Acura Automobiles: 2013 ILX

Sleek, sporty and aerodynamically efficient, the new Acura ILX exterior simultaneously combines themes of luxury, performance and efficiency. Design is critical to luxury car buyers, but increasingly, so is fuel economy. The Acura ILX delivers both with its wide stance, a long nose and a short tail that are keen-edged and individualistic, aerodynamically efficient, and immediately recognizable as an Acura.

Exterior Highlights

  • Low and wide proportions
  • Long hood and short tail
  • Individualistic body lines
  • Ultra-aerodynamic sculpted cabin
  • Flat under-floor and other aerodynamic features


The ILX’s keen-edged design is simultaneously edgy and fluid, with dynamic forms and expressive lines flowing from the front of the signature Acura grille, along the body sides and across the three-dimensional cabin to the crisply styled trunk.

A signature Acura grille features a bold satin surround featuring a single black horizontal grille bar. Flanking the grille are the sweeping headlights, with projector-style low-beam lights with multi-reflector high beams. The molded headlight covers follow the sweep of the broad front fenders, while also including strong character lines of their own. Amber side marker lights and reflectors are positioned in the outer edges of the headlight cluster.

Below is a front fascia with an aerodynamically tailored lower edge and a pair of recesses with a honeycomb grille design that include fog lights for all ILX models (except for ILX 2.0L in base trim).

The long aluminum hood has a central character line that flows from the top of the grille back to the windshield. Narrow A-pillars afford good front visibility through the acoustic glass windshield.

All ILX models feature body-color side mirrors. The door windows feature are surrounded by satin trim that groups the windows together and visually elongates the cabin shape.

Broad front fenders and pronounced front and rear wheel arches give the ILX an athletic presence. The fenders are highlighted with crisp-edged flares that further emphasize the five-spoke wheel design (16-inch diameter on the base ILX 2.0L and ILX Hybrid, 17-inch on the ILX 2.4L and ILX 2.0L with Premium or Technology Package). The ILX Hybrid model also features a Hybrid emblem on the front fenders.
The most prominent character line on the ILX starts behind the front wheel arches and then rises as it flows rearward through the front door handle, over the rear door handle and rear wheel arches, and finally towards the deck lid. This rising character line imparts a sense of muscularity and motion, even when the ILX is at rest. At the bottom of the doors lies an additional character line— a deeply set three-dimensional element that provides a look of solidity at the base of the body.

The rear of the cabin emphasizes the appearance of the wheel arches and compliments the strong, wide rear fenders. The taillight array wraps around the rear fenders and extends onto the back of the deck lid. The backup lights are located on the deck lid and the CHMSL is located at the top of the rear window. The ILX Hybrid is distinguished by a deck lid spoiler that further improves fuel economy.


Standard exterior features for the Acura ILX include:

  • 16-inch diameter aluminum wheels (split 5-spoke with silver-painted surface)
  • P205/55R16 all-season tires
  • Body color, power-actuated, heated side mirrors
  • Power door locks with auto-lock feature
  • 2-speed intermittent windshield wipers (headlight linked)
  • Impact-absorbing body-colored front and rear bumpers
  • Projector beam halogen low beam headlights with Auto On/Off function
  • Power windows with auto up/down feature
  • One-touch power moonroof with tilt feature
  • Smart Entry with pushbutton start

ILX 2.4
Added exterior features (above Base) on the ILX 2.4L include:

  • Unique 17-inch diameter aluminum wheels (5-spoke with silver-painted surface and a machined spoke face)
  • P215/45R17 all-season tires
  • Projector beam Xenon HID low beam headlights with Auto On/Off function
  • Fog lights
  • Multi-view rear camera
  • Stainless-steel pedal covers

ILX Hybrid
Standard exterior features on the ILX Hybrid include:

  • 16-inch diameter aluminum wheels (split 5-spoke with silver-painted surface)
  • P205/55R16 tires
  • Hybrid badging on front fenders and rear deck lid
  • Bright front fascia accents
  • Rear deck lid spoiler

ILX Hybrid with Technology Package
Additional exterior features on the ILX Hybrid with Technology Package include:

  • Projector beam Xenon HID low beam headlights
  • Rearview camera



The ILX’s aerodynamic refinement provides benefits including high fuel economy, interior quietness, handling stability and low emissions. Numerous engineering details contribute to the ILX’s aerodynamic qualities, starting with its sleek surfaces and keen edges, progressing to its nearly full underbody panels.

