Acura Automobiles: 2015 Acura TLX: Body

The TLX physique is designed to support a twin goals voiced in a vehicle’s “Red Carpet Athlete” growth thesis – significantly extended oppulance appeal, in terms of cabin quietness, float comfort and styling refinement, and refreshing and jaunty sports-sedan opening – while also achieving class-leading fuel economy and pile-up reserve ratings.

To grasp these sometimes-competing goals, Acura engineers combined an all-new physique pattern utilizing modernized materials, including ultra-high-strength steels, aluminum and magnesium, for rigidity, collision opening and weight savings. Special courtesy was paid to center physique acerbity in areas where a physique meets adult with a suspension, engine and subframes, and to improvements in physique sealing and sound insulation.

Vehicle aerodynamics also played a vicious purpose in achieving class-leading fuel economy ratings. The TLX aerodynamics are softened by 15 percent (CdA) over a prior TL  and formed on center testing, is a best (lowest) in a rival class. At a same time, a physique also is designed to yield a high spin of newcomer pile-up insurance incorporating Acura’s latest meditative in modernized physique design, including a next-generation of Acura’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) front physique structure and one-piece hot-stamped-steel doorway ring, initial practical to a all-new 2014 Acura MDX (see SAFETY territory for some-more detail).

Key TLX physique facilities found in this territory include:

  • Rigid, lightweight body
  • Hemmed behind circle arch
  • Ultra-high strength  steel
  • Aluminum components
  • Magnesium steering hanger beam
  • Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) physique structure
  • Jewel Eye™ LED Headlights
  • LED fog-, tail-, puddle-, license- and side-mirror lights
  • Auto-dimming side mirrors
  • Acoustic potion windshield
  • Acoustic froth practical to vicious physique sections
  • Electric case lid and fuel lid release
  • Cap-less refueling
  • Expanded View Driver’s Mirror
  • Exclusive Acura extraneous colors (Black-Bronze and Acura Silver Metallic)

Dynamic and Athletic Proportions
With a low and far-reaching stance, a new 2015 TLX possesses a buoyant extraneous form, frozen physique surfaces and “just right” proportions for a sports sedan. This sporting impression is serve tangible by condensed front and behind overhangs, boldly sculpted buffer arches, and eloquent impression lines. Even a sculpted hood, with a neatly creased shared ridgelines, hints during a opening capabilities of a modernized new Acura powertrains it conceals. Meanwhile, a open and ethereal hothouse provides autocratic steer lines, with slim A-pillars providing softened visibility.

“Just Right” Dimensions
The 2015 TLX’s “just right” physique measure outcome from a clever change of aerodynamic efficiency, interior roominess, energetic performance, serenity and refinement, and design. Compared to a prior TL, a new TLX has a same 109.3-inch wheelbase, though is 3.8 inches shorter in altogether length. This positions it between a smaller ILX entry-luxury sedan and flagship RLX sedan.  Despite a some-more compress extraneous footprint, a TLX offers a atmospheric interior that approaches a prior TL.

In comparison to a competitors, a TLX is longer than a Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. It is also significantly wider than all of a approach competitors, including a Lexus ES and GS, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Rigid Lightweight Body
Light weight and acerbity are a twin foundations for TLX comfort, doing and reserve performance. Light weight is achieved by a multiple of modernized engineering and a use of high-strength steel, magnesium and aluminum unit-body components. TLX physique acerbity is extended by accurate engineering, quite in optimizing pivotal member wise points (up to 25 percent stiffer) for aloft tortuous stiffness, and a unit-body structure’s torsional acerbity is adult 21-percent vs. a prior TL.

Aerodynamic Efficiency
In sequence to urge fuel potency and revoke emissions, Acura designers joined a TLX’s energetic styling with a high spin of aerodynamic efficiency, with a rebate in frontal area and revoke regulating insurgency (the volume of appetite that is mislaid as a automobile moves along a highway and by a air) as pivotal goals.

Most of a running-resistance improvements are achieved around refinements to a TLX’s physique design, with even a smallest sum distributed and reliable by a use of worldly computational liquid dynamics (CFD), as good as scale breeze hovel and high-precision coast-down testing.

The new TLX is 0.4-inch revoke and 1.0-inch narrower, with a somewhat longer roofline, than a prior TL model. The outcome is 1.5-percent rebate frontal area than a prior TL, along with a 15-percent alleviation in aerodynamics (CdA). Slightly narrower 225mm far-reaching tires also reinstate a 245mm far-reaching tires on a TL, serve improving regulating efficiency. The finish outcome is 16-percent rebate in regulating insurgency compared to a prior TL. Internal contrast shows a TLX to be a many aerodynamically fit automobile in a class.

