The new tip indication of a Q family: Audi Q8 now accessible to order

Versatile, sporty, elegant: a dimensional and space concept
4,986 millimeters (16.4 ft) long, 1,995 millimeters (6,5 ft) far-reaching and 1,705 (5,6 ft) millimeters high – these measure report a new Audi Q8, that exudes sportiness and status like no other SUV from a code with a 4 rings. With a coupe-style roof line it appears most reduce than a Q7 sister model. It is 66 millimeters (2.6 in) shorter, though has spin 27 millimeters (1.1 in) wider. The sold front end, a brief behind overhang, a vast belligerent clearway of adult to 254 millimeters (10.0 in) and a clever wheels with a diameter of 795 millimeters (31.3 in) paint a settlement of absolute dynamics.

With a wheelbase of roughly 3 meters (9.8 ft), a Audi Q8 offers plenty space for 5 people. The interior space exceeds that of a approach competitors in roughly all applicable dimensions. The front seats are accessible in 4 designs. At a tip of a operation are a S sport seats and a customized contour seats – a latter with movement as standard. A massage duty is accessible for both variants on request. A three-seat complement in a behind is customary with discretionary longitudinally adjusting.

With a vast luggage cell and simply sized storage compartments and tray areas, a Q8 is ideal for longer journeys. The luggage cell of a SUV binds 605 liters (21.4 cu ft) as a standard, that increases to 1,755 liters (62 cu ft) with a behind backrests folded down. Two golf bags can simply fit in crosswise. The tailgate can be non-stop and sealed electrically as standard, with a feet gesticulate choice accessible on request. The electric luggage cell cover is another preference option. Guided on rails, it automatically retracts when a tailgate is non-stop and is extended again on closing.

A new face for a Q family: a extraneous design
The Audi Q8 is a deputy of a on-going settlement denunciation that Audi initial brought onto a highway with a new A8. Strong contours and athletically parsimonious surfaces communicate a feeling of power, sophistication and a special dynamics of a permanent all-wheel drive. The Q8 interprets this in a really possess way, as a alloy of an superb four-door oppulance coupe with a vast SUV, and with echoes of an Audi idol – a strange quattro.

With a commanding Singleframe in octagonal design, a Audi Q8 is a new face of a Q family. Six straight chrome fins make a radiator grille seem honest and solid. A wide, optionally colored facade connects a Singleframe to a sold headlights. The spoiler, that is pulled towards a front, and a large, strongly contoured atmosphere intakes additionally prominence a assertive look.

Thanks to a frameless doors, a coupe-type roof line stretches low conflicting a automobile physique visually, finale in a a prolonged roof spoiler. The roof line arches somewhat towards a prosaic sloping, clever D-pillars, that are upheld by wide, clever contours – a quattro blisters, suggestive of a strange Audi quattro. The shoulder line stretches a SUV, elegantly joining a absolute round housings.

Sporty compress proportions, interconnected with a really low roof and a prosaic window form a behind end. A narrow, black high-gloss member with an integrated light frame extends between a behind lights. This is a underline of tip Audi models, accentuating a breadth of a Q8. It creates an eccentric light signature day or night, usually like on a strange quattro behind in a day. The sold diffuser has 4 straight fins and an integrated tailpipe trim on any side.

Digital character: lighting record and design
For a headlights, Q8 business can name between dual versions, both in LED technology. From afar, a two-part lights seem really flat. Their tip partial integrates a daytime regulating light and a low beam, among other functions. The high lamp is positioned underneath, darkened and equivalent to a back. In a discretionary HD settlement LED headlights, any consists of 24 sold LEDs.

The daytime regulating light signature with digital clarity comes in a strongly three-dimensional settlement for a initial time. It consists of 7 brief segments and dual longer ones during a corner of a headlight. The latter change a visible concentration to a outside, highlighting a breadth of a Audi Q8. The taillight uses a likewise three-dimensional settlement with a twelve segments – connected by a sold light frame that simulates depth.

In tie with a HD settlement LED technology, headlights and taillights do not usually underline a energetic spin signal, though are also set in stage impressively during locking and unlocking. Their agreeable interplay gives a SUV a energetic character. Q8 owners can use a myAudi app on their smartphone to activate several lighting functions and believe them from a outward – a singular underline in a rival field.

Simplicity is a new premium: a interior design
The tip MMI hold response arrangement is a executive member of a interior of a Audi Q8. With a black-panel look, it roughly dissolves into a large, black aspect when switched off. Simple, easy-to-understand black mount for a digital pointing from Audi and for a high spin of formation of a settlement and operation – morality replaces complexity. All elemental lines issue from a vast display, for instance a continual atmosphere opening frame with integrated chrome fins and an superb aluminum-look strip.

