The Genesis of “Taycan”

The goal is to find a name for a new automobile that has no predecessor. “Honestly, it’s tough to suppose a some-more sparkling challenge,” says Kjell Gruner, executive of selling during Porsche. “Pure expression. Letters and a definition that find their place in a story of Porsche and a story of a automobile.” This automobile is, after all, a initial quite electrically powered Porsche. It unites all a characteristics of a sports automobile from Zuffenhausen, fulfilling each expectation: certainly exclusive, nonetheless though extravagance. Its virtues: power, speed, supremacy in each measure—and intensely beautiful, of course.

Model names during Porsche settle a tie between a particular array and a characteristics. The Boxster gained a name by mixing a roadster clarity with a fighter engine. The Cayenne, as expected, total some spice, and a Cayman was so named for a ferocity and agility. Macan unites poise, power, fascination, and dynamism, while a endurance-optimized Panamera could win a famed and fearsome Carrera Panamericana. And a new model? The name of this four-door will not bear any numbers like 911, 718, or 918; instead, it should communicate all that creates a automobile special—and generally alluring. The name should prominence a matchless stress within a Porsche family. It should be fresh, dynamic, gripping—not some technocratic portmanteau, though a name that tells an emotional, awake story. And eventually it should be a name that unites tradition, modernity, and a future. In short, it should simulate a clarity of a automobile and mix certainly with a Porsche brand.

When a plan organisation initial meets, it hasn’t nonetheless been motionless how a Taycan will demeanour in detail. Designers, engineers operative on a new series, specialists from selling and sales, in-house and outmost lawyers, and code and brand-law experts all come together. “All aspects of a name integrity routine are covered: automobile-related, creative, technical, legal, and linguistic,” says Michael Reichert, plan manager for a Taycan fixing project. “A name for a automobile is eventually an romantic decision—but one that should be formed on contribution and arguments. That requires a systematic proceed and a lot of courtesy to detail,” explains Gruner.

One pivotal question: what distinguishes a new car—what clarity does a figure make on a observer, a customer? Answer: since an engine retard in a compulsory clarity isn’t required, one of a evil pattern facilities is a unusually low front territory of a car. The physique is shot by with air, giving a altogether clarity that a electric sports automobile is sharp-witted and dynamic. Could terms from a worlds of hydro- and aerodynamics be a good starting indicate for a suitable name? The organisation inches forward, discussing, experimenting, favoring, discarding, and rethinking things. First in a tiny group, afterwards in a ceaselessly expanding routine involving some-more and some-more people. In total, a experts rise 6 hundred ideas, that they afterwards gradually make down to a few favorites. Pairs of local speakers representing twenty-three languages cruise a sound and definition of intensity indication names to order out upsetting or unsuited associations from a outset. Lawyers counsel each fathomable risk of heading violation, check databases around a universe containing millions of purebred trademarks, correct names, and locate rights holders. A overwhelming charge that eventually lasts a year and a half.

In a final stretch, a selling experts name their favorite names, convention a list to be presented to a fabricated house in a autumn of 2017. The preference is made: Taycan. A name that fulfills each phonetic, legal, creative, strategic, and model-specific requirement. Composed of dual terms of Turkic origin, this word can be roughly translated as “soul of a energetic immature horse.” And that’s accurately what a initial entirely electric Porsche will be: lively, impetuous, vigorous, light-footed on prolonged stretches though tiring, and free-spirited. The name reflects both a source and a destiny of a brand: a equine on a Porsche crest, a countenance of a soul, on a approach into a new epoch of a sports car. A ideal fit, too, with a aphorism of a promotion campaign: “Soul, electrified.” Taycan also has certain associations in many of a world’s languages: in Japanese, for instance, taikan means roughly “physical experience”—driving in a many electrifying form.

Model Range 718 Boxster / 718 Cayman: Fuel expenditure total 9.0 – 7.4 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 205 – 168 g/km