2019 Silverado 1500 Durabed Is Largest Pickup Bed

2019 Silverado 1500 Durabed Is Largest Pickup Bed






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Oshawa, Ontario (Friday, Jul 27, 2018) — With best-in-class load volume, box depth, box length during floor, and a segment-leading 12 bound tie-downs and disdainful energy up/down tailgate, a 2019 Silverado 1500 is a many organic bed of any pickup.   

“The bed is a heart and essence of any pickup, so we done several improvements to a bed of a all-new Silverado to give a business an even softened hauling experience,” pronounced Tim Herrick, executive arch engineer, Full-Size Trucks, General Motors. “We’ve combined so many facilities and advantages that it deserves a possess name – Durabed.”

Every Silverado bed distance has increasing significantly in volume for a 2019 indication year:


The brief box’s volume is adult to 20 percent some-more than any competitor’s brief box. Most of that boost was achieved by widening a limit breadth of a bed building scarcely 10 percent (178 mm / 7 in.), that is implemented opposite all 3 bed sizes.

For indication year ’19, a higher-grade steel is being used in a construction of Durabed. The peculiarity of a bed building materials has softened as well, from 340 megapascals to 500 megapascals:


Some of a other measure in that Silverado now leads a category include:

Cargo box space  


Cargo box depth

Cargo box length during floor


Silverado now has 12 bound tie-downs, and a strength of any of these has doubled from 113 kilograms (250 lbs.) to 227 kilograms (500 lbs.) of force before bending. An additional 9 moveable tie-down points are accessible as good for even some-more load flexibility. Together, these 21-total tie-downs are a many of any full-size pickup.

The accessibility of a tie-downs has also been improved. Tie-downs are now located during varying heights to offer business incomparable flexibility in what they can secure and haul.

The Durabed lorry bed, customary on all 2019 Silverado 1500 models, also includes incomparable openings in a GM-exclusive CornerStep bumpers to softened accommodate steel-toed and winter boots.

Durabed is also accessible with integrated, in-bed LED lighting and a 110/120-volt energy outlet. A light during a tip of a back cab comes customary on all Silverado models

The 2019 Silverado 1500 will also be accessible with 4 tailgate variants:

  • Standard gate: a primer embankment with no lift assist; manually lockable (with key)
  • Standard Gate with Lift Assist: a hammered embankment that includes lift assist; manually lockable (with key)
  • Power Lock/Release: includes lift support and involuntary release; energy lockable
  • Industry-exclusive energy up/down: accessible on a LTZ and customary on High Country, a tailgate raises or lowers regulating a pivotal fob, touchpads on a embankment or symbol in a cabin. Includes lift assist, involuntary recover and energy closing; energy lockable

The 2019 Silverado goes on sale this fall.


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