  • Front Fascia – A spoiler located at the lower edge of the front fascia reduces aerodynamic drag and lift, which improves steering feel at high speeds.
  • Front Bumper Cover – Optimizing the front bumper corner shape reduces aerodynamic drag at the front tires.
  • A Pillars – Streamlined A-pillars reduce turbulence, aerodynamic drag and wind noise.
  • Wheel Strakes – Located ahead of the front and rear wheels, special aero strakes help move air smoothly around the tires, reducing side aerodynamic drag.
  • Full Undercover – To smooth airflow underneath the ILX, an undercover starts behind the front fascia, extends under the engine, transmission (excluding 2.4L), cabin and fuel tank (only on 2.4L), while also covering the open space behind the rear suspension and beneath the trunk.
  • Rear Deck Lid Spoiler (ILX Hybrid) – Helps air separate cleanly off the back of the vehicle, resulting in a lower aerodynamic drag and improved stability at higher speeds.


The swept-back position and narrow dimensions of the A-pillars result in a wide 84-degree front windshield view angle. The rear sightlines are improved due to the location of the CHMSL at the roofline rather than on the rear parcel shelf.


The new ILX utilizes a rigid unit body that offers outstanding ride and handling characteristics, as well as low interior noise levels. The upper part of the instrument panel, A- and C-pillars, floor area and rear trunk surround are designed for maximum strength with the lowest possible weight. The body’s high torsional stiffness contributes to ride comfort and handling precision that have long been Acura hallmarks. Among the notable unit body structural elements are:

  • Advanced computer modeling ensures maximum unit body stiffness with minimal weight  resulting in peak ride and handling qualities with low weight and high fuel efficiency
  • Smooth load flows are particularly important for maintaining structural strength throughout the body. Particular emphasis on load flow was made at these areas:

– Upper front strut towers
– Vertical uprights at the corners of the front bulkhead
– Lower A-pillars
– Windshield header
– Roof sills
– Top corner of B-pillars
– Top of C-pillars
– Floor pan
– Trunk opening
– Trunk floor


For high strength that fosters long-term durability, the Acura ILX utilizes high strength steel (HSS) in 59-percent of its body structure. This high-grade, high-tensile strength steel adds the required strength for these enhancements without adding excessive weight, which in turn improves the ILX’s steering and handling precision, while also enhancing fuel economy.
Various grades of steel are used in different areas of the body according to need. These include:

  • 780 and 980 grade HSS – Used for the cross member beneath the driver’s seat and inside of the floor sills (for 5% of the unit body).
  • 590 grade HSS – Used for most structural load paths for ACE™, including the side sills, A- and B-pillars, windshield header, forward spars of unit body, rear cross member and central tunnel (for 47% of the unit body).
  • 440 grade HSS – Used for the front bulkhead, brackets in lower part of unit body (for 7% of the unit body).
  • 270 grade steel – Traditional sheet steel is used in front of engine, on top of the front bulkhead, and in most of the rear of the vehicle (for 41% of the unit body).


Aluminum stampings are used in certain locations to reduce the ILX’s curb weight, which provides additional benefits in handling and fuel economy. Among the aluminum body components are:

  • Hood
  • Front bumper beam
  • Rear bumper beam (for ILX Hybrid model)


As with all Acura models, the new ILX employs the Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure. The ACE™ body structure increases the vehicle body’s ability to manage crash energy in a frontal collision, even if the ILX should collide with another vehicle of a different size.

Although testing had not yet been completed as of this publication, Acura projects that the 2013 ILX will receive top safety ratings from governmental (NHTSA) and independent (IIHS) tests. From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA*), Acura also expects a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score, while from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Acura expects GOOD ratings all-around resulting in a TOP SAFETY PICK designation as well.

