Volkswagen Group delivers 7.43 million vehicles to business in initial 3 quarters

Deliveries by a Volkswagen Group from Jan to Sep remained roughly fast compared with a prior-year level, with 7.43 million vehicles handed over to business worldwide. Overall, developments in Europe were positive. Western Europe in sold reported growth; many countries in Central and Eastern Europe following suit, nonetheless this was not sufficient to equivalent a downturn in Russia. Deliveries in a United States also rose slightly. The Company softened a opening in China, with deliveries in Sep roughly on a standard with a before year.

Group brands grew deliveries by 3.5 percent on a altogether European marketplace in a initial 3 quarters, handing over a sum of 3.07 million vehicles to customers. 2.62 million business took possession of a new car in Western Europe, an boost of 6.1 percent. The conditions in Germany also remained positive; 971,200 vehicles were handed over to business on a home market, representing an boost of 4.6 percent in a duration to September. The Volkswagen Group also available expansion on other markets in Western Europe. Above all Spain (+17.5 percent) and Italy (+9.1 percent) have seen clever expansion given a commencement of a year. As a outcome of a continued moving conditions in Russia, there was a downturn in deliveries in Central and Eastern Europe, where a Group handed over 451,600 vehicles in a duration to September, of that 127,300 units were delivered on a moving Russian market.

Group deliveries in a North America segment from Jan to Sep were adult 5.8 percent to 693,100 units, of that 453,500 – an boost of 3.2 percent – were handed over in a United States, a region’s largest market. The South America segment continues to feel a effects of a severe conditions in Brazil, a region’s largest market, where deliveries by a Volkswagen Group fell by 33.4 percent to 308,600 vehicles in a duration to September. As a result, deliveries in a whole segment forsaken to 439,700 units.

The Group delivered 2.88 million vehicles in a Asia-Pacific segment in a initial 3 quarters, of that 2.58 million were handed over in China, a Group’s largest singular market.

Overview of deliveries by a Volkswagen Group: