and tolerances, nonetheless meets a increasing constructional acerbity for roof-crush opening requirements.

The pattern and construction of a A-pillars in a new NSX paint a world’s initial concentration of a three-dimensionally formed, ultra-high-strength steel complement to be used in this demeanour within a automotive industry.

Carbon Fiber Core Floor
When evaluating member multiple and chain around a body, a pattern group energetic that CO fiber core would offer as a ideal member for a building territory brazen of a seats. In serve to a light weight, this member is crafty adequate to hoop a loads of motorist and newcomer placed on it for automobile ingress/egress. If aluminum had been used, a aluminum sheeting would have compulsory additional cross-member support support underneath it; this would have sum additional weight.

Construction Techniques
A series of innovative construction techniques are used in a make and public of a all-new Acura NSX during a company’s new Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio.

100 percent of a aluminum space support components are assimilated by Robotic Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, a initial time to be practical in a mass-produced automobile on this scale. To support a correctness of a robotic coupling process, a PMC utilizes an innovative rotating trunnion, or rotisserie-type, hop that rotates a partial into a optimal position for a robotic coupling arms, another initial for automobile physique construction.

Exceptionally high-quality and accurate space-frame construction is achieved around this innovative methodology that combines rarely accurate robotic control of a coupling routine with a modernized skills of PMC coupling technicians. A strong in-line peculiarity acknowledgment process, for both a peculiarity of a coupling and consent of partial to energetic specs, involves acknowledgment by both robotic measuring apparatus and by rarely learned coupling technicians during any theatre of a construction process.

Other Exterior Body Design Highlights:

  • Aluminum and multiple extraneous physique panels
  • Optional CO fiber roof row
  • SMC back trunk
  • Flush outdoor doorway hoop pattern
  • Magnesium fuel doorway hinge

Total Airflow Management
The NSX’s group of aerodynamicists employed a new sum airflow government proceed to give a NSX a greatest airflow government one expects of a next-generation supercar, while concurrently providing a effective and rarely fit thermal government compulsory for a hybrid appetite unit. There are 7 opposite feverishness sources in a hybrid-based powertrain—the 3.5-liter V6 engine, twin turbochargers, a 9-speed DCT, Dual Clutch system, Power Distribution Unit, Twin Motor Unit.  To yield fit cooling, airflow is managed by 10 opposite feverishness exchangers.

Through a use of computational liquid energetic (CFD) simulations as good as contrast of 40-percent scale models in a company’s modernized breeze hovel trickery in Ohio, a NSX growth group fine-tuned a several physique shapes, intake and empty vents and automobile strakes to revoke aerodynamic drag, emanate downforce, maximize cooling and good empty neglected heat.

The rarely innovative sum airflow government developments that were detected and implemented into a new NSX by a Ohio group were after reliable during a company’s full-scale/moving belligerent craft breeze hovel in Japan.

Total Airflow Management Design Highlights:

  • Efficient cooling openings during a front of a automobile to maximize cooling airflow opposite a pivotal feverishness exchangers located within a front territory (front engine radiators, twin engine territory cooler, condenser, a smoothness rigging cooler, hybrid Power Distribution Unit)
  • Optimized front exit upsurge paths deliberation sum flow, extent downforce, low fellow of drag, and achieving downstream upsurge structure to feed a mid-engine atmosphere inlets
  • Wheel arise government vents work in and with buffer vents to stabilise airflow down a side of a vehicle, permitting a atmosphere to enter a signature side intakes for fit cooling. The atmosphere that enters a side intakes is distributed to 3 areas: engine intake, engine room cooling, and turbo intercoolers.
  • Air issuing over a roof and down a back induce potion is prisoner to feed a smoothness purchase cooler and broach engine room cooling flow.
  • A back diffuser works together with a back spoiler and taillight slots to beget poignant downforce and effectively conduct a atmosphere arise generated behind a vehicle.
  • Optimization of front/rear downforce chain for softened doing and stability

Human Support Cockpit
To rise an interior with model ergonomics in terms of comfort and functionality, a Acura pattern group employed a series of exam drivers with wide-ranging pushing backgrounds—from “regular” people to veteran competition drivers.—in sequence to accumulate information to urge all aspects of motorist feel and comfort in a NSX.

Materials such as leather and Alcantara were delicately comparison for a ideal multiple of oppulance comfort and energetic pushing support (such as parallel grip). Likewise, a core console/controls—designated as a Simple Sports Interface—have been designed to minimize a intensity for distractions from a many vicious function—driving.

Stylish as good as structurally firm and lightweight, a seats in a new NSX have been designed to offer greatest comfort and support. Alcantara is placed in a core territory of a chair to boost parallel grip, while smoother leather is practical on a bolsters to concede leisure of torso revolution during cornering as good as easy of accession and egress. Developed by endless contrast and vigour mapping measurements, these seats some-more in and with a padded core console and doorway row to yield whole physique support during high G cornering.

2017 ACURA NSX: Chassis

The all-new 2017 Acura NSX framework carries brazen a tradition of worldly engineering and modernized pattern while holding on-rails doing performance, sum with worldly float peculiarity and excellence to an all-new spin in a supercar class.

Athletic opening is positive by a Advanced Sport Package, a pattern and wrapping judgment that sees vital components including a powertrain, fuel tank and lithium-ion battery container optimized for condensation as good as superb weight chain and an intensely low core of sobriety (CG).

The height of a NSX not usually possesses a top grade of constructional acerbity ever engineered into an Acura vehicle, it also achieves a lowest levels of noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) of any rival vehicle.

The rarely firm height structure, modernized front and back cessation with Magnetic Ride (MR) dampers, finely-tuned non-static rigging ratio electric appetite steering and next-generation Super Sports Brake Concept featuring Brembo opening brakes and regenerative braking capability enthuse comprehensive pushing confidence—whether holding a unconditional spin during high speed on a competition track, negotiating a crowd of parsimonious corners on a circuitous towering highway or holding an extended outing out on a open highway.

Drivetrain Packaging
With a newly designed twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine, special care was given to how a engine would be cumulative to a framework in sequence to grasp a top constructional acerbity while producing a lowest levels of noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH). The resolution was to emanate an engine cradle complement that combines hydro-engine mounts with a firm aluminum sub-frame image that concurrently supports a engine while behaving as a quivering and sound inhibitor. Engine mounts are ideally located to minimize representation and hurl transformation of a powertrain mass. Testing and investigate demonstrated that this novel pattern provides quite softened automobile doing opening while surpassing targeted NVH levels.

The NSX’s all-aluminum, entirely eccentric front and back cessation system, versed during all 4 corners with third-generation active magnetorheological (MR) dampers, is optimized for high-strength, low unspring weight, and supercar response while progressing a high grade of comfort and float compliance.

Front Suspension
The all-aluminum front cessation has been optimized with compress and lightweight components and cessation geometry grown for aloft doing performance, frail and communicative on-center steering feel, and glorious stability.

Additional specifics of a front cessation that assistance grasp well-developed doing opening and excellence include:

  • Double wishbone cessation design
  • Double round corner revoke arm pattern to discharge a TMU expostulate force associated steering feedback
  • Third-generation Acura MR dampers with even quicker response and a widest-ever damping range

Rear Suspension
Featuring lightweight all-aluminum components, a back cessation employs a worldly eccentric multi-link design.

Rear cessation features:

  • Optimized multi-link geometry
  • High parallel rigidity
  • Third-generation Acura MR dampers with even quicker response and a widest-ever damping range

“It was a outrageous plea to emanate a sharp-witted and communicative Electric Power Steering (EPS) for a motorist that would be truly estimable of a next-generation Acura NSX,” pronounced Chris Dundon, Chief Chassis Engineer. “But by optimizing a involuntary components within a system, and crafty tuning of a software, we were means to grasp a idea of delivering rarely manageable steering with superb motorist feel.”

A pivotal pattern underline to assistance urge motorist feel by a Electric Power Steering (EPS) complement was a serve of twin round joints for a front cessation revoke arms, providing for roughly softened “oneness with a road,” according to Dundon.

The NSX creates use of a dual-pinion (with rack-mounted support motor) electric appetite steering (EPS) complement with a non-static rigging ratio. When on center, a ratio stays unchanging and is tuned for optimal high speed control and stability. Off center, a rigging ratio becomes quicker for softened turn-in and maneuverability during low and midst speeds. This also minimizes a need for hand-over-hand suit to assistance drivers keep their hands on a steering wheel.

Furthermore, this worldly steering complement links a automobile fortitude support (VSA) and EPS to assistance detect doing instability on sleazy roads and underneath braking for larger automobile control and an increasing reserve domain when pushing in inauspicious conditions.

Next-Generation Super Sports Brake Concept
Seamlessly integrating both involuntary (friction) and electric-servo (regenerative) stop systems, a NSX provides unusually precise, linear and fade-free stop opening in roughly any pushing condition.

