Two some-more titles for a BMW racers: Michal Filla and Michal Prášek are a Superbike and Superstock champions in a Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship.

Munich. The subsequent competition weekend, a subsequent pretension wins for a BMW
racers: Michal Filla and Michal Prášek (both CZE) continued the
winning strain for a BMW S 1000 RR riders in a Alpe Adria Road
Racing Championship (AARR). At a deteriorate culmination during Grobnik (CRO),
Filla was crowned champion in a Superbike category and Prášek
distinguished his third uninterrupted pretension win in a Superstock class.
In total, a BMW riders have claimed 5 titles so distant this
season. In a British Superbike Championship (BSB) a 6 riders
who will take partial in a “Showdown” for a pretension have been decided
– and one of them is a BMW racer. Peter Hickman (GBR) cumulative his
mark in a pretension chase. The BSB weekend during Silverstone (GBR) also
delivered a double BMW lectern in a Superstock class. In addition,
a BMW riders have been in movement in a USA, Japan and Australia
during a weekend.



British Superbike Championship during Silverstone, Great Britain.


The ninth turn of a 2017 British Superbike Championship (BSB) was
a essential one: a tip 6 riders in a standings after the
triple-header during Silverstone will take partial in a “Showdown” for the
pretension over a remaining 3 competition weekends. One of them is BMW racer
Peter Hickman (GBR / Smiths Racing BMW) who competent for a showdown
for a initial time. He is now fourth in a riders’ standings.
Team Tyco BMW’s Christian Iddon (GBR) also had a possibility to get into
a showdown until a really final moments of lane action, when in a
crazy third Silverstone competition he crashed along with many other riders.
At a time of his pile-up he was fibbing in second place that would have
cumulative him a showdown spot. As a result, he unsuccessful to collect more
points and stays eighth in a championship standings.


Race one was hold on Saturday. Iddon was a tip placed BMW rider
channel a line in sixth. Jakub Smrz (CZE / Lloyd Jones PR
Racing BMW) was eighth, followed by Hickman in ninth. Race dual on
Sunday was red-flagged, with Iddon being personal seventh and
Hickman eighth. The third competition was also red-flagged after numerous
riders crashed in wily and soppy conditions, including Iddon and
Hickman. Only 7 riders were personal finishers for a eventful
race; Smrz was fifth and Lee Jackson (GBR / Smiths Racing BMW) seventh.


Peter Hickman: “It’s positively been a challenging
weekend though I’m naturally over a moon to have done it by to the
‘Showdown’ for a initial time. I’ve come tighten before so to finally do
it is great, not usually for myself though also a team. It’s a small,
family run group though Alan and Rebecca Smith put their heart and soul
into their racing, with a whole group operative tirelessly, so they
merit it as most as anyone. It was tough work and we crashed out of
a third competition though it’s my initial pile-up anywhere this year, so to get
to Sep though descending off is no meant feat. So now we’ll get
prepared for a ‘Showdown’ and give it a best shot.”


Christian Iddon: “Obviously I’m gutted we are not in
a ‘Showdown’ though we missed dual rounds during a deteriorate through
damage that didn’t assistance a cause. We came to Silverstone this
weekend outward a Showdown tip six, so we had zero to lose. In
Saturday’s competition we rolled a bones with a tyre choice and came in
sixth; afterwards we could have had a improved outcome in a second competition in the
dry. we done a change to a settings mid-race and it hold me out and
we missed a gear. The final competition was soppy and we’ve been quick in a wet.
We found a good set-up and we felt confident. There was a pile-up on the
initial path that we scarcely got hold adult with, though we usually attempted to manage
a competition and worked my approach by from final to second. There were
usually 7 finishers and we wasn’t one of them.”


The Superstock category (BSB STK) competition saw a double lectern for a BMW
riders. Josh Elliott (GBR / Tyco BMW Motorrad) set a fastest race
path and crossed a line in second place while Michael Rutter (GBR /
Bathams SMT Racing) was third on a rostrum. Adam Jenkinson (GBR /
Northern Escalator Installations) finished a top-eight.



Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship during Grobnik, Croatia.


Two races were hold during a 2017 deteriorate culmination of a Alpe Adria Road
Racing Championship (AARR) during Grobnik (CRO). In both classes, however,
a pretension was motionless after usually a initial races on Saturday – and in
both classes, a champion’s climax went to a BMW rider. Michal Filla
(CZE / Dominator Racing Team) is a new champion in a Superbike
category (AARR SBK). In a Superstock category (AARR STK), Michal Prášek
(CZE) and his Rohac and Fejta Motoracing Team distinguished their third
uninterrupted pretension win.


For Filla, third place in Saturday’s Superbike competition was sufficient to
secure a title. That competition was won by associate BMW supplement Karel Hanika
(CZE / EKO IVRacing BMW CSEU) who had started from stick position and
also set a fastest competition lap. Hanika was also winning in a wet
second competition on Sunday. Christopher Kemmer (AUT / Bertl K. Racing Team)
assimilated him on a lectern in third. Filla was seventh. Prášek was
crowned champion with another win in Saturday’s Superstock race. In
Sunday’s competition two, BMW supplement David Božič (SLO / BS Motorsport Racing
Team) cumulative a lectern position by finishing second. Champion Prášek
staid with seventh.



MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Championship at
a New Jersey Motorsports Park, USA.


For a BMW teams in a MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road
Racing Championship (AMA), a ninth and penultimate turn of a 2017
deteriorate took place during a New Jersey Motorsports Park (USA) during the
weekend. Sylvain Barrier (FRA / Brixx Performance) finished a two
Superbike category races in 11th and 13th
respectively. Jason DiSalvo (USA / Scheibe Racing / Hayes Brakes)
crossed a line in 13th and 15th positions.



MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship during Autopolis, Japan.


The MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship (MFJ) BMW S 1000
RR racers’ subsequent eventuality was a competition during Autopolis (JPN). Daisaku Sakai
(JPN / BMW Motorrad 39) crossed a line in 16th, while
Yuta Kodama (JPN / Tone RT Syncedge 4113) was 25th.



Australian Superbike Championship during a Sydney Motorsport
Park, Australia.


The penultimate turn of a 2017 Australian Superbike Championship
(ASBK) was hold during a Sydney Motorsport Park (AUS). The NextGen
Motorsports group entered dual bikes this time, a BMW HP4 for Lachlan
Epis (AUS) and a RR of unchanging supplement Troy Guenther (AUS). In race
one, Epis was 16th and Guenther 19th. In the
second race, Guenther crossed a line in 16th, while Epis
unsuccessful to finish.