Hemmed Rear Wheel Arch
The behind circle arches on a TLX use a special roll-hemming routine that formula in a cleaner corner and smoother coming than on a prior TL model. In elementary terms, a wheel-arch “hems” are a circuitous sheet-metal edges that approximate a behind tires. In a new TLX, a special hemming routine is used instead of mark welds to join a center and outdoor buffer sheet-metal on a inside of a buffer opening. The outcome is a reduced tire-to-fender opening that improves aerodynamics, rejecting of manifest spot-welds and a cleaner appearance.

High Strength Steel
To grasp a high acerbity that promotes a well-spoken and still ride, frail steering and handling, reserve opening and long-term durability, a TLX utilizes 6 opposite grades of high-strength steel (HSS) in 52% of a physique structure by weight. This high-grade, high-tensile strength steel adds a compulsory acerbity for these certain traits but adding extreme weight, that in spin enhances fuel potency and lowers emissions. Altogether, 59-percent of a TLX physique is combined from a multiple of high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium.

High strength steel uses include:

  • UISBOR – USIBOR is a boron-alloyed steel with an aluminum-silicon cloaking that protects opposite burning during a heating, combining and hardening process. This high-strength hot-stamp steel is used for a TLX’s doorway opening rings, for 5% of a territory body. (See Safety territory for some-more information.)
  • 980 class HSS – Used in certain pivotal constructional points such as a front edges of a doorway sills, and in a A-pillars and B-pillars, for 2% of a territory body.
  • 780 class HSS – Used for many constructional bucket paths for ACE™, including a side sills and brazen spars of territory body, for 2% of a territory body.
  • 590 class HSS – Used for a front support spars, building and roof supports, for 35% of a territory body.
  • 440 class HSS – Used in a front bulkhead, and in front and behind energy-absorbing structures, for 5% of a territory body.
  • 340 class HSS – Sheet steel is used in a roof, for 3% of a territory body.

Aluminum Components
Aluminum stampings are used in certain pivotal locations to revoke a TLX’s quell weight, that provides advantages in handling, fuel potency and emissions reductions. Altogether, a aluminum components contain 6-percent of a TLX’s physique weight, a assets of 27.8 pounds compared to allied steel components.

Among a aluminum physique components are:

  • Hood
  • Front fender beam
  • Rear fender beam
  • Front subframe (hybrid aluminum/steel)

Magnesium Steering Hanger Beam
Located behind a instrument panel, a 3-piece magnesium steering-hanger lamp replaces a 26-piece aluminum and steel territory in a prior TL model. Its purpose is as a constructional connection indicate for a steering column, pedals and instrument panel, as good as a constructional member that helps a newcomer cabin keep a figure in certain collisions. This singular clever magnesium member creates adult 2-percent of a TLX’s physique weight.

The steering-hanger lamp offers several advantages compared to a prior unit:

  • Simpler construction — Created from only 3 collection instead of a prior 26 opposite extrusions and stampings, a new magnesium steering hanger prop offers softened construction precision.
  • Lighter weight — The magnesium steering hanger lamp saves 2.7 pounds compared to a allied aluminum and steel, contributing to a TLX’s aloft float and handling, fuel potency and low emissions.
  • Better fit and finish — The harsh tolerances of a magnesium steering hanger prop in spin concede a instrument row to fit better, exhibiting aloft altogether interior quality.

LED Lighting
The many extensive use of LED lighting on any Acura automobile is a signature pattern member of a new TLX. From a thespian Jewel Eye™ headlights to a accessible new reservoir lights and behind to a new taillights, a LED lighting provides crisp, bright, energy-efficient and long-lasting enlightenment that directly improves a pushing and tenure experience. A outline of extraneous lighting includes:

Forward Lighting

  • New LED headlights with incandescent-bulb spin signals
  • New LED parking and side pen lights
  • New LED under-mirror reservoir lights (Advance grades)
  • LED front haze lights (Advance grades)

Rear Lighting

  • New LED tail and trunk-lid lights with incandescent-bulb spin signals and backup lights
  • New LED Center High Mount Stop Lights (CHMSL) with integrated cover
  • LED license-plate lights

Jewel Eye™ LED Headlights
Acura’s signature Jewel Eye™ LED headlights give a TLX with an modernized and coming while producing aloft down-the-road illumination. The headlights implement an array of high-intensity LED lamps to broach superb light distribution, apart irradiation opening and light characteristics with a wavelength tighten to a tellurian eye’s resplendence curve. With 5 “Jewel Eye” lights per headlight, a LED lights yield softened down a highway prominence compared to HID and halogen headlights.

