Wittmann finishes third in Sunday’s competition to strech a lectern for BMW – Spengler, Glock, Farfus and Blomqvist also in a points.


Marco Wittmann (GER) claimed stick position and a podium
finish during a Nürburgring (GER) on Sunday – and sealed a opening to
a heading container in a drivers’ championship. Thanks to his first
stick position this deteriorate and a 15 points for third place in the
race, a reigning DTM champion is in fourth place after 14 of 18
races. Bruno Spengler (CAN) put on a good chasing opening in
Sunday’s competition and finished fourth, usually behind Wittmann. In a
parsimonious finish, Timo Glock (GER), Augusto Farfus (BRA) and Tom
Blomqvist (GBR) also scored points by finishing in eighth, ninth
and tenth positions respectively. Maxime Martin (BEL) crossed the
line in eleventh place



The qualifying:

The subordinate event for Sunday’s competition took place in dry
conditions and cold temperatures of around 10 degrees
Celsius. Marco Wittmann (Red Bull BMW M4 DTM) was a best-placed
DTM driver, recording a best time of 1:20.936. He was rewarded with
3 points in a drivers’ championship and started from pole
position for a ninth time in his DTM career. It was the
63rd DTM stick position for BMW, and a seventh of the
stream season. Four some-more BMW drivers finished it into a tip 10 in
qualifying. Tom Blomqvist (BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM), Timo
Glock (DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM), Augusto Farfus (Shell BMW M4 DTM)
and Bruno Spengler (BMW Bank M4 DTM) were in fifth, sixth, seventh
and eighth places respectively. Maxime Martin started a competition from
twelfth place in a SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM


The race:

Marco Wittmann started from stick position, though was second best
in a acceleration stakes to a initial turn, dropping to second
place after losing out to Paul di Resta (GBR, Mercedes). Maxime
Martin finished a burst start and perceived a drive-through penalty. After
a few laps, Wittmann put vigour on di Resta and recovered the
lead. He stayed out in front after his array stop though cold tyres meant
that he had to let Robert Wickens (CAN, Mercedes) pass. Spengler
behind his imperative array stop until a 25th path and
lead a competition during that point. Timo Glock collided with Nico Müller
(SUI, Audi) and shop-worn a front of his DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM
though was means to continue. In a final stages of a race, Wittmann
had to let di Resta by once again and crossed a line in third
place, usually forward of Spengler. Victory went to Wickens. Glock,
Augusto Farfus and Tom Blomqvist finished in eighth, ninth and tenth
places respectively. Martin took a checkered dwindle in
11th place


The reactions:


BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt:

The 78,000 spectators here during a Nürburgring gifted two
unbelievably heated races. We can't be happy with a outcome as
we missed out on too many points. Our plan was not ideal on
Saturday, that meant that we were not concerned in a conflict for
a win. We saw a tough quarrel out on a lane on Sunday too. Marco
Wittmann substantially could not have finished improved than third place today
underneath a given cirumstances. He shop-worn a front of a automobile trying
to pass Robert Wickens and struggled with understeer afterwards.
We got 5 BMWs in a tip 10 and scored some good points. Overall
it was a tough competition – infrequently too hard. We now need to concentrate
entirely on Spielberg. We will lift on pushing.


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal, BMW Team RMG):
We had hoped to get some-more out of a home race
weekend. The lectern for Marco Wittmann was a good finish currently but
we are unhappy overall. We were detrimental on Saturday when the
sleet incited all into a lottery and we could have finished better
today. Nonetheless, a large appreciate we is due to my team, who kept on
fighting to a finish as usual


Marco Wittmann (#11, Red Bull BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
1st place, competition result: 3rd place – 70 races,
8 wins, 19 podiums, 9 stick positions, 638 points, 2 drivers’
We had a good initial stint. Just before the
array stop, we was means to pass Robert Wickens, pierce behind into
initial place and extend my lead. we felt flattering good in a car. After
a stop, we was behind him again. we started to try and pass in
spin one, though we touched. My automobile was shop-worn and we had some graining
on a front tyres. we wasn’t means to say a pace. It is a bit
unsatisfactory to finish third after starting from stick position but
during a finish of a day, we scored some critical points



Augusto Farfus (#15, Shell BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
7th place, competition result: 9th place – 80 races,
4 wins, 12 podiums, 6 stick positions, 374 points):

That was a bizarre race. We did a pursuit though we couldn’t match
a gait of Mercedes. We finished a weekend with usually a few
points. It is a contrition as it could have been more. But that’s a way
it is sometimes. We’ll continue to give a all and go behind on a attack.


Timo Glock (#16, DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
6th place, competition result: 8th place – 70 races,
4 wins, 8 podiums, 3 stick positions, 321 points):
Just like yesterday, it wasn’t a day today. I had
some purchase problems during a start. Then we finished adult on a wrong side
in spin dual and mislaid some places on a outside. My competition speed after
that was indeed unequivocally good and we was means to conflict back. Then, it
seemed to me that Nico Müller braked too early before a chicane. I
was not means to conflict in time and gathering into his behind end. That
unequivocally shop-worn a front of my automobile and we was propitious to be means to
finish a competition and measure a few points.


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal, BMW Team RBM):
Bruno Spengler gathering a unequivocally good competition today. His
plan with a late array stop worked good and he had unequivocally good
pace. Tom Blomqvist did a good job, battled tough and scored a
point. It was not a good weekend for Maxime Martin. The fact that
he scarcely finished it into a points after a chastisement for a burst start
shows that he gathering a illusory race. But if we wish to strech the
lectern in a DTM, all has to be perfect. And this weekend,
it was not ideal for us


Bruno Spengler (#7, BMW Bank BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
9th place, competition result: 4th place – 153 races,
15 wins, 48 podiums, 18 stick positions, 832 points, 1 drivers’
The group plan currently was outstanding.
Tactically, we all did a good job. The automobile was illusory in the
race. we was means to pierce adult from ninth place to fourth. we am
gay for a whole team. The lads have warranted it.


Tom Blomqvist (#31, BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM – Grid
position: 5th place, competition result: 10th place –
50 races, 1 win, 5 podiums, 2 stick positions, 194 points):
It was a large battle, right from a word go. The
start was OK and we came into a pits early. My automobile was OK and there
was a lot of movement on track. There was usually one thing going on:
fighting, fighting, fighting. At slightest we managed to measure a point. I
am certain it was a good competition for a fans to watch



Maxime Martin (#36, SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
12th place, competition result: 11th place – 60
races, 3 wins, 10 podiums, 3 stick positions, 333 points):
A burst start meant that we got a drive-through
chastisement that knocked me behind a prolonged way. After that, we usually gathering my
possess race. At a end, we was unexpected concerned in a conflict for
points again. I gave my all though it wasn’t utterly enough



The standings:


1. Mattias Ekström (136 points), 2. Lucas Auer (127), 3. René
Rast (124), 4. Marco Wittmann (115), 5. Jamie Green (113), 6. Mike
Rockenfeller (110), 7. Timo Glock (108), 8. Maxime Martin (102),
9. Robert Wickens (100), 10. Paul di Resta (97), 11. Gary Paffett
(76), 12. Bruno Spengler (74), 13. Maro Engel (51), 14. Nico Müller
(49), 15. Edoardo Mortara (47), 16. Augusto Farfus (29), 17. Tom
Blomqvist (22), 18. Loic Duval (18).


. Audi Sport Team Rosberg (237 points), 2. Audi Sport Team Abt
Sportsline (185), 3. BMW Team RBM (176), 4. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport
Mercedes me (176), 5. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport BWT (174),
6. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport SILBERPFEIL Energy (148), 7. BMW Team RMG
(144), 8. BMW Team RMR (130), 9. Audi Sport Team Phoenix (128)


1. Audi (550 points), 2. Mercedes (498), 3. BMW (450).


The service:

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