The new MINI Convertible.

New book of a initial and still a usually reward automobile in
a tiny automobile segment; change of era in a indication operation of the
tradition-steeped British code is continued with a new MINI
Convertible; open-top pushing fun on 4 seats total with
optimised qualities in terms of sportiness, efficiency, comfort,
functionality, safety, connectivity and peculiarity of both materials and workmanship.

Unmistakable extraneous design; accurate change between top-class
magnificence and sporty flair; evil proportions with powerfully
sculpted surfaces and a boldly elongated silhouette; up-to-date
interpretation of classical MINI pattern features: round headlamps and
back lights with chrome surrounds, hexagonal radiator grille, black
marginal physique surround, side spin indicator elements; large
preference of physique finishes including a various Caribbean Aqua
lead presented here for a initial time.

High-quality weave soothing tip with entirely involuntary opening and
shutting resource as good as shifting roof function; new drive, fully
electric and therefore really still for a initial time; also available
as MINI Yours soothing tip with singular woven Union Jack graphic; opening
and shutting of a soothing tip and side windows in 18 seconds, also
probable during transport during speeds of adult to 30km/h; invisibly integrated
rollover insurance that extends automatically when compulsory as a
convertible-specific member of a integrated MINI reserve concept.

Increased measure of a new MINI Convertible as compared to
prototype indication by 98millimetres in length, 44 millimetres in width
and 1 millimetre in height; longer wheelbase (+ 28 millimetres);
incomparable lane breadth (+ 42 millimetres during a front, + 34 millimetres at
a rear); optimised space comfort on all 4 seats; new front seats
with incomparable composition range; some-more gentle entrance and longer seat
aspect for back passengers; also some-more clearly emphasised single-seat
impression with optimised parallel support during a rear; luggage volume
stretched by approx. 25 per cent to 215 litres with sealed tip and 160
litres with open top; customary trim includes back backrest with split
fold, lengthened through-loading trickery and Easy Load function.

Characteristic interior pattern with horizontally structured
cockpit, round or elliptical contours for displays, atmosphere vents and
doorway trim elements as good as high-quality colour and material
combinations; arrangement and handling judgment including instrument panel
on a steering column, executive instrument with new functions,
discretionary LED lighting arrangement and red start/stop symbol during a centre
of a toggle switch bar in a reduce territory of a centre console.

Market launch of a new MINI Convertible with 5 engine
variants (combined fuel consumption; 6.0– 8 l/100 km; combined
CO2emissions: 139 – 100 g/km); new engine era with MINI
TwinPower Turbo Technology; 3-cylinder petrol engines with 75 kW/102
hp in a MINI One Convertible and 100 kW/136 hp in a MINI Cooper
Convertible, 4-cylinder petrol engine with 141 kW/192 hp in a MINI
Cooper S Convertible, 3-cylinder diesel engine with 85 kW/116 hp in
a MINI Cooper D Convertible, 4-cylinder diesel engine with 125
kW/170 hp in a MINI Cooper SD Convertible.

At a same time this is also a starting vigilance for a new
MINI John Cooper Works Convertible; tip contestant in a shred of
open-top tiny cars with stirring opening qualities and extrovert
charisma; particular expostulate and cessation record grown based
on timeless engine racing imagination and physique pattern for
optimised cooling atmosphere intake and aerodynamic values; a many powerful
engine in a MINI portfolio with 4 cylinders and a ability of 2.0
litres, a rise outlay of 170kW/231 hp and a limit torque of 320
Newton metres; acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds (6.5
seconds with Steptronic transmission) and from 80 to 120 km/h in
6.1 seconds; total fuel consumption: 6.5 l/100 km (5.9 l/100 km),
total CO2 emissions: 152 g/km (138 g/km).

Power smoothness to a front wheels; 6-speed smoothness as
standard; 6-speed Steptronic smoothness as customary in a MINI
CooperSD Convertible and as an choice for all other engine variants
solely for a MINI One Convertible; 6-speed Steptronic sports
smoothness with change paddles during a steering circle accessible as
additional choice for a MINI Cooper S Convertible and MINI Cooper SD
Convertible and as a solitary choice for the
MINI John Cooper Works Convertible; endless operation of MINIMALISM
record as standard; discretionary MINI Driving Modes including GREEN
mode for a conspicuous sporty character or efficiency-optimised pushing (as
customary in a MINI John Cooper Works Convertible).