*Government star ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) New Car Assessment Program (


The ILX trunk area features a wide opening and low lift-over height for easy loading and removal of items. The trunk interior is cleanly designed with smoothly finished hinges and premium panel fit. Inside is a high-quality molded lining.

The temporary spare tire on the ILX 2.0L and ILX 2.4L is located under the trunk floor panel. The ILX Hybrid features a flat repair kit to make extra room for the battery pack, but a temporary spare is available for purchase from Acura dealers.
The trunk cargo volume is 12.4 cubic feet (ILX 2.0L base model), 12.3 cubic feet (ILX 2.0L and 2.4L with Premium or Technology Package), 10.0 cubic feet (Base and Premium models of ILX Hybrid), and 9.8 cubic feet (ILX Hybrid with Technology Package). The ILX can accommodate a significant amount of bulky cargo, including three golf bags, two large traditional suitcases, a large cooler or a wheelchair.

When more space is needed for cargo, the one-piece fold-down rear seatback can be lowered to reveal a cargo pass-through to the back seat area. The ILX Hybrid has a fixed rear seat that can not be folded down.


Extensive measures have been utilized to eliminate noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) from the passenger cabin of the ILX. Extensive analysis of systems and components – from the engine and transmission and their mounting systems, to the unit body, chassis and interior – result in a reduction in NVH in all operating parameters, particularly at highway cruising speeds. Key design elements include:

Vibration Mitigation

  • Special vibration insulation for engine and transmission mounts, steering and suspension systems
  • Sound reduction air intake system
  • Body vibration damping system
  • Rigid floor panels
  • Low-vibration radiator support
  • Stiffeners in rear body panels and trunk
  • Highly rigid floor areas

Sound-absorbing Materials

  • Front inner fender insulators
  • Carpet mass tuned for maximum noise absorption
  • Rear body tray insulator
  • Tuned insulator panels
  • Sound absorbing rear inner fender materials

Sound-absorbing Glass

  • 4.5 mm acoustic windshield glass
  • 4 mm front door glass
  • 3.5 mm rear door glass
  • Full-width sealer at bottom of windshield

Sealers and Insulators
Numerous sealers, sound absorbers and insulations are utilized to absorb noise, including:

  • Floor melt sheet with plastic constraining layer located beneath the seating area and rear body area
  • Broad use of Thinsulate™ insulating material


Included with the ILX Premium and Technology Packages (excluding ILX Hybrid), Active Noise Control captures low-end drivetrain frequencies entering the cabin, and then creates a precisely timed reverse phase audio signal to cancel them. The result is a reduction in booming exhaust sound as well as road noise. Overall, an impressive 10 dB reduction in unwanted noise is attained.


The Acura ILX is equipped with projector beam halogen headlights with an Auto On/Off feature for added convenience. The high beams provide excellent nighttime illumination with a crisp, bright and focused light beam. The lenses and reflectors are designed to integrate with the ILX’s dramatic and aerodynamic bodywork.

By operating at a lower voltage, the halogen high beams also serve as daytime running lights (DRL), which automatically illuminate when the ignition is on and the parking brake is off.

Many states now require the headlights to illuminate when the wipers are operating, so the ILX headlights are linked to the windshield wipers. When the driver activates the windshield wipers the headlights automatically illuminate, even during the daytime. The instrument panel lighting does not dim as it would during nighttime headlight illumination, however. This assures consistent high visibility of the gauges. The headlights stay illuminated for a short time after the wipers are switched off.

Acura ILX models with the Premium or Technology Package have high-intensity discharge (HID) low beam headlights with halogen high beams. The advantages of HID headlamps include greater lighting power, daylight type lighting temperature and reduced power consumption. The light projection cut lines of the HID headlights are extremely precise, helping to provide maximum nighttime visibility without distracting other drivers.


The ILX taillight system features incandescent bulbs for the taillight and outboard brake lights, and LED illumination for the Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL).


