85mph+125miles per charge/$18,000=Sweet DIY electric Beetle

When you think of DIY, you probably think of arts and crafts, home improvements or remodeling. But one VW fan took DIY to the extreme by converting a gasoline-fueled Beetle to a fully electric car that has speed and range comparable to the newest electrics on the market.

For an $18,000 investment, this do it yourselfers 1970 Volkswagen Beetle is now a highway-capable electric car. The converted Beetle can reach 85 miles per hour and has a range of 75 to 125 miles. Pretty amazing given he spent a fraction of what a brand new electric vehicle will cost.

It might not have all the creature comforts of todays high-end electrics, but it brings a style and panache that just cant be replicated. It is, after all, a classic Beetle. What more do you want?

Check out the complete interview and get a look at the inside of the revamped Beetle before they speed around Livermore, Calif. at the link below:


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