The Brembo braking complement consists of vast six-piston aluminum monoblock calipers with two-piece 14.5-inch ventilated rotors adult front. The back uses four-piston aluminum monoblock calipers and 14.0 in. ventilated rotors. A two-piece stop rotor discharge rotor exaggeration during high feverishness permitting for unchanging pad to rotor hit and softened feverishness dissipation. Themonoblock stop calipers have been designed with high acerbity to yield even vigour distribution. Ultra high-performance CO ceramic stop rotors are accessible as a factory-installed option.

Excellent stop cooling during both front and back has been achieved as an constituent partial of a sum airflow government package. Extensive investigate and growth work has been finished to maximize a cooling potency and opening of a back stop system. Typically, effective stop cooling during a back of a mid-engine automobile is formidable due to member wrapping and vicinity of a engine and transmission. NSX engineers devised a crafty resolution by formulating openings underneath a automobile and utilizing portions of a vale back sub-frame as ducts to force feed atmosphere to a back brakes.

The customary circle pattern package for a new NSX includes lightweight amalgamate wheels with “Y”-style spokes wrapped in Continental Conti-Sport Contact 5P tires (245/35ZR19 front; 305/30ZR20 rear) grown jointly with Continental.

The singular “Y-wheel” pattern is a outcome of a NSX engineering team’s endless investigate to find a strongest spoke structure while regulating a slightest volume of member in sequence to save unspring weight. Forged in high-strength aluminum, a outcome is a weight assets of scarcely 7 pounds per set and revoke sum weight than any wheels of identical distance and member multiple within a NSX’s segment.

Additional wheel/tire options, including a track-focused tire, will be available.

Fuel Tank
Finding a ideal weight distribution, core of gravity, figure and chain of the fuel tank was a formidable pattern task, generally when holding into care insurance in a eventuality of a rear-end collision. The resolution was a pattern that uses twin tanks stoical of a specialized creosote member that authorised for endless coherence in a leisure of a figure of a fuel tanks for optimal wrapping and extended safety. The tanks are mainly located between a engine and a IPU.

Integrated Dynamics System (IDS)
The NSX Integrated Dynamics System (IDS) provides a motorist with 4 selectable energetic modes—Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track. The complement integrates all of a vehicle’s energetic framework and powertrain systems—steering, brakes (mechanical and electro-servo), throttle, automobile fortitude assist, magnetorheological dampers, engine, transmission, and Sport Hybrid SH-AWD control systems.

From a accessible all-electric operation of Quiet mode to a sealed circuit, extent opening capacities of Track mode, IDS gradually dials adult a energetic characteristics of a automobile formed on a needs of a motorist and a pushing environment.

In serve to these energetic complement variations, IDS varies cabin sounds around Active Exhaust Valve (AEV) and new Intake Sound Control (ISC). ISC uses twin pipes with an electrically tranquil valve to change a sound being transmitted from engine atmosphere intake complement to twin outlets in a back uppermost portions of a cabin. Utilizing these technologies, IDS is means to fine-tune cabin sound peculiarity and volume to compare a energetic impression of a automobile in Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes. Of note, there is a full 25 dB volumetric sound disproportion between Quiet and Track modes—a endless opposite in heard sensation.

Quiet mode prioritizes electric-only pushing during revoke speeds, maximizing appetite potency and minimizing cabin sound. The automobile uses a TMU for initial launch from a standstill. When appetite proceed requires a engine, it starts some-more sensitively than in other modes and extent engine speed is singular to 4,000 rpm, while a Active Exhaust and Intake Sound Control valves are sealed for a some-more inside operation. The smoothness change map also prioritizes revoke engine speeds. The Driver Interface (tachometer and core console information arrangement screen) facilities a cold and still blue color.

Sport mode takes advantage of a Sport Hybrid complement to offer a motorist a proceed manageable automobile or a some-more loose automobile according to their pushing inputs. Compared to Quiet Mode, it eliminates a 4,000 rpm extent on a engine and provides a some-more assertive stifle map for quicker response. A some-more assertive smoothness change map binds gears longer and allows aloft rpm change points. The Intake Sound Control complement and a Active Exhaust Valve are activated, permitting empty and intake sound to interfuse a cabin for a some-more romantic pushing experience. Like a Quiet mode, competition mode provides idle stop function. The Sport sourroundings is a default sourroundings in normal automobile operation.

