The MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept: Racing but compromise. MINI presents pattern investigate during a IAA Cars 2017.

Munich. The BMW Group has comparison a IAA Cars 2017
uncover in Frankfurt a. M. to benefaction a complicated racing hint of a MINI
– in a figure of a MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept. Inspired by
a carmaker’s mythological triumphs in a Monte Carlo Rally accurately 50
years ago, this settlement investigate embodies unmixed energetic aptitude and the
ultimate in pushing fun – on both a foe lane and a road. The
judgment automobile picks adult a rod from a 2012 MINI John Cooper Works GP
and 2006 MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit. Produced in
particularly singular numbers (2,000 examples each), these dual models
explored a outdoor boundary of their opening capability during a time.

“The MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept is all about a unfettered
feeling of pushing and levels of opening found in engine sport
competition,” says Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of a Board of
Management of BMW AG, obliged for MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW
Motorrad. “This is pushing fun in a purest form.”


The settlement – compress proportions and sporting agility.

The settlement of a MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept majors on purity
and romantic richness. Significantly wider than a stream MINI, the
settlement investigate exudes impetus and power. Large front and behind aprons,
side skirts and a distinguished roof spoiler emanate a confident
appearance. The use of lightweight materials such as CO fibre
optimises a car’s power-to-weight ratio. And uniformly offset weight
placement is a sheet to MINI’s signature go-kart feeling. 

“If we know about MINI, you’ll be wakeful of a brand’s prolonged and
successful story in engine sport,” says Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Senior
Vice President BMW Group Design. “The MINI John Cooper Works GP
Concept brings together a full apartment of defining MINI design
facilities and showcases them during their sportiest and many exciting. What
we’re looking during here is limit performance, limit MINI.”


The front end.

Large atmosphere intakes and precisely created atmosphere deflectors browbeat the
front end, that cuts a low-to-the-road figure. Crisply cut add-on
elements support a well-spoken MINI conformation and prominence a track
concentration of a MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept when noticed head-on.
The space between a categorical physique of a front finish and a air
deflectors serve strengthens a car’s presence. The informed colour
contrasts of John Cooper Works models come in a form of a Black
Jack Anthracite extraneous paint finish – that shimmers between grey
and black – and a accent colour Curbside Red lead (a matt red
shade). Curbside Red lead provides a uninformed take on a classical
John Cooper Works red and visually accentuates a optimised geometry
of a opening and appendage parts.

At a centre of a front end, iconic MINI settlement cues such as the
elliptical headlights and hexagonal radiator grille whet a car’s
temperament and recognisability factor. At a same time, elements such
as a powerdome with distinguished atmosphere dip in a carp and the
hexagonal honeycomb radiator grille and atmosphere intakes in a front apron
worsen a car’s sporting appearance. Further colour accents in
Highspeed Orange raise a manifest impact of a headlights and atmosphere intake.

The reduce corner of a vast front apron reaches down tighten to the
road, appearing to siphon a front finish towards a asphalt, while the
car’s far-reaching lane and prominently flared circle arches guarantee top-level
doing and high cornering speeds. Another technical prominence is the
front apron’s all-carbon-fibre construction, that reduces a car’s
weight. The CO matting is now directly manifest and presented with
a high-gloss paint finish with red hexagon graphic.


The sides.

In old MINI fashion, a interplay of squeezing windows and
a rising shoulderline creates a crowd figure from a side and gives
a automobile a coming of powering brazen even before it turns a
wheel. Lower down, saturated surfaces compound into a robust physique and
award a flanks with lively and dynamism. The automobile series 0059 refers
to a year a exemplary Mini was born: 1959.

Carbon-fibre side skirts yield a physique with a lowest edge.
19-inch Racetrack lightweight wheels in exemplary multi-spoke design
underline a settlement study’s opening aspirations. Contrasts in
Curbside Red lead – together with a Highspeed Orange on the
inside of a rims – and a GP trademark move additional animation to a wheel
design. Elsewhere, Curbside Red lead and Highspeed Orange bring
orderly judged highlights to a extraneous counterpart bases and doorway handles respectively.


