Love. Lust. Companionship. Jealousy. Longing. These are the joys and pitfalls of romance – and of car ownership? Even though a car doesn’t have a heart to break, the feelings we have are oh so real. The relationship we have with our car and those we have in real life aren’t so different if you think about it. So get your tissues ready – this one’s a tear-jerker.

Love at First Sight

Yeah sure, not everything is about looks. Beauty is only skin deep. But the moment you two locked eyes, you knew that this was meant to be. Game. Over.

Ford GT 350 with text “Hi There Beautiful.”

Spending Quality Time Together

Once you’ve met, you need to get to know each other. You probably will snap a couple of cute selfies together, listen to music, visit some fun places. Or maybe just sit and talk. (After all, with the available Ford Sync, having a meaningful conversation with your car has never been easier.)

Ford Sync with text “I’m Hungry”

Doing Kind Things for Each Other

Aside from keeping the (love) tank full, you don’t mind splurging on a spontaneous gift from time to time – because when one of you is happy…you’re both happy. Take the time to clean your car inside and out – it will appreciate the gesture. And seeing the sun glisten off of freshly polished chrome will help keep the flame alive.

Black Car being washed with sponge

In Sickness and In Health…

You rely on each other, and most importantly protect one another. Life will take you on a lot of twists and turns but if you two stay committed you could stay together forever! Check your car’s oil often, change it according to the notifications from your Ford’s available Intelligent Oil Life Monitor (or according to the maintenance schedule in your car’s instruction manual), check the tire pressure, and pay attention to warning lights.

Ford Car with Dipstick and text “You’re so good to me”

When You Have To Part Ways, It Will Hurt

You said forever and you meant it. But sometimes you have to just move on. Goodbyes are always the hardest part.

2011 Ford Ranger

The good news is that owning a car isn’t a real relationship so you don’t have to worry about breaking any hearts. After all, that new car smell can be hard to resist. Check out Ford’s new lineup and you may be ready to move on faster than you thought.