Sport+ prioritizes extent drivetrain response and energetic opening with faster up- and down-shifts of a 9 DCT and still some-more assertive stifle mapping. Maximum use of a electric engine torque provides some-more bomb acceleration. Increased lively is achieved by harmonizing a some-more assertive Direct Yaw Control sourroundings that works in unanimity with a magnetorheological dampers, Agile Handling Assist, and a Electric Power Steering System—perfect for a energetic expostulate on a circuitous road. It also offers a motorist a aloft grade of steering feedback, while intake and empty note sounds around Active Sound Control are serve increasing for an even some-more refreshing and romantic pushing experience. The TFT Meter sports an assertive yellow “con-trail” along a tachometer needle ancillary easy approval of engine RPM. Red highlights for a core console information arrangement also strengthen that a motorist is in now in Sport+ mode.

Optimized for circuit driving, Track mode invokes a many assertive settings and parameters to broach a fastest and many unchanging trail times possible, along with extent acceleration from a check when utilizing launch control mode). The braking complement offers extended performance-oriented pedal feel. Up/down gearshift execution of a DCT and opening of a Super Hybrid SH-AWD and active motorist aids (VSA, AHA) are involuntary to support circuit extent driving, and an even larger volume of engine intake sound permeates a cabin for a some-more heightened and romantic pushing knowledge charity enahanced motorist feedback even when wearing a helmet.

This sourroundings also prioritizes a lithium-ion battery state-of-charge to say a unchanging spin of torque smoothness and proceed bend impulse from a 3 electric motors to safeguard unchanging energetic response and trail times.

Of note, a VSA operation is gradually “loosened” from a IDS Quiet mode adult to Track mode, enabling a gradually aloft grade of leisure for a motorist in exploring a energetic capabilities of a NSX. In “Track” mode, a VSA complement can also be totally infirm by a driver. The NSX IDS complement has a world’s initial tradition sourroundings menu that allows a motorist to configure a vehicle’s mode during startup. For example, drivers can module a automobile to always start in Quiet or Sport mode, along with a ability to report a NSX to work exclusively in Quiet mode during any specified time duration such as a early morning to equivocate waking a neighborhood.

By mixing undying NSX values and modernized technologies to emanate 0 check opening in all aspects of a vehicle, a subsequent era 2017 Acura NSX represents a totally new and singly Acura countenance of what a supercar should be—with aloft ergonomics, groundbreaking pattern and supercar thrills any day though compromise.

In severe to emanate a New Sports eXperience a subsequent era NSX will yield an exhilarated and personal tie between a motorist and appurtenance that establishes a new and paradigm-challenging clarification of supercar performance.