The behind end.

The behind of a MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept picks adult the
distinguished use of forms in a front finish and flanks. Here again, large
surfaces are bordered by precisely shaped air-channelling elements,
and a positioning of a LED behind lights good to a outward of the
behind underscores a car’s energetic focus. Sophisticated touches, such
as a half-Union Jack on any side, paint a curtsy to a concept
car’s British origins, while also providing a sporty, technical
flourish. The distinguished roof spoiler is a manifest matter of intent
and slots clean into a geometry of a side elements.

Like a front finish and flanks, a reduce territory of a automobile has a
really accurate and energetic design. Carbon-fibre atmosphere vents and air
deflectors are in best positions, and a dual sleet lights during the
outdoor edges during a behind urge prominence in soppy races. The classical
executive twin tailpipes low down during a behind consolidate a John Cooper
Works DNA to eye-catching effect.


The interior – nude down and with track-inspired looks.

The interior of a MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept is pared back
to a core elements, a hurl enclosure assimilated on house by tiny more
than a span of low-mounted bucket seats with five-point belts and a
cleanly-designed instrument panel. Gearshift is by paddles on the
steering wheel. 

All a elements of a interior are lerned precisely on a driver.
The arrangement and control judgment with digital instrument cluster and
Head-Up Display places a applicable information for a conditions at
palm directly in a driver’s eye-line, permitting comprehensive concentration on the
highway to be maintained. Interaction between motorist and automobile is otherwise
digital, particularly touch-control composition of cessation settings in
MINI’s informed executive instrument. As digitalisation dictates, the
arrangement here is now in large-screen format. It is left to a large
puncture cut-off symbol and a normal MINI toggle switches with
start/stop symbol to yield a overpass between a digital and analogue worlds.

A behind chair bench, superstar and required doorway trim panels are
celebrated by their absence, sacrificed in a interests of weight
minimisation. Instead, a surfaces between a elements of a roll
enclosure and a behind cell are embellished in lightweight panels with
textured sum and a hexagonal pattern. This creates a transition
between a naked behind and some-more design-rich front cabin. The doors
are non-stop regulating recessed grips with fabric straps, withdrawal a driver
and newcomer to mount out by a hurl enclosure in a common racing
automobile style.

The interior combines a pared-back sporting forms with eye-catching
elements and confidant colour accents. The outcome is a face-off between the
reduction informed cultured of a racing-car bodyshell and a exclusivity
of high-quality production-car appointments. Against a backdrop of
a white simple space, black, patinated well-spoken leather on a head
restraints and bolsters provides a neat contrariety with the
back-and-white knitted weave in a executive territory of a seats. A
new 3D needlework technique gives a grand and complicated feel, while red
accents send out a manifest statement. The bright, aluminium hurl cage
also stands detached clearly from a black 3D-printed tools in a doors
and instrument panel, and a lightly-structured trim component with
hexagonal distinguished reinforces a sporty, complicated look. Curbside Red
lead adds a colour accent to comparison organic components, while
a Highspeed Orange shade in sum like a belt straps,
inscriptions and a stitching of a steering circle and seats acts as
a second accent colour to element a red. With 3D copy and 3D
needlework techniques, MINI is bringing technologies to a interior of
a judgment automobile that will capacitate both tool-free prolongation and simple
personalisation in a future.


MINI + high opening + race-track feeling = John Cooper

The impression of a MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept is tangible by
a engine competition birthright that stretches behind over some-more than five
decades. Indeed, a exemplary Mini was remade by mythological sports
automobile engineer John Cooper into a scapegoat for pushing fun on a highway and
an unusually successful aspirant in a foe and convene scene.
A engine competition career that began accurately 50 years ago reached its
culmination with 3 altogether victories in a Monte Carlo Rally. Today,
a John Cooper Works name is synonymous with products and models
whose peculiarity is secure in determined engine competition expertise and an
organisation with a British reward tiny automobile that dates behind all
those years. The result: a engine competition knowledge comes resounding into
bland life.