“500 Couture” Fiat presents a subsequent limit of disdainful customisation

  • Fiat presents “500 Couture”, a subsequent limit of disdainful customisation, during a MotorVillage Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées this dusk in Paris for Fashion Week.
  • Star of a eventuality will be a iconic Fiat 500 that boasts a healthy aptitude for customisation, usually like in a universe of fashion. This is a context of a new “500 Ron Arad Edition”, a latest take on a judgment of Italian high-end tailoring for business who wish to demonstrate their celebrity with a singly sole style.
  • Created in partnership with a famous Israeli designer, a “500 Ron Arad Edition” pays loyalty to a mythological 1957 Fiat 500, a silhouette of that is drawn on a bodywork by means of quintessentially Italian craftsmanship to serve raise a selected essence of a Fiat model.
  • The “500 Ron Arad Edition” will be on sale on vital European markets as from November. The “500 Comics” and “500 Camouflage” showcars, dual some-more disdainful examples of a “500 Couture” judgment , will also be on uncover in Paris. 


Fiat 500 creates headlines once more, as befits an authentic Italian impression icon, this time by presenting “500 Couture”, a subsequent limit of disdainful customisation in Paris, of that a disdainful “500 Ron Arad Edition” is an example. Distinguished by special quintessentially Italian craftsmanship, a bodywork is customised with a specific settlement like a mantle “sewn” onto a automobile and creation it unique. The “500 Comics” and “500 Camouflage”  showcars, dual opposite expressions of a “500 Couture” concept, desirous by a universe of conform and combined to raise a cocktail and smart inlet in a 500’s DNA, will also be on arrangement in Paris. 


Versatile, artistic and ideally during palliate in cities, a iconic Fiat 500 boasts a healthy aptitude for customisation. This is a context of a new “500 Ron Arad Edition”, a latest take on a judgment of Italian high-end tailoring for business who wish to demonstrate their celebrity with a singly sole style.  In new years, customisation has turn peerless for a automotive universe where there is a good accumulation of choice and where business are removing some-more and some-more clever and selective. Thus, we are now faced with a flourishing preference of cars and a change in a opinion of customers, who in their purchasing decisions now uncover a clever enterprise for distinction: each patron wants to feel singular and claim their possess celebrity with their car. There is usually one answer to this legitimate direct for impassioned customisation: a Fiat 500.  


The premiere will take place this evening, during a Paris Fashion Week, during a MotorVillage Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées with an disdainful cocktail organized in partnership with Condé Nast’s “L’Uomo Vogue” magazine. Ron Arad will be attending a eventuality together with Olivier Francois, Global Head of Brand Fiat, Franca Sozzani, Editor of “L’Uomo Vogue” and Roberto Giolito, Vice President Design Centre EMEA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.


The “500 Ron Arad Edition” celebrates a assembly between an iconic automobile and an internationally distinguished designer. In particular, a silhouette  of a mythological 1957 Fiat 500 – informally famous as ‘Cinquino’ by enthusiasts – is drawn on a sides of a automobile regulating quintessentially Italian craftsmanship. It was precisely a owner of a stream 500 family that Ron Arad chose as a executive figure in a “Reverse” muster hosted from Dec 2013 to Mar 2014 in a Pinacoteca Agnelli, Turin, a muster area designed by Renzo Piano during a 4th building of a Lingotto, during a turn of a lane where Fiat cars including a 500 were once tested.


The “500 Ron Arad Edition” is packaged with good features, including a potion sunroof, chrome-plated accents, black interiors, glorious black Poltrona Frau leather seats with ivory trim, 7″ TFT instrument panel, BlueMe, leather steering circle with radio controls, involuntary meridian control system, haze lights, 16″ amalgamate rims, black lead paintwork and white counterpart caps with a conformation of a mythological 500 drawn on a side panels.


To be sole starting from Nov on a vital markets opposite Europe, a “500 Ron Arad Edition” is a collector’s object and Fiat has motionless to haven a special use to enthusiasts who will buy it. The automobile will be delivered directly to a new owner’s home together with an accurate 1:18 scale indication in a showcase.


The same exclusivity is voiced by a  “500 Comics” and “500 Camouflage” showcars, both of that will be on uncover in MotorVillage Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées. The initial automobile pays loyalty to a cocktail inlet of a iconic 500,  and flaunts a pleasant two-tone clothing (pastel ochre yellow/metallic black) detailed by craftsmanship ensuing in “stitching” that traces out a stylish lines. The “500 Camouflage” instead is desirous by a smart inlet in a 500’s DNA and plays on a sole grey/green deception pattern, highlighted by a fluorescent yellow counterpart covers.  

The 3 disdainful customisations of “500 Couture” – that is, a “500 Ron Arad Edition” and a  “500 Comics” and 500 Camouflage” showcars – endorse a eclectic essence of a iconic Fiat indication that is during palliate in a universe of Art and Design as well. Heir to a 1957 Fiat 500 – a stylistic anxiety of a dull lights and classical trademark with chrome-plated carp trim – a new 500 is sole in some-more than 100 countries worldwide and noted a lapse of a Fiat code to a United States. One of a secrets of a tellurian success is positively a capability of invariably elaborating with new interpretations to a border that it now defines a family of models that are reciprocally really opposite in form and character, though that all share a same roots: a iconic Fiat 500.



Turin, 30 Sep 2014