The BMW iFE.18 drivetrain: Unprecedented teamwork between motorsport and prolongation development.

Munich. On 15th December, a new BMW iFE.18 and
a BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team will competition their initial competition in
a ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Ad Diriyah (KSA). At a heart
of a car, that was grown for Season 5, lies a drivetrain:
The Racing eDrive01. It brings together a pioneering spirit,
creation and technological imagination of both BMW Motorsport and
BMW i. In an rare collaboration, engineers from motorsport
and prolongation growth have incorporated a believe and
believe of BMW i in a high-performance motorsport drivetrain.
Here is an overview of a technical sum behind a Racing eDrive01.


Development of a Racing eDrive01 and record transfer.

Work on building a BMW drivetrain for Formula E began in early
2017. The Racing eDrive01 began with pre-development for production
expostulate systems and was constructed in a same antecedent construction
comforts as a subsequent era of BMW i array drives. As such, it
advantages from a believe of a prolongation engineers in a areas
of primer and automatic prolongation of electric motors and their
components. More than a entertain of a pre-development group is also
operative on a Formula E project. The initial concepts for a Racing
eDrive01 were on a exam mount for a initial time in mid-2017 – the
same exam mount that is used for pre-production. After a smoothness of
a exam framework and customary battery, work started on convention the
exam automobile during a start of 2018. By a time it came to a roll-out of
a BMW iFE.18 in Apr 2018, a drivetrain had undergone many rounds
of growth and optimisation during endless dais tests.


While a Racing eDrive01 benefitted severely from a believe of
prolongation engineers during a development, a believe gained by
BMW i Motorsport engineers in a tough rival sourroundings of
Formula E flowed true behind into a growth of destiny E-drives
for BMW prolongation vehicles. Motor racing creates it probable to test
new materials, technologies and methods in impassioned conditions and
but carrying to take into care limiting factors. This
way, a record send between motorsport and production
growth comes full circle. This record send is more
complete in a Formula E plan than ever before in a story of
a BMW Group.


In particular, a fact that a BMW Group grown a fifth
era of their electric expostulate themselves again, thereby creating
an glorious infrastructure for prolongation and development, provides
good advantages for a Formula E project. This growth factory
creates it probable to yield technological solutions tailored
privately to motorsport within a really brief period. In the
sold box of Formula E, for example, dozens of development
variants were generated mathematically and around make-believe almost
overnight, from that a engineers could accurately name the
resolution ideal for a project.


Drivetrain components: Electric motor, cooling complement and inverter.

The Racing eDrive01 consists of a electric motor, cooling system
and inverter. The goals when conceptualizing all these components were
limit efficiency, a top probable appetite density, and a
lightweight pattern that is as compress as possible. These goals were
essentially achieved by regulating state-of-the-art materials, technologies
and processes.


The electric motor is essentially done adult of three
parts: The rotor, a stator and a casing. In sequence to revoke weight
and for strengthening, among other things, a rotor has supports made
of twine composites. In addition, innovative materials such as highly
thermally-conductive resins, titanium and ceramