Wireless information upsurge from smartphone: ŠKODA presents Wireless MirrorLink


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• Smartphone transmits calm wirelessly to a infotainment system
• New record debuts during a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
• Presentation during co-developer RealVNC’s stand

ŠKODA enhances car-smartphone networking: a code is presenting their new Wireless MirrorLink antecedent technology, grown in partnership with RealVNC, during a Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The complement transfers calm wirelessly from a phone to a infotainment system.

Nowadays, roughly all ŠKODA models – from a Fabia to a Superb – underline a discretionary MirrorLink technology, that is widely upheld on Android OS handsets, and is concordant with intelligent inclination done by Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and others. ŠKODA has integrated this record into a SmartLink package, that also includes Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The tie between a smartphone and a ŠKODA infotainment complement (from Bolero upwards) is now around a cable.

ŠKODA is now introducing their new Wireless MirrorLink record during a Mobile World Congress (MWC), that takes place in Barcelona from 22 to 25 Feb 2016. The wireless tie from a handset to a ŠKODA infotainment complement has been grown by ŠKODA in team-work with TechniSat and RealVNC. Wireless MirrorLink transfers information around Wi-Fi not a cable. The phone can possibly be left in a slot or placed in a new ‘Phonebox’ wharf with preliminary charging that ŠKODA will shortly be releasing.

MirrorLink can spin a smartphone into a cutting-edge media server, transferring stored song and a operation of authorized apps to a hold screen, including Internet services, such as web radio, weather, audiobooks, navigation and parking information. ŠKODA custom-designed MirrorLink apps, including ŠKODA MFA Pro and ŠKODA Drive are also available. The motorist can entrance a apps around a hold screen, and a on-board audio complement manages a sound output.

The antecedent to a destiny Wireless MirrorLink record will be presented during a MWC during RealVNC’s stand. Alongside TechniSat, RealVNC is a pushing force behind MirrorLink and is a member of a Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), that seeks to settle MirrorLink as a tellurian standard. ŠKODA is also operative closely with a CCC.