Two races in 7 days: The biggest logistical plea of a deteriorate for BMW Team RLL.

Munich. There are usually 5 days between a six-hour competition at
Watkins Glen (USA) and a start of a competition weekend during a Canadian
Tire Motorsport Park nearby Bowmanville (CAN). Although a dual IMSA
WeatherTech SportsCar Championship circuits are usually around 300
miles apart, this is one of a many severe weeks for a BMW
Team RLL. This is quite loyal for a logistics team, which
delivers an superb opening between a dual events.

Sunday, 1st July: usually after 15:45 local
time, a dual BMW M8 GTE cars of BMW Team RLL crossed a finishing
line during Watkins Glen. For a logistics team, that impulse noted the
start of what is substantially a many tiresome week of a year. Just a
few days later, both of a team’s cars will be behind on a track,
battling for IMSA points in Canada. The 300 or so miles that lie
between a dual circuits in a northern USA and southern Canada are
a slightest of their problems.

Cars, group members, gangling tools and equipment: ride is
designed in notation detail, down to a smallest part. Everything starts
during Watkins Glen: both BMW M8 GTEs were rebuilt on a Monday and
Tuesday after a competition in a paddock. Ten mechanics were operative on
any of a dual BMW M8 GTEs.

Brandon Fry, BMW Team RLL Technical/Racing Operations Director,
said: “This is one of a many burdensome weeks of a year for our
group and it unequivocally shows what motorsport is all about. We don’t have
many time during all. Everything has to work ideally to pledge a
well-spoken start to a competition weekend during a Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.”

More than 5,000 parts, 3 trucks, dual BMW M8
On a afternoon of 3rd Jul both BMW
M8 GTEs were installed onto a group truck. There are around 2,000 more
tools in this transporter: from group attire to gangling tools and
personal apparatus equipment for a drivers. If all goes according
to plan, a ride time is usually underneath 5 hours, however, a border
channel can be some-more problematic. Each particular partial contingency be
documented and a BMW Team RLL has to ready around 25 pages of
paperwork usually for a initial truck. Ideally, a lorry should cross
a Canadian limit in 10 mins though it could usually as simply take
hours to pass, that is because a group was formulation on attainment in the
early hours of Wednesday morning.

The dual other trucks start their tour on a 4th
July, a inhabitant holiday in a USA.  They are transporting around
3,000 additional parts, essentially bodywork and gangling parts, as good as
engines. The group in a Ohio BMW Team RLL domicile stays ready
for movement a whole time. Spare tools were dispatched from here to
Canada before a competition in Watkins Glen, to safeguard that they are there
when a group arrives. The group domicile also stores pre-assembled
framework that can be dispatched overnight to Canada if required. The
logistics group from BMW of North America works closely with US Customs
and BMW Motorsport ride experts to make all this possible.

The scrutineering investigation for BMW Team RLL takes place during the
Canadian lane on 5th July. Three days later, all a cars
and tools will be installed behind onto a trucks immediately after the
race. The whole group will afterwards expostulate by a night to lapse to
a domicile in Ohio. The many burdensome week of a year for the
BMW Team RLL afterwards finally draws to a tighten during around 3 am on Monday.