On any side of a TLX, a low beams embody of 3 LED lights, while a innermost LED lights are employed for high beams. The daytime regulating light (DRL) duty utilizes all 5 lenses splendid by LED’s that are clearly and dramatically manifest even in splendid sunlight. Altogether, they emanate a thespian and sold coming with aloft lighting capability.

Light distribution
Both a low and apart high lamp LED headlights offer superb opening in all night pushing conditions, including highway, circuitous roads, intersections, and in severe continue conditions. The outcome is that a motorist can see serve with uniformity, creation high-speed night pushing easier and rebate fatiguing.

A outline of LED advantages include:

  • Outstanding light placement that surpasses competitors
  • Excellent apart enlightenment performance
  • Clear enlightenment of a highway aspect and white lines
  • High prominence of a whole manifest tone spectrum (white, red, green, blue and yellow) compared to HID and halogen headlights
  • Response time when switching between low and high lamp is shortened
  • Light concurrence is softened between low and high beams

Power savings
Using only 65 watts total, a TLX’s LED headlights use 41-percent rebate appetite than normal halogen headlights, contributing to a TLX’s altogether handling efficiency.

Long lasting
Besides producing softened light characteristics with revoke appetite usage, a TLX’s LED headlights are longer lasting. With an estimated life outlook of 10,000 hours, a LED headlights are projected to final 5 times longer than HID headlights and 10 times longer than normal halogen headlight bulbs — contributing to rebate visit deputy and intensity compared cost savings. Further, their compress wrapping concede for an softened aerodynamic frontal design.

LED Fog Lights
Included in a Advance Package, LED haze lights are positioned during a revoke corners of a TLX’s front fascia for limit efficacy and a confidant appearance.

LED Taillights
LED taillights are partial of a TLX’s extensive extraneous lighting array. Highly stylized to enrich a TLX physique design, they are also brighter than normal incandescent-bulb taillights, with a longer projected lifespan. Use of LEDs allows a serve of a “light pipe” styling member fluctuating opposite a tip of a lenses, contributing to a TLX’s singular mix of pattern and engineering.

LED Puddle Lights
Included in a customary Smart Entry system, LED reservoir lights positioned on a undersides of both side counterpart housings raise preference when entering or withdrawal a vehicle. The LEDs automatically irradiate when a TLX detects a pivotal fob approaching, in unison with a involuntary interior illumination. The reservoir lights also irradiate when a motorist puts a TLX in Park and leaves a vehicle, vanishing off after about twin seconds after locking a doors, or 30 seconds if a doors are not locked.

LED Side Mirror Lights
Keying off of a Jewel Eye™ LED headlights, any TLX counterpart has LED lights fused into a counterpart housing. The LEDs come to life when a spin indictors are activated, providing additional prominence and a high tech appearance.

Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors
Included in a Advance Package, auto-dimming side mirrors use a same activation sensor as a TLX’s auto-dimming inside rearview mirror. The auto-dimming duty of all 3 mirrors helps revoke glisten during night driving, generally from a headlights of following vehicles. Mirror potion area is 24-percent incomparable than on a prior TL indication for softened behind visibility.

Expanded View Driver’s Mirror
An Expanded View Driver’s Mirror performs like twin mirrors in one. The larger, inset apportionment of a counterpart is comparatively prosaic and works like a required sideview counterpart to uncover objects to a side of a vehicle. The outdoor apportionment of a counterpart is optically convex and functions as a wide-angle counterpart to enhance a driver’s perspective to a side by approximately 39 percent, assisting to revoke a blind-zone area.

Acoustic Glass
To revoke sound in a cabin The TLX utilizes a 4.5-mm thick, 3-layer acoustic windshield that consists of twin layers of reserve glass, distant by a skinny acoustic creosote center. The windshield reduces breeze sound on in a aloft magnitude ranges, contributing to a lush feeling of siege in a cabin. Also assisting to lessen wind, highway and trade sound in a cabin is 5.0-mm thick front doorway glass.

Auto Up-Down Side Windows
The 2015 TLX has appetite front and behind side windows with an auto-open and auto-close underline with anti-pinch.

Advanced Windshield Wiper System
The sleek, prosaic pattern of a wiper blades adds to a TLX’s visible appeal. The prosaic blade pattern improves aerodynamic opening and reduces breeze noise.

Headlights On With Wipers
Laws in some states need drivers to spin on a headlights when a wipers are handling in a rain. The new TLX helps a motorist approve with these laws by automatically educational a headlights when a wipers are activated for 5 cycles or some-more (with headlight switch in AUTO). The headlights will sojourn splendid for as prolonged as a sleet continues and a wipers are being operated. When a sleet stops, a wiper activation also ceases, with a headlights remaining illuminated until a wipers stop. Operation is shown around an indicator on a instrument panel.