2017 ACURA NSX: Specifications and Features

Preliminary information, theme to change

Power Unit 
Sport Hybrid SH-AWD Power Unit
Front wheels: mechanically eccentric from back appetite territory components, twin electric motors (Twin Motor Unit); Rear wheels: Twin-turbocharged V-6 gasoline engine with one Direct Drive Motor and 9-speed DCT
Maximum Total System Power
573 hp
Approx. Top Speed
191 mph
Twin-turbocharged DOHC V6
 Longitudinally mid-mounted
3493 cc
Horsepower – SAE Net
500 hp @ 6500-7500 rpm
406 lb.-ft. @ 2000-6000 rpm
Maximum Engine Speed
7500 rpm
Power Output Per Liter
143 hp/liter
Bore and Stroke
3.6 in. x 3.5 in.
Compression Ratio
Valve Train
24 Valve, IN/EX VTC, chain-driven camshafts
Intake Valve Construction
Forged steel
Exhaust Valve Construction
Forged steel , sodium-filled
Valve Angle
30 degrees (include angle)
Cylinder Block and Head Material
Aluminum alloy
Cylinder Bore Lining
Plasma eliminated handle arc thermal spray
Cylinder Bank Angle
75 degrees
Crankshaft Construction
Forged steel
Piston Construction
Cast aluminum with integrated cooling channel
Connecting Rod Construction
Forged steel, peg pin
Fuel Injection
Direct and port
Throttle Control
Drive-by-Wire stifle system
Fuel Requirement
Premium unleaded
Dry sump complement with 6-rotor scavenge pump
Oil Type
Synthetic 0W-40
Cooling system
Liquid and oil cooling
Exhaust System Layout
Dual catalytic converter, twin trail per bank
Turbocharger Type
Single vane
Maximum Boost Pressure
105 kPa (1.05 bar)
Turbine Construction
Wastegate Control
Recirculation Valves
Air bypass type
Intercooler Dimensions
Width 232.2 mm; Height 382 mm; Thickness 64 mm
Water-cooled motor/generator
Direct expostulate situated between engine transmission; Crankshaft outlay shaft-attached permanent magnet rotor in-engine body- copper windings
Horsepower @ rpm
47 @ 3000
Torque @ rpm)
109 lb.-ft. @ 500-2000
9-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission (9DCT)
1st Gear Ratio
Rear Axle Ratio
Limited Slip Differential – Wet Multi Plate
Torque disposition ratio: Drive 2.0, Coast 2.6, 30N-m Pre load
Twin traction motor/generator
Independent, twin motors finished back-to-back with a singular clutch, gear-linked system
Horsepower @ rpm
36 + 36  @ 4000
Torque @ rpm
54 +54 lb.-ft. @ 0-2000
Integrated Dynamics System
Four-mode system: Quiet, Sport, Sport+, Track
Hill Start Assist
Idle-Stop System
Chassis Type
Aluminum-intensive, Multi Material
Body/Frame Construction
Multi-material (primarily aluminum) space support with aluminum and low-density SMC outdoor panels, and expel aluminum cessation ascent points
Ablation Cast Aluminum Nodes
Complex high opening aluminum castings for vanquish zones; World’s initial automotive application
Corrosion Pre-Treatment
Zirconium pre-treat material; Environmentally friendly
A-Pillar Structure
3-D Bent and Quenched ultra high-strength steel (1500 Mpa); World’s initial application
Floor Panel
Carbon fiber core
Front Suspension Type
Double-wishbone, double revoke control arm; aluminum
Front Dampers
Active Gen III magnetorheological coilovers
Front Stabilizer Bar
Hollow steel, 1.04 in. hole x 0.13 in. wall thickness
Rear Supension Type
Multi-link; aluminum
Rear Dampers
Active Gen III magnetorheological coilovers
Rear Stabilizer Bar
Hollow steel; 0.98 in. hole x 0.12 in. wall thickness
Front Brake Calipers
Brembo 6-piston aluminum monoblock
Front Brake Rotor Type
Base: 2-Pc Floating Iron Disks w/ Aluminum center
Option: 2-Pc Floating Carbon Ceramic Disks w/ Aluminum center
Front Brake Rotor Size
Iron: 14.5 in. hole x 1.3 in. thick
Carbon ceramic: 15 in. hole x 1.3 in. thick
Rear Brake Calipers
Brembo 4-piston Aluminum Monoblock
Rear Brake Rotor Type
Base: 2-Pc Floating Iron Disks w/ Aluminum center
Option: 2-Pc Floating Carbon Ceramic Disks w/ Aluminum center
Rear Brake Rotor Size
14.2 in. dia. X 1.3 in. thick (both iron and CO ceramic)
Steering Type
Variable ratio shelve pinion; Dual-pinion EPS
Steering Wheel Turns, Lock-to-Lock
Steering Ratio
Variable progressive; Range: 12.9:1 (on center) to 11.07:1
Turning Diameter, Curb-to-Curb (ft)
39.7 ft
Front Wheels
19×8.5J Forged Aluminum
Front Tires
245/35ZR19 93Y SOT
Rear Wheels
20x11J Forged Aluminum
Rear Tires
305/30ZR20 103Y SOT
Spare Tire
Tire Repair Kit
Fuel Tank Layout
Twin fuel tanks mounted between a engine and IPU
103.5 in.
176 in.
47.8 in.
87.3 in
Track (front/rear)
65.2 in. / 63.7 in.
Ground Clearance (unladen)
3.7 in.
Approach/Departure Angles
9.2° / 12.9°
Fuel Tank Capacity
15.6 gal
Curb Weight (without options)
3,803 lbs.
Weight Distribution (front / back though options)
42% / 58%
Seating Capacity
38.3 in.
42.8 in.
Shoulder Room
57.6 in.
Hip Room
54.5 in.
Cargo Volume (behind back engine compartment)
3.9 ft3
Passenger Volume
44.0 ft3
Fuel Economy Ratings
Fuel Type
Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with Traction Control
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
