2015 Escalade Exterior Rooted in Attention to Detail

2015 Escalade Exterior Rooted in Attention to Detail

Iconic design elevated through Galvano chrome and detailed surfacing






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DETROIT (Monday, June 02, 2014) – The 2015 Cadillac Escalade features a new yet instantly recognizable design that maintains the vehicle’s signature quality and elegance. The styling cues combine sculpted surfaces with high technology embellishments to give Escalade an unmistakable stand-out appearance.

The Escalade is all new for 2015, but its iconic character has been preserved through an evolution of design dating to the first generation vehicle, introduced in 1999. With a strong sense of presence and proportion, the next-generation Escalade modernizes many signature Cadillac elements, including a shield-shaped grille, the Galvano bright trim, and the LED vertical light signatures.

“The 2015 Escalade continues the theme set by the first Escalade – a vehicle differentiated from other SUVs through its artistic integration of bright work, grille textures and wheels,” said Bob Boniface, Global Cadillac director of design. “The Escalade design has a more sophisticated and integrated exterior appearance when compared to the rough-and-rugged aesthetic of standard SUVs.”

There is more sculpture on the body side as compared with past Escalade models. As exemplified by the photographs of indie artist Autumn de Wilde, the body sides reflect the vehicle’s surroundings like a mirror. Boniface’s team managed vehicle proportions through the sculpting of the side surfaces and by designing new 20- and 22-inch wheels. The result produces “beautiful, liquid-like reflections” on the body side, complemented by the visual drama of the long wheel spokes.

New to the Escalade is the use of Galvano chrome, which has a more subtle bright finish than standard chrome.

“It adds a level of refinement and sophistication to the Escalade that bright chrome cannot match,” Boniface said.

It is a more complex process to apply the Galvano finish, but Cadillac’s exterior design team believes it sets the vehicle apart. This type of attention to detail can be found throughout the 2015 Escalade, including the Galvano trim and the cut-and-sewn instrument panel end cap.

Designers also paid close attention to the Escalade’s headlamps and taillamps.

“The detailing in the exterior lamps is extraordinary,” Boniface said. “We have taken an established brand element and constructed them with absolute state-of-the-art technology. The result is bold, modern and pure Cadillac.”

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