We adore it when a outpost comes together

Cue a quiz-show music. How many ways are there to configure a Transit? If that doubt ever came up, a usually salvation call would have to be to someone such as Ray Felice, Fleet and Commercial Lease Manager from Wayne Pittman Ford in Guelph, Ontario.

Ray says there are 64 configurations. With options and upfit, a sky is a limit. Which brings us to what positively has to be a many singular Transit ever: Sprinkle. Sprinkle is a triple-tall, triple-long billboard for Sweet Temptations Cupcakery, owned by Jakki Prince.

Jakki started Sweet Temptations in 2010 as a part-time business, offered cupcakes on weekends during farmers’ markets and festivals. Jakki recalls, “As we grew, we started to comprehend we indispensable a storefront where people can travel in 7 days a week for cupcakes, not usually on a weekend.” By tumble 2013, Sweet Temptations had a flagship store in south Guelph.

Jakki is partial of people’s bland celebrations—and not usually for walk-ins. She brings dessert to Guelph’s colourful festival and eventuality culture.

But it wasn’t easy. A popup tent and coolers were not a best approach to lift and sell domestic cupcakes. What Jakki unequivocally indispensable was a food truck.

In business, timing is everything. Early in 2015, Jakki schooled about due bylaws that would concede food trucks in Guelph. Jakki spoke during city legislature several times to make certain that a bylaw would concede her to work successfully. At a same time, Jakki presented a thought for Sprinkle to Ray Felice.

Jakki loading a cupcake tray into a behind of her van.
Jakki Prince, owners Sweet Temptations Cupcakery


A honeyed collaboration.

Most food trucks are recycled smoothness trucks. But that usually wouldn’t simulate on Jakki’s store and mission. She wanted something reliable, something that would keep a cupcakes safe. With Ray’s expertise—a customized Ford Transit—was a judicious choice.

Ray explains, “I work with business who have tiny fleets. we assistance them interpret what they’re going to install, either it is something elementary like shelving units or something like Sprinkle. There are a series of suppliers in my network–from steel suppliers to physique modifiers to refrigeration and electrical contractors. we beam a patron to a right retailer for their need.”

Jakki adds, “We talked daily about a progress. Most importantly, Ray helped us hurl a upfit into a franchise agreement.”

Ray Felice chats with Jakki.
Ray Felice, Fleet and Commercial Lease Manager, Wayne Pittman Ford


Sweet rewards.

Sprinkle was during a initial eventuality usually 3 weeks after a bylaw went into effect. Sprinkle has been a gamechanger. With a digital menu, business know what’s for sale. Inside, there’s headroom for all—and an atmosphere conditioner to keep things cool. Unlike tents and coolers, Sprinkle is prepared to roll—with over 1,000 ideal cupcakes—when it arrives. It’s not usually a cupcakes that attract attention. Jakki is always removing other lorry owners seeking to check out a truck.

Jakki continues, “Over a dual summers we’ve had Sprinkle, we’ve attended some-more village and corporate events than ever. We are requisitioned solid, May to October. More than usually an additional income stream, Sprinkle lets us go where people are celebrating their moments.

Maybe one day down a highway we’ll confirm to have Sprinkle Two.”

If you’re in Guelph, dump by Sweet Temptations Cupcakery. The peanut butter chocolate cupcake is out of this world. If a Ford car is assisting your business go further, dump us a line and we could be featured on Ford amicable properties.