Top 5 for Tom Sykes and a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team on Sunday during Navarra.

Navarra. BMW Motorrad Motorsport has dull off a FIM
Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) competition weekend during Navarra
(ESP) by assembly a design of securing a tip 5 outcome for the
BMW M 1000 RR. Tom Sykes (GBR) from a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team
claimed fifth mark in competition dual on Sunday afternoon. His team-mate
Michael outpost der Mark (NED) was personal in ninth. Jonas Folger
(GER) from a Bonovo MGM Racing group finished twelfth, his
second-best competition outcome of a season.


Sykes started a Superpole competition in a morning from third place. He
fell behind a small during a start, holding a checkered dwindle in sixth
after 10 laps. Van der Mark softened from tenth on a grid to ninth
and changed adult to seventh for a while, before losing a place and
channel a line in eighth position. Folger slipped behind several
places after starting from 14th though was means to recover belligerent with
some overtaking manoeuvres as a scurry competition progressed and finished 16th.


Sunday saw a repeat of a prior day’s high temperatures and the
start of competition dual was behind by 10 mins after a supplement experienced
some issues on a grid. The lights went out during 14:10. After a
hard-fought initial lap, Sykes and outpost der Mark had changed adult from sixth
and eighth into fourth and fifth positions. However, Andrea Locatelli
(ITA, Yamaha) was means to pass outpost der Mark on path 3 and overtook
Sykes one path later. That put Sykes in fifth place, and he maintained
that tip 5 position to a finish line after 22 laps. Van der Mark
was seventh for a vast partial of a race, though mislaid a place in the
shutting stages and took a checkered dwindle in eighth position. After
a race, outpost der Mark was demoted by one place for surpassing track
boundary on a final lap. Folger started a competition from 14th on the
grid. After a start, he fell behind quickly to 16th place though then
worked his approach behind adult by a field, channel a line in twelfth.


Navarra hosted a seventh spin of a 2021 WorldSBK season. The
racing continues in dual weeks during Magny-Cours, France, from 3rd to 5th September.


Quotes after competition dual during Navarra.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “That
was not an easy weekend for us, though we did conduct to finish all three
races with Tom and Michael in a points. Jonas also scored points in
both categorical races. We didn’t do as good as approaching in a Superpole
competition this morning in a cooler conditions, however we did conduct to
explain sixth and eighth on a grid. That was positively an improvement
compared to a many new races for Michael. It afterwards paid off in the
second race. After both done a good start, we were in fourth and fifth
positions. Tom afterwards fell behind to fifth place though did some great
fortifying opposite Alex Lowes. Michael positively had some-more of a battle
on his hands though compared to yesterday we sealed a opening to the
leaders by 7 seconds. That’s still not adequate though it’s going in
a right direction. In a feverishness today, they both chose a different
front tyre to yesterday, that will have done a biggest disproportion –
and now we have to learn from that for a subsequent high-temperature
events entrance adult in Spain and Portugal.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“It was a good step of alleviation from yesterday. Tom rode
unequivocally good today; he dug unequivocally low and withstood a lot of pressure
from Alex in a underline competition and softened his altogether competition finish by
6 or 7 seconds from yesterday. Tom will be gratified with his
performance; we positively are. A large scream out for him for that one.
Michael only kind of never got gentle with a bike on a bumpy
circuit with a lot of front finish gibberish problems. He did good in his
Superpole Race to pierce adult a quarrel so that was good for his start. I
consider he could have matched a gait of Alex and Tom in front of him
though he only had a integrate of moments and it prevented him from keeping
that fifth, sixth, seventh position. Overall, it was not bad,
alleviation from yesterday, we still have some work to do though we can’t
be too disappointed, so we can go divided flattering happy.”


Tom Sykes, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “It was not a
bad weekend. With a high lane temperatures, it was really a
severe weekend. For a engines and for a riders, this kind of
temperatures got to a extent in a afternoon race. Overall we have
been perplexing to urge a set-up of a bike, positively given as well
a prohibited exam in Catalunya, though still we had some limitations. We had
some large problems in a competition and we attempted dual opposite solutions
from a tyre though we had some stipulations in some opposite aspects to
be fair. Even in competition dual we had some issues with branch and
understeer, also behind traction. we only worked tough to try to managing
a bike on stop pressure, in stifle openings and attempted to make the
best competition we could. we had a lot of vigour via a competition though we
were means to understanding with this. The best was path one. We struggled to get
a run on anyone this weekend though there was a bit of difficulty between
Alex Lowes and Andrea Locatelli and going into a spin during a finish of
a behind true that was a good event for me so we took that
and that gave me a good lane position for a rest of a race.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “It
was a tough Sunday. In this morning’s Superpole competition we struggled quite
a lot with a front finish of a bike. we only couldn’t conflict anyone or
stay with anyone so we was a bit unhappy though anyway, we gained a
few starting positions for competition two. we afterwards had a good start though I
immediately felt that we was losing during a exits compared to a others
so we attempted to pull some-more on a front though we didn’t feel good and it was
utterly a prolonged and tough race. We need to urge that though during slightest we
got some points, we always keep perplexing and we am looking brazen to
Magny-Cours now.”


Jonas Folger, Bonovo MGM Racing: “The Superpole race
was flattering good, even if a start didn’t work out, that was a case
for all 3 races. We had problems with a purchase during a start all
by a weekend, and we need to work on that now. My gait was good
in a second half of a Superpole race. The continue was also a bit
cooler, that generally suits us. After a formidable start to competition two,
a gait was also OK. we am not wholly happy with a weekend though we
did measure some points. Of course, some other riders took a decrease and
that helped us though we done it by OK and we achieved the objective
of scoring points.”