Positioning the ILX’s windshield wipers below the rear edge of the hood line keeps them out of the driver’s normal sightline for improved forward visibility. In addition, the wipers are positioned out of the airflow going over the hood to help reduce turbulence that can contribute to unwanted aerodynamic drag and interior noise.


The ILX turn signals feature a simplified activation to simplify lane changes. One quick, light push on the turn-signal stalk blinks the turn signals three times— a typical number required for lane changes. The turn signals may be fully activated in the typical manner (by pushing the stalk past its detent), which will activate the signals until cancellation occurs.


Aerodynamically shaped side mirror housings minimize turbulence and reduce wind noise. The mirror housings are body colored for a more integrated appearance. All models include as standard power-actuated mirrors that are heated.


The ILX features a new expanded view side mirror on the driver-side door. As required by law, the main area of the mirror uses a traditional flat reflective plane on the inner portion of the mirror (that is closest to the door), while the outer portion of the mirror uses a convex element to provide a broader field of view. The convex portion of the mirror generates an additional 6.5 degrees of visibility that can assist the driver in detecting other vehicles that might not have otherwise been seen in a traditional side mirror.


The ILX’s focus on affordable luxury and fuel efficiency prompted designers to hide the exhaust outlets behind the rear fascia. The hidden outlets make the ILX the first US-market Acura without bright-finished exhaust tips.


Located forward of the multi-link rear suspension, the fuel tank is constructed of polyethylene for reduced weight and lower evaporative emissions. The molded composite design also allows for a 13.2-gallon fuel capacity. The tank also incorporates a returnless fuel supply system that helps reduce vapor generation and reduces overall weight.


All ILX models feature the Keyless Access System with smart entry and pushbutton ignition. The system has a unique digital identity that lets the ILX owner gain access to the car without having to unlock it with the remote transmitter or a conventional key. With the Keyless Access Remote in his or her possession, the car will be unlocked automatically when the driver pulls one of the front door handles.

Once the door is opened and the driver is seated, the system allows the engine to be started by depressing the brake pedal and pushing the Engine Start/Stop button positioned on the instrument panel.

When leaving the car, a press of the soft-touch button on the outside of either front door handle simultaneously locks all the doors. Alternatively, a press of the Lock button on the Keyless Access Remote will simultaneously lock all the doors.


ILX models with either the Premium or Technology Package feature a rearview camera. The ILX with Premium Package displays its image on the 5-inch display, while the ILX with Technology Package presents the rearward view on the 8-inch navigation screen. The driver can select among a choice of top view, normal view or wide view.

When the ILX transmission is placed in Reverse, the view from a rear-mounted camera is displayed on a 5-inch display screen that is positioned in the instrument panel. To make it easier for the driver to judge distance and clearance, solid yellow on-screen guidelines indicate the vehicle’s width, as well as distances of 1, 2 and 3 meters as measured from the rear of the ILX.

When equipped with the available Technology Package, one of three different rear view images from the multi-view camera is displayed on the W-VGA 8-inch color monitor used for the navigation system.

The primary view is “Normal View,” which delivers 130-degrees of rearward visibility. For special conditions, there is the “Wide View,” which delivers 175-degrees of rearward visibility. The “Top View” generates a straight-down look at the area just rearward of the bumper— thus easing maneuvering in tight parking spaces.


Seven colors add drama and personality to the 2013 ILX. Making its debut on the ILX is an all-new color for Acura: Fathom Blue Pearl.

* Projected availability June 2012
** Not available on ILX Base and ILX Hybrid Base


A line of Acura Genuine Accessories was developed simultaneously with the ILX to provide vehicle personalization for owners. Like all Acura Genuine Accessories, ILX accessories are covered by a 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty if installed by the dealer at the time of original vehicle purchase. Available accessories include:

  • 17-inch diameter 10-spoke aluminum wheels
  • Front underbody spoiler
  • Rear underbody spoiler
  • Side underbody spoiler
  • Body side molding
  • Rear decklid spoiler
  • Rear appliqué
  • Door edge guards
  • Car cover
  • Splash guards
  • Wheel locks
  • Fog lights
  • Remote engine starter
  • Engine block heater
  • XM Radio installation kit

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