Two BMW M6 GTLM finish on a lectern for BMW Team RLL during COTA.

Munich. A double-podium finish for BMW Team RLL in a fourth
spin of a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (IWSC) during the
Circuit of a Americas (COTA), in Austin, Texas, was a
well-deserved prerogative for a team’s tough work during a past months.


Bill Auberlen (USA) and Alexander Sims (GBR) gathering a No. 25 BMW M6
GTLM to second place in a two-hour forty-minute contest, completing
71 laps of a 3.4-mile line and finishing 2.498 seconds behind the
winning series 3 Corvette. John Edwards (USA) and Martin Tomczyk
(GER), pushing a series 24 BMW M6 GTLM, finished in third place,
after a clever run from stick position.

With a advantage of stick position, Edwards led a margin from the
immature dwindle into a initial spin and Sims, from third on a grid, moved
adult one position to follow his teammate during a front of a field. A
scrum grown during a behind of a GTLM margin and mixed contacts
resulted in a integrate of competitors effectively being out of the
conflict for a win.

Sims relinquished second position 34 mins into a competition to the
series 911 Porsche after a 14-lap battle. Edwards continued to lead,
opening adult a 3.2 second gap. The Porsche upheld for a lead on lap
22, after that a second yellow dwindle of a competition waved to tighten up
a margin with Edwards P2 and Sims P3. Pit stops began on path 26 as
a margin circulated behind a reserve automobile with a Porsche and both
BMWs entrance in. Quick use by a No. 24 BMW M6 GTLM organisation got
Tomczyk out forward of a Porsche with Auberlen, now in a No. 25 BMW
M6 GTLM, right behind. Unfortunately, a span of singular mis-cues saw
Auberlen leave a pits before a fuel male had finished and the
Californian was forced behind to a pits for a drive-through penalty.
Tomczyk and dual other competitors missed a bright array exit
lights and had to lapse to offer a stop and 60-second penalty. The
series 3 Corvette had pitted progressing and hereditary a GTLM lead with
Auberlen, now P2, and Tomczyk, now P4, began their stints.

The second set of stops was finished underneath a immature dwindle on laps 44
and 45 with Sims behind in a series 25 BMW M6 GTLM and Edwards behind in
a series 24 BMW M6 GTLM to finish a final hour of a race. The
third and final counsel dwindle of a competition flew with reduction than ten
mins remaining for a blazing antecedent car. The line was quickly
privileged and a competition restarted with some 4 mins to go. Sims gave
chase, though there was not adequate time to locate a Corvette.
Ultimately, a outcome was Sims second and Edwards third and a first
dual BMW Team RLL lectern finishes of a season.


Bill Auberlen (no. 25 BMW M6 GTLM, 2nd
“It is a prolonged time entrance for this diversion and this car.
We have to be really happy for that though a uncanny thing is that BMW Team
RLL is so geared to win, that is a many critical goal. When we get
second we still wish to be on top. However, we have to grin and hold
a heads high. We lonesome two-thirds of a lectern only not a top
step this weekend.”


Alexander Sims (no. 25 BMW M6 GTLM, 2nd
“I was happy we were means to come out of spin one P1
and P2, though we had utterly a bit of a lock-up and that compromised my
initial army utterly a bit with a lot of quivering in a front tyre but
a automobile continued to work well. Then there was a small bit of a
disagreement with a array recover and we got a expostulate through
penalty. We were throwing a Corvette during a end, though indispensable a little
bit some-more of time. In a end, we are happy to have second place and it
was good to be station on a lectern for a initial time in a U.S.”


John Edwards (no. 24 BMW M6 GTLM, 3rd
“We’ve been rival any path this weekend. It
was only a mistake – for any automobile – that cost us in a race. we am
vehement for a rest of a season, to competition during marks such as Watkins
Glen and Mosport. These dual circuits are good for a BMW M6 GTLM and
dual of my favorite marks in North America.”


Martin Tomczyk (no. 24 BMW M6 GTLM, 3rd
“The outcome could’ve been better, though we done a
mistake. we left a array line when a exit light was red. we was
fighting with a Porsche and he also did not see a red light. But
that shouldn’t be an excuse. It was my fault. In a finish we consider we
did a best we could by finishing third, with a sister automobile in second.”