Rain Sensing Wipers
TLX models versed with Technology Package and Advance Package embody rain-sensing wipers that automatically activate if H2O is rescued on a windshield.

Noise Mitigation
The TLX was designed to broach vault-like serenity in all pushing conditions, with vital improvements achieved by enhancements in physique stiffness, physique and doorway sealing, and widespread sound insulation.

Acoustic Spray Foam
Applied to a territory physique in 10 essential locations around a doorway openings, acoustic mist froth helps emanate a plain substructure for a quieter cabin. The focus routine is programmed and mechanism controlled, with a froth restorative in 7 to 11 seconds after focus for a rarely accurate and effective process.

Additional Materials and Sealing
Additional sound-absorptive materials are used via a territory physique and interior, any dedicated to patience a sold sound form and frequency. The materials embody Thinsulate insulation, physique sealers, noise-absorbing carpeting, and a high-density and twin firmness warp sheets. Liquid Applied Sound Deadening (LASD) is used in a trunk.  Key areas of courtesy embody a TLX’s dashboard revoke and building area. Total physique steam is reduced 50 percent vs. a effusive TL. The finish outcome is reduced highway sound and pitter-patter on both petrify and pavement surfaces, along with revoke engine noise, for a some-more relaxing and pleasing pushing experience.

Wind Noise
Significant improvements in both high-frequency and mid-frequency sound listened in a cabin were achieved by obscure a windshield-wiper tallness and optimizing a figure of a side mirrors. Special sealing methods in a B-pillars and C-pillars, and between a doorway gaps, serve revoke heard breeze noise.

Improved Door Sealing
The new TLX adopts a prior TL’s 360-degree double seals that totally approximate any newcomer door. In addition, a TLX uses a third set of opening seals, positioned during a front, center, behind and bottom edges of any door, that assistance discharge intensity sound source caused by violent airflow in a cavities around a doorway hinges and latches. The doors’ center steel stampings accept serve sound insulation in a form of vast acoustic hole seals, center froth sound barriers, and specifically targeted B-pillar plugs.

Electric Trunk Lid Release
There are 4 ways to open a trunk: 1) by dire a case opener switch located on a motorist side instrument panel; 2) with a pivotal fob; 3) with a case opener switch located in a center of a trunk, underneath a case lid overhang; and 4) if a electric case recover is inoperative, a case might be unbarred and non-stop by regulating a pivotal stored in a pivotal fob. The trunk’s puncture pivotal cylinder is located underneath a cover nearby a conduct patience on a driver’s side behind seatback.

Trunk Storage
The bottom TLX and TLX with Technology package offer a 13.2 cu. ft. of load volume, while a TLX with Advance Package has a incomparable 14.3 cu. ft. of load volume. There is no disproportion in storage ability for a TLX two-wheel-drive models and TLX SH-AWD.

Compared to a prior TL, a case facilities an easier load-in height, a wider opening, and a flat, far-reaching case building that creates loading and unloading load easier. In specific, a interior measure are 14-percent wider, 12-percent deeper, with a 15-percent revoke load-in tallness than a TL dimensions. The new prosaic building extends from a behind fender area, brazen to a behind seatback for softened usability. The case hinges are entirely dark for a softened visible coming and to discharge a probability of throwing on stored items. New 60/40 split-folding behind seatbacks concede storage of vast or massive equipment such as bicycles, skis or boards, or flat-screen televisions. (See Interior territory for some-more information.)

Cargo Bin System
All TLX models embody a versatile case underfloor storage complement that provides accessible storage for such equipment as groceries, puncture collection and other tiny items. The flip-up building reveals a span of storage bins (or a incomparable singular bin with a Advance Package). These bins are ideal for bland equipment such as groceries, shoes, etc. Flipping a building row again reveals an additional storage area designed for puncture tools, jumper cables, etc. A molded conduit holding a TLX’s towing eyebolt and tire-inflator pack is also located in this area. Finally, a Advance Package includes a reversible building panel. Carpeted on one side, it facilities a cosmetic aspect on a backside to be used when soppy or disorderly equipment — for instance, wetsuits, beach towels or a automobile cover — need to be carried in a trunk.

Exterior Colors
The 2015 TLX is accessible in 7 extraneous colors, including twin lead and 5 pearl colors. All colors have a clever character, charity fluent contrasts that enrich a TLX’s body-panel curves and angles, while also exhibiting a intelligent oppulance appearance. The acid-resistant glue clear-coat paint is aloft to standard clear-coat paints for increasing insurgency to civic pollutants.

Acura TLX Exterior Colors

  • Acura Silver Metallic (New)
  • Basque Red Pearl
  • Bellanova White Pearl
  • Bronze-Black Pearl (New)
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Graphite Luster Metallic
  • Obsidian Blue Pearl