Training year with copiousness of competition action: Mid-year news for a BMW Motorsport Juniors in a 2018 season.

Munich. In a initial half of a 2018 training year, a five
BMW Motorsport Juniors were in movement during many top-class events at
a circle of a far-reaching operation of BMW M Motorsport competition cars. Ricky
Collard (GBR), Mikkel Jensen (DEN), Dennis Marschall (GER), Nico
Menzel (GER) and Beitske Visser (NED) raced on marks throughout
Europe – and distinguished considerable successes.


“We are unequivocally gratified with a growth of a BMW Motorsport
Juniors in a 2018 season,” pronounced BMW Motorsport Director Jens
Marquardt. “They are gaining knowledge in many opposite array and
are withdrawal a good sense behind wherever they go – either in the
BMW M6 GT3 or a BMW M4 GT4. In a ADAC GT Masters, Mikkel Jensen
and Dennis Marschall have already brought home podiums, and the
Juniors’ formula have also been earnest in other areas. In any case,
it is transparent that a gifted youngsters’ complete training and the
unchanging credentials for larger tasks is temperament fruit. Jesse Krohn
and now a DTM rookie Joel Eriksson have already demonstrated this
impressively with their graduation to a patrol of works drivers.”


Not one, though dual BMW Motorsport Juniors are contesting a top-class
ADAC GT Masters with a BMW M6 GT3 in a 2018 season. Jensen and
Marschall both finished on a Red Bull Ring (AUT) podium, in second
and third, in a fifth competition of a season. Jensen shares a cockpit
of BMW Team Schnitzer’s #42 BMW M6 GT3 with BMW works motorist and
two-time DTM champion Timo Scheider (GER). In a driver’s standings,
a sum of dual podiums and other good formula see a twin in fifth
place. In a #43 BMW M6 GT3, Marschall takes turns during a circle with
a former BMW Motorsport Junior Victor Bouveng (SWE). Jensen
now leads a Junior ADAC GT Masters’ standings.


“My deteriorate in a ADAC GT Masters has left unequivocally good so far. we can
be gratified with both a competition formula and a performances in
qualifying,” pronounced Jensen. “Another prominence was my win in a LMP3
automobile during a ‘Road to Le Mans’ as partial of a 24-hour competition during Le Mans. I
wish to applaud serve successes in a second half of a season.”


Marschall said: “With a lectern during a Red Bull Ring, the
breakthrough was made. It was a good feeling. Now we feel unequivocally during home
in a BMW M6 GT3, and BMW Team Schnitzer is a many professional
group we have ever been partial of.” In serve to his outings in a BMW
M6 GT3, Marschall also spent a weekend pushing alongside Visser in the


Visser and Marschall finished in sixth place in Sunday’s competition at
Brands Hatch (GBR) during a second competition weekend of a GT4 European
Series. At a deteriorate opener in Zolder (BEL), Visser and Menzel
finished in seventh place twice. In Misano (ITA), a dual drivers took
another seventh place in a competition on Sunday. The twin also common the
cockpit of a BMW M4 GT4 with Dirk Adorf (GER) and Tom Coronel (NED)
during a 24 Hours Nürburgring (GER).


“We have softened each weekend and a speed is unequivocally there to
quarrel for a podium,” Visser commented. “Unfortunately we haven’t
been too propitious nonetheless though if we conduct to get all together we can
unequivocally quarrel for a lectern during a rest of a season. we also got
to do my initial 24-hour competition this year during a Nordschleife that was
utterly a crazy experience. Driving in a night for a initial time,
training that special lane – we unequivocally enjoyed that knowledge and
wish that we can do some-more of those kind of races in a future.”


“We competence not have done it onto a lectern yet, though we have already
proven a speed and have resolutely determined ourselves in a top-five
to top-ten of this severe series,” Menzel agreed. “Now we just
need to modify a intensity that we have shown in some races into
results. The arriving weekends should fit us better. At Brands Hatch
and Misano, conjunction Beitske nor we were informed with a track, but
Spa, a Hungaroring and a Nürburgring are marks that we know well.
We only need to keep operative as we have been doing, afterwards we should
move home a lectern or dual this year.”


Collard gained serve profitable knowledge during a circle of a BMW M6
GT3 with GT appearances. He is also frequently on site during a DTM
weekends and drives a BMW M4 DTM Race Taxi. “I have already learned
a good understanding this year in these illusory cars,” pronounced Collard. “In
particular, a partnership with a BMW works drivers in GT racing
is unequivocally useful for me. we am perplexing to be like a consume and soak adult all
a information to urge myself and we see some-more swell with each
weekend. It is also unequivocally sparkling to be partial of a DTM and to drive
a BMW M4 DTM Race Taxi. There is so most only training the
procedures and how most goes into such a minute series. The drivers
and teams have such a high customary and while we am there we try learn
as most as possible. we join a debriefs, demeanour during videos and a data
and learn things from a engineers – and learn a lane when driving
a competition taxi.”