Typical MINI go-kart feeling due to cessation record with
model-specific set-up total with far-reaching lane and prolonged wheelbase;
single-joint strut front spindle and multilink back spindle with increased
rigidity and reduced weight; speed-related Servotronic steering
support and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) including Dynamic Traction
Control (DTC) and Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC) as
standard; MINICooper S Convertible and MINI Cooper SD Convertible
additionally with Performance Control; optionally available: Dynamic
Damper Control, sports suspension; versed as customary with 15-inch
steel wheels (MINI One Convertible) or 15-inch light amalgamate wheels
(MINI Cooper Convertible, MINI Cooper D Convertible) and 16-inch light
amalgamate wheels (MINI Cooper S Convertible, MINI Cooper SD Convertible);
light amalgamate wheels adult to 18 inches as an option.

New MINIJohn Cooper Works Convertible with a possess suspension
record harmonised ideally with a automobile judgment and engine
opening characteristics; Brembo sports stop system, 17-inch John
Cooper Works light amalgamate wheels Track Spoke silver, Servotronic and
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) including EDLC and Performance Control
as standard.

Highly firm physique structure with model-specific fresh elements
for an flexible pushing response with limit newcomer protection;
finish set of customary reserve facilities with front airbags,
head-thorax airbags integrated in a backrests, 3-point automatic
belts on all seats, ISOFIX child chair mountings for a newcomer seat
and during a rear, tyre vigour arrangement and partially active engine
cell lid for best walking protection; needs-based control
of a patience systems and rollover insurance by means of
centralised reserve electronics.

High-quality customary facilities including involuntary soothing top
activation, executive locking, Radio MINI Boost with USB and AUX-IN
socket, Park Distance Control and atmosphere conditioning; customisation with
a vast preference of extraneous counterpart graphics, carp stripes, seat
upholsteries, interior surfaces and Colour Lines as good as MINI Yours
and John Cooper Works features.

Innovative facilities accessible for a MINI Convertible for the
initial time: LED headlamps with LED daytime pushing light and LED rear
lights; adaptive light placement and LED branch light; LED fog
lamp; lighting package with LED interior and ambient lighting; MINI
Head-Up Display, Parking Assistant, Driving Assistant with
camera-based active journey control, collision and walking warning
with initial stop function, high lamp partner and highway sign
detection; back perspective camera; Intelligent Emergency Call.

New MINI John Cooper Works Convertible with model-specific
pattern and apparatus features, generally vast cooling atmosphere inlets in
a front apron; admirably designed side sills and back apron;
radiator grille, side scuttles and tailgate with John Cooper Works
logo; LED headlamps and sports empty complement with rarely emotional
sound smoothness as standard; physique finish optionally accessible in the
various Rebel Green, indifferent exclusively for John Cooper Works
models; customary interior apparatus including John Cooper Works sports
seats in Dinamica/fabric Carbon Black finish with integrated
headrests, John Cooper Works doorway sill cover strips, John Cooper Works
leather steering circle with multifunction buttons, John Cooper Works
rigging or selector lever; cockpit displays and executive instrument
approximate in model-specific design, pedals and motorist footrest in
immaculate steel; discretionary MINI Head-Up-Display with arrangement content
specific to John Cooper Works.

Additional options to raise pushing fun, comfort and
particular character embody 2-zone involuntary atmosphere conditioning with
automobile mode, chair heating, Comfort Access, Always Open Timer with
new arrangement content, new breeze deflector with reduced weight and
simplified mounting, sleet sensor with involuntary pushing lights
control, MINI Excitement Package including MINI trademark projection from
a extraneous counterpart onto a area in front of a doorway on a driver’s
side, heatable windscreen, heatable and folding extraneous mirrors,
interior and extraneous mirrors with involuntary drop function, Radio MINI
Visual Boost, MINI navigation complement and Wired apparatus package
including navigation complement Professional with MINI Touch Controller
and Bluetooth mobile phone preparation.

Complete MINI Connected in-car infotainment program; constantly
updated preference of apps for formation in a automobile around smartphone;
disdainful MINI functions such as MINI Streetwise, online search,
Sports Instruments and Force Meter; MINI Connected XL Journey Mate
with genuine time trade radar and sleet warning function; online-based
services for a use of amicable networks as good as entertainment
offers such as Spotify, AUPEO!, Stitcher, Deezer, Audible,
Napster/Rhapsody, TuneIn and GoPro.