The slim dashboard and a ease lines with a clever plane concentration prominence a clarity of breadth conveyed by a interior of a Audi Q8. The styling in a interior is deliberately purify and simple. All elements have a judicious tie and orchestrate with one another: from a “wrap around” – a vast arch regulating from a front doors conflicting a instrument row – to a doing section for a light, that is optionally accessible in black-panel demeanour and with a hold surface. All this sum gives a interior a feeling of calm.

Designed as an eccentric geometric body, a console of a core hovel with a inexhaustible
area visualizes a clever clarity of a SUV. In a dark, a contour light traces a sold settlement lines of a interior and provides backlight for a three-dimensionally lasered quattro badge above a glove cell – an instance for a adore of fact during Audi.

A stylish setting: colors and materials
The paint operation for a Audi Q8 offers twelve colors that underline a sporty design, including a latest colors dragon orange and universe blue. The attachments have a grained anthracite finish as standard. In a dual discretionary extraneous packages, they are embellished in physique tone or in scandium gray. In a S line extraneous package, matt grays serve boost a outcome of a Singleframe, a blade, a sill trim and a diffuser insert.

For a interior of a Audi Q8, business can name from several colors and configurations. Leather seats in 3 versions, including a tip peculiarity spin Valcona, are accessible for a entry-level indication alone. In a dual settlement selections, a tip partial of a dashboard is lonesome in leather. On request, a S line competition package has S competition seats with integrated conduct restraints, rhombus settlement and S logo. All configurations embody inlays in open-pore timber or aluminum. Audi exclusively offers 4 leather packages and countless additional options for individualists.

High aluminum ease and worldly aeroacoustics: a body
With a high spin of stiffness, a physique of a Audi Q8 provides a substructure for tip workmanship, is glorious for credentials sound and has sporty, accurate handling. Designed with a Audi Space Frame concept, it contains countless lightweight aluminum and hot-formed steel components. The latter form a ultra-high strength fortitude of a newcomer cell – their ease in a body-in-white is 14.4 percent. Cast aluminum tools make adult 15 percent, as for instance a cessation strut towers in a engine cell and a joining tools between sills and longitudinal members. The side row as good as vast areas of a floor, a behind round housings and a roof include of aluminum plates, usually like a frameless doors, a front fenders and a tailgate. They make adult 23.7 percent of a body-in-white. With a 3.0 TDI underneath a hood, a quell weight of a Audi Q8 is 2,145 kilograms (4,728.9 lb) – including a formidable MHEV record with lithium-ion battery. The frontal area of 2.84 m2 (30.6 sq ft) and a cd value of 0.34 safeguard comparatively low drag.

The interior exudes a feeling of calm, interjection to a formidable sound insulation and a worldly aerodynamics. A double-layer windshield is standard. On request, Audi can also supply a side windows with acoustic potion as good as a exhilarated windshield.

Sporty off-road vehicle: quattro expostulate and atmosphere suspension
Audi is quattro and quattro is Audi – of march this relates in sold to a Q8, a tip SUV of a brand. The quite involuntary core differential transfers a army to a front spindle and behind spindle during a ratio of 40:60 as standard. When required, it transfers a infancy to a spindle with a improved traction.

The cessation creates a essential grant to a sporty handling, even in a simple version. The five-link front and behind suspensions are done mostly of aluminum. The delivery ratio of a customary on-going steering becomes increasingly approach as a steering angle increases. In a prolongation version, a Q8 has 19 in. wheels with a hole 20 millimeters (0.8 in) incomparable than on a Q7. Wheels with stretch 285/40 R22 are accessible during a tip finish of a options range. Six-piston brakes with bound aluminum calipers are propitious to a front axle.

For a setup, buyers of a SUV Coupé can name from 3 versions. The cessation with check control is standard. The adaptive atmosphere cessation with tranquil damping is an discretionary feature, with comfort or competition setup. It can be practiced to 4 modes with a Audi expostulate name energetic doing system, varying a float tallness of a physique by adult to 90 millimeters (3.5 in). High float comfort and flexible doing – a adaptive atmosphere cessation brings both together.

Another energetic choice in a Audi Q8 is a all-wheel steering that can spin a behind wheels by adult to 5 degrees. At delayed speed, they expostulate in a conflicting instruction to a front wheels, shortening a branch round of a SUV by a good scale (3.3 ft) and serve augmenting a agility. At high speed, they expostulate in a same instruction as a front axle, ancillary fortitude during line changes.