Brake Assist
Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with Location and Pressure Indicators
LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
Single-Stage Driver, Dual-Stage Passenger, Multiple-Threshold Front Airbags (SRS)
SmartVent® Front Side Airbags
One-Row Side Curtain Airbags with Rollover Sensor
3-Point Seat Belts with Automatic Tensioning System
Upper Tether for Child Seat on Passenger-Side
Driver’s and Passenger’s Seat-Belt Reminder
Cruise Control
Auto High-Beam Headlights
Corner and Backup Sensors
Flush-mounted involuntary appetite pop-out doorway handles
 Auto cocktail out on proceed with keyless entrance fob
Capless Fuel Filler
Radio Antenna
Integrated front windshield type
Acoustic Windshield
Acoustic Glass Rear Cabin Window
LED Brake Lights
Variable Intermittent Wipers
Remote keyless Smart Entry system
Side Mirrors
Body-colored appetite exhilarated with retreat automobile tilt-down and integrated LED spin indicators; Optional memory feature
Security System
Acura Jewel Eye™ LED form with Auto-On/Off
Body Panels
Roof Panel
Aluminum or discretionary exposed-weave CO fiber
Beverage Holder
Two-cup hilt territory that slides into a container in a core console on newcomer side
Automatic Air Conditioning with atmosphere filtration system
Push Button Start
Active Noise Control™ (ANC)
Active Sound Control (ASC)
Power Windows with Auto-Up/Down
Power Door Locks
Cruise Control
Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column (manual)
Center Console Storage
Multi-functional storage system
Lockable Glove Compartment
12-Volt Power Outlet
Power Remote Fuel Filler Door Release
Rear Engine Compartment Window Defroster w/ Timer
Cargo Area Light
Cargo Area Tie-Down Anchors (4 Total)
Optional appendage load net
Illuminated Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls
Cruise / Audio / Phone / Display Audio
Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control System with Humidity Control and Air Filtration
HomeLink® Remote System
Frameles Automatic-Dimming Rearview Mirror
Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel
Available CO fiber trim
LED Interior Ambient Lighting
Leather–Trimmed Instrument Panel
Leather-Trimmed Door Panels
Alcantara Roof Lining
Perforated leather and Alcantara-trimmed with primer adjusters; Optional 4-way appetite adjusters
Seat Leather
Milano leather standard; Semi-aniline leather option
Heated Seats
7-Inch Display Audio with High-Resolution WVGA (800×480) Electrostatic Touch-Screen and Customizable Feature Settings
Audio System
Standard Audio system: 8 speakers, including subwoofer
Optional ELS Studio Premium Audio system: 9 speakers, including subwoofer
Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
Bluetooth® Streaming Audio
MP3/Auxiliary Input Jack
MP3/Auxiliary Input Jack
USB Audio Interface
2USB ports in car
(In glove box) 1.0Amp assign capability USB tie though Carplay Android automobile connectivity
(In console box) 1.5Amp assign capavility USB tie with Carplay Android automobile connectivity
AcuraLink® Next Generation
SMS Text Message Function
SiriusXM® Radio
Pandora® Compatibility
Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic
HDMI Interface
In back console
HD Radio™
Siri Eyes Free
Android Auto
Apple CarPlay
Digital Speedometer
TFT Screen
TFT Screen
Coolant Temperature Indicator
Analog gauge
Fuel Level Indicator
Analog gauge
4.2-Inch Color TFT Screen
8-Inch Color TFT Screen
Integrated Dynamics System-linked Dynamic Meters
Meter Graphics Color change: Quiet-Blue; Sport-White; Sport+ and Track-Red
Average Fuel Economy Indicator
Gear Position Indicator
Instant Fuel Economy Indicator
Miles-to-Empty Indicator
Odometer and Trip Meters (2)
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with Tire Fill Assist and Location and Pressure Indicators
Exterior Temperature Indicator
Turn-By-Turn Directions
Customizable Feature Settings
Valencia Red Pearl
Nouvelle Blue Pearl
Casino White Pearl
Source Silver Metallic
Nord Gray Metallic
Curva Red
130R White
Berlina Black
All interior colors are accessible with all extraneous colors
Carbon Fiber Exterior Sport Package
Carbon fiber front spoiler, side sills, back diffuser;
Dark chrome empty finisher
Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
Carbon Fiber Roof
Carbon Ceramic Brake Rotors
Includes choice of black, red or china stop calipers
Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler
Exclusive Interwoven Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Choice of machined, embellished or discriminating finish
Technology Package – ELS Studio Audio System
Includes 9 speakers, Navigation, AcuraLink, front and back parking sensors
Technology Package – ELS Studio Audio with XM Satellite Radio
Same as above and adds XM Satellite radio
Interior Carbon Fiber Sport Package
Includes CO fiber scale visor and steering circle garnish, aluminum feet rest and competition pedals
Alcantara Headliner