Engine variants:
MINI Cooper
S Convertible: 4-cylinder petrol
engine with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbo charging, direct
injection, entirely non-static valve control, non-static camshaft control),

capacity: 1 998 cc, output: 141 kW/192 hp during 5 000 – 6 500 rpm,
max. torque: 280 Nm during 1 250 – 4 000 rpm (300 Nm with
acceleration (0–100 km/h): 7.2 seconds (automatic:
7.1 seconds),
top speed: 230 km/h (228 km/h),
average fuel
consumption*: 6.1 – 0 litres (5.8 – 5.6 litres)/100 kilometres,

CO2 emissions*: 142 – 139 g/km (134 – 131 g/km), exhaust
glimmer standard: EU6.

MINI Cooper
Convertible: 3-cylinder petrol engine with MINI
TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbo charging, approach injection, fully
non-static valve control, non-static camshaft control),
1 499 cc, output: 100 kW/136 hp during 4 400 rpm,
max. torque:
220 Nm during 1 250 rpm (230 Nm with overboost),
(0–100 km/h): 8.8 seconds (automatic: 8.7 seconds),
top speed:
208 km/h (206 km/h),
average fuel consumption*: 5.1 – 4.9 litres
(5.3 – 5.1 litres)/100 kilometres,
CO2 emissions*:
118 – 114 g/km (123 – 119 g/km), empty glimmer standard: EU6.

Convertible: 3-cylinder petrol engine with MINI
TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbo charging, approach injection, variable
camshaft control),
capacity: 1 198 cc, output: 75 kW/102 hp during 4
000 – 6 000 rpm, max. torque: 180 Nm at
1 400 – 3 900 rpm,
acceleration (0–100 km/h): 10.6 seconds,

top speed: 190 km/h,
average fuel consumption*:
5.2 – 5.0 litres/100 kilometres,
CO2 emissions*: 120 – 116 g/km,
empty glimmer standard: EU6.

MINI Cooper
Convertible: 4-cylinder diesel engine with MINI
TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbocharger with non-static turbine
geometry, common rail approach injection),
capacity: 1 995 cc,
output: 125 kW/170 hp during 4 000 rpm,
max. torque: 360 Nm at
1 500 – 2 750 rpm,
acceleration (0–100 km/h): 7.7 seconds,

top speed: 218 km/h,
average fuel consumption*:
4.4 – 4.3 litres/100 kilometres,
CO2 emissions*: 116 – 113 g/km,
empty glimmer standard: EU6.

MINI Cooper D
Convertible: 3-cylinder diesel engine with MINI
TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbocharger with non-static turbine
geometry, common rail approach injection),
capacity: 1 496 cc,
output: 85 kW/116 hp during 4 000 rpm,
max. torque: 270 Nm at
1 750 – 2 250 rpm,
acceleration (0–100 km/h): 9.9 seconds
(automatic: 9.9 seconds),
top speed: 195 km/h (195 km/h),

average fuel consumption*: 4.0 – 3.8 litres
(4.1 – 3.9 litres)/100 kilometres,
CO2 emissions*:
105 – 100 g/km (109 – 104 g/km), empty glimmer standard: EU6.

MINI John Cooper Works Convertible: 4-cylinder petrol
engine with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbo charging, direct
injection, entirely non-static valve control, non-static camshaft control),

capacity: 1 998 cc, output: 170 kW/231 hp during 5 200 – 6 000 rpm,
max. torque: 320 Nm during 1 250 – 4 800 rpm,
(0–100 km/h): 6.6 seconds (automatic: 6.5 seconds),
top speed:
242 km/h (240 km/h),
average fuel consumption*:
6.5 (5.9 litres)/100 kilometres,
CO2 emissions*: 152 g/km
(138 g/km), empty glimmer standard: EU6.

* EU exam cycle figures, fuel expenditure contingent on the
comparison tyre format.

Exterior dimensions:
Length: 3 821 millimetres
Cooper S Convertible, MINI Cooper SD Convertible: 3 850 millimetres,
MINI John Cooper Works Convertible: 3 874 millimetres)
1 727 millimetres
Height: 1 415 millimetres
Wheelbase: 2 495 millimetres