What’s up readers? Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Bear E. White (@BearEWhite), the freshest bear north of the border. And this is my first post on the Ford Blog. I hope you enjoy it – and please excuse any spelling mistakes, as it’s kind of hard to type with paws. … And this bear is still learning how to use spellcheck.

Everyone knows that Canadians love the great outdoors. With that in mind, the engineers at Ford have worked hard to make the 2013 Escape suitable for both country bears (like me) and city drivers alike.

With the help of a handy lumberjack – who keeps his name top secret – I got to put the 2013 Escape through some of the urban driving challenges that Canadians face. And from drive-thrus for frou-frou coffee drinks (it’s got cup holders to handle that), to parallel parking on cramped city streets (thank you Active Park Assist), this versatile SUV delivers an easy ride like the bees deliver honey.

Tons of Space!

Whether you and the family need to pack a ton of junk in the trunk of your Escape, or it’s time to pile in the gang to head to a Teddy Bear’s picnic, the 2013 Escape has room to spare (1,920 litres or 67.8 cu. ft. behind the front seats). And the foot-activated liftgate makes loading your junk that much easier!

We’ve Got One for You!

If you’re looking for a new vehicle that can handle your city driving and great outdoor adventures, the 2013 Escape might be right for you.Check it out online and see what others are loving about their Escape, or head to your local Ford dealer to learn more about this SUV and see what’s possible when country meets city!