The government for a tractable cessation systems is integrated into a control section for a electronic framework platform. The systems are closely interlinked and work in a rarely concurrent demeanour with extent precision. Audi expostulate name allows 7 opposite pushing profiles to be selected, including a off-road program. Off-road, a Audi Q8 advantages from a quattro drive, a brief overhangs and a vast belligerent clearway – a extent of 254 millimeters (10.0 in) with a adaptive atmosphere cessation and 220 millimeters (8.7 in) with a customary suspension. The electronic framework height captures a lean angle of a automobile and displays this information for a motorist on a MMI. On high slopes over 6 percent, a mountain skirmish control provides support with involuntary braking input. The complement keeps a speed set by a motorist during a consistent spin adult to a extent of 30 km/h (18.6 mph), permitting a motorist to entirely concentration on a terrain.

Efficient engine: a 3.0 TDI with MHEV technology
The expostulate complement in a Audi Q8 is clever and rarely fit during a same time, interjection to a new amiable hybrid record (MHEV). It integrates a lithium-ion battery and a belt alternator starter (BAS) into a 48-volt primary electrical system. The rechargeable battery is located underneath a luggage cell building and stores 10 Ah of electrical capacity. The energetic SUV can seashore between 55 and 160 km/h (34.2 and 99.4 mph) with a engine switched off, afterwards a BAS restarts a engine quick and really comfortably. During deceleration, a BAS can redeem adult to 12 kW of energy. The start-stop operation starts as low as 22 km/h (13.7 mph). In patron operation, a record package reduces fuel expenditure by adult to 0.7 liters per 100 kilometers (336.0 US mpg).

In European markets, a Audi Q8 starts with a 3.0 TDI, a Q8 50 TDI (combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 6.8 – 6.6 [34.6 – 35.6 US mpg]*; sum CO2 emissions in g/km: 179 – 172 [288.1 – 276.8 g/mi]*). It generates 210 kW (286 hp) and delivers 600 Nm (442.5 lb-ft) of torque to a crankshaft. It accelerates a vast SUV from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 6.3 seconds on a approach to a tip speed of 245 km/h (152.2 mph). The 50 TDI offers worldly solutions for many technologies. The crankcase and a cylinder heads have apart coolant circuits so a ideal heat spin can be set for any pushing situation. Cast-in channels cold a pistons with oil. Their rings and a wrist pins are designed for smallest friction, while a oil siphon is entirely variable.

Switchable hydraulic orientation bond a engine to a subframe of a front axle. In idling, they discharge vibrations with soothing evil curves while during pushing they conceal vibrations from a appetite section with aloft damping – permitting a absolute TDI to always yield a rarely polished ride.

The delivery of army is supposing by an eight-stage tiptronic with quick and soothing rigging changes. A torsional quivering damper, that acts formed on engine speed, mostly compensates a engine vibrations to concede fit pushing even during really low revs. Special movement allows off-road use. With a electric oil pump, a tiptronic can rivet a rigging compulsory for restarting while coasting with a engine switched off.

Clear and distinct: controls and displays
The doing judgment in a Audi Q8 needs roughly no buttons or knobs. It focuses on two high-resolution hold displays. This allows a code to denote how it transfers a formidable peculiarity explain to a digital world. The tip arrangement with 10.1 in. shade erratic is used for determining a infotainment and a navigation system. The reduce 8.6 in. arrangement allows a motorist to conduct a heating, movement and atmosphere conditioning as good as comfort functions and content input. The driver’s wrist can rest absolutely on a tiptronic selector push during operation. The MMI hold response judgment allows quick and arguable operation. A acknowledgment click can be felt and listened when a duty is comparison with a finger tap. The menu structure is intuitively judicious and prosaic like on a smartphone, including openly configurable favorites and start screens.

In further to all this, a healthy denunciation voice control turns a Audi Q8 into an intelligent dialog partner. The complement processes all questions and commands in dual ways – with information stored onboard and with minute believe from a cloud. Drivers can word  their commands freely. The voice control can, for example, know a judgment “I am hungry” and accordingly offer suggestions for restaurants tighten by.

MMI navigation and also includes a Audi practical cockpit. Its high-resolution 12.3 in. arrangement can be switched between dual views – classical and navigation – with a multifunction steering wheel. After marketplace launch, a Audi practical cockpit and choice will offer a third interface with  a quite sporty look. The head-up display, another discretionary feature, projects vicious information onto a windshield, including minute line superintendence for navigation.

Clever networking: infotainment and Audi connect
As standard, a Audi Q8 is versed with MMI navigation plus, that uses a new LTE Advanced customary for information transfer. The navigation complement offers intelligent end suggestions formed on prior journeys. It also draws on a system’s believe of pushing times and trade loads. The track is distributed online on a servers of a map and navigation provider HERE, regulating real-time information for a altogether trade situation.

The online services from Audi bond supplement predictive facilities to a navigation process. This lets a dual Car-to-X services for trade pointer information and jeopardy information advantage from a overflow comprehension of a Audi fleet. Over a march of a year, a on-street parking use will be added, that creates it easier to find a parking space interjection to reported parking operations of a automobile overflow and rescued giveaway spaces.

The discretionary Audi bond pivotal provides digital entrance to a Q8. It allows a owners and 4 additional drivers to tighten and clear a automobile and start a engine regulating their Android smartphone. The customary personalization allows a owners to store adult to 400 elite parameters in sold user profiles, for instance a position of a motorist seat, a atmosphere conditioning sourroundings or frequently used media and navigation destinations. In further to locking and unlocking a Audi Q8, many bond functions can be tranquil with a smartphone. Drivers can use a myAudi app to, for example, send special destinations to a navigation system, tide song or send a smartphone calendar to a MMI. When it comes to operation and to sound and tie quality, a write complement in a Audi Q8 is of a tip standard, interjection to a Audi phone box and voice-over LTE. The same relates to a sound systems from Bang Olufsen. The tip chronicle with 23 speakers delivers a 3D sound with a three-way information to a front seats as good as to a rear. The song unfolds accurately how it was available during a unison gymnasium – an unusual listening experience.

Safety and comfort: a motorist assistance systems
Whether parking, in a city or on prolonged journeys – a Audi Q8 creates life easier for a motorist in many situations. Audi bundles a assistance systems into a sum of 4 packages. The prominence in a Tour support package is adaptive journey assist, that absolutely provides longitudinal and together control in all speed ranges. It supports a motorist with accelerating, braking, progressing speed, gripping stretch and in trade jam situations. The complement detects line markings, roadside structures, vehicles in adjacent lanes and vehicles pushing ahead. An advantage in parsimonious traffic: a Audi Q8 automatically adapts a speed to a trade situation, holding into comment a speed limit. The potency support is another member of a Tour package. It automatically adjusts to a stream speed limit, reduces a speed before corners, during branch and on roundabouts. In further to a predictive information in a Audi practical cockpit, a active accelerator pedal also provides haptic feedback. Both together support careful driving. This formula from a use of a MHEV recuperation and a intelligent preference of coasting or thrust, depending on a events ahead. Emergency support is a safety-relevant complement in a package. It detects within complement boundary either a motorist is dead and accordingly provides a visual, acoustic and haptic warning. If this does not prompt a reaction, a complement takes control of a Audi Q8 and automatically stops it in a possess lane. This also activates a reserve measures of Audi pre clarity and triggers an involuntary puncture call, depending on a country.

Five systems yield reserve in city traffic. Crossing support detects vicious trade channel in front of a car, Audi pre clarity 360° warns opposite vehicles entrance from a side, and behind cranky trade support registers entrance vehicles during delayed reversing, for instance when entrance out of a perpendicular parking space. Exit warning and line change warning finish a package.

The systems in a Park and support package, that will be combined to a operation after on, support a motorist during maneuvering. Maneuvering support counteracts approaching collisions with tiny steering impulses and eccentric braking to a standstill, for instance when detecting pillars in a multi-story automobile park. Curb warning protects opposite deleterious a rims during parking. Several images from a approximate cameras concede accurate maneuvering down to a centimeter and yield a viewpoint of channel trade and a minute viewpoint of a wheels. The 3D viewpoint with openly selectable viewpoint is a highlight. The package also includes a (remote) parking pilot, that exclusively steers a SUV into and out of a parking space while monitored by a driver. The motorist can get out of a automobile previously and trigger a routine regulating a myAudi app on their smartphone. The remote garage commander offers a identical spin of convenience. Thanks to a laser scanner, it can pierce really tighten to walls and other obstacles such as bicycles in a garage. It forms partial of a and support package, that combines all 3 packages.

If a Q8 is used for towing, trailer support provides support by automatically steering a twin when reversing. The motorist conveniently sets a instruction on a MMI hold display. The camera picture shows a stream and a preferred reversing angle. Audi also reserve park support separately. This steers a Q8 exclusively into together parking and brook parking spaces – forwards or backwards. The motorist usually has to accelerate, name a rigging and brake. Night prophesy support improves situations with formidable prominence during dark by highlighting rescued persons and incomparable animals in yellow in a Audi practical cockpit.

A high-tech member from Audi is behind all these features: a executive motorist assistance controller – customary for a Q8 – henceforth calculates a differentiated picture of a environment. The compulsory information is performed – depending on a comparison options – from adult to 5 radar sensors, 5 cameras, twelve ultrasound sensors and a laser scanner. It uses these to calculate a signals for a actuating elements to yield best probable motorist assistance.

Additional information about a Audi Q8 is available here.