What’s adult readers? Allow me to broach myself – I’m Bear E. White (@BearEWhite), a freshest bear north of a border. And this is my initial post on a Ford Blog. we wish we suffer it – and greatfully forgive any spelling mistakes, as it’s kind of tough to form with paws. … And this bear is still training how to use spellcheck.

Everyone knows that Canadians adore a good outdoors. With that in mind, a engineers during Ford have worked tough to make a 2013 Escape suitable for both nation bears (like me) and city drivers alike.

With a assistance of a accessible lumberjack – who keeps his name tip tip – we got to put a 2013 Escape by some of a civic pushing hurdles that Canadians face. And from drive-thrus for frou-frou coffee drinks (it’s got crater holders to hoop that), to together parking on close city streets (thank we Active Park Assist), this versatile SUV delivers an easy float like a bees broach honey.

Tons of Space!

Whether we and a family need to container a ton of junk in a case of your Escape, or it’s time to raise in a squad to conduct to a Teddy Bear’s picnic, a 2013 Escape has room to spare (1,920 litres or 67.8 cu. ft. behind a front seats). And a foot-activated liftgate creates loading your junk that most easier!

We’ve Got One for You!

If you’re looking for a new car that can hoop your city pushing and good outside adventures, a 2013 Escape competence be right for you.Check it out online and see what others are amatory about their Escape, or conduct to your internal Ford play to learn some-more about this SUV and see what’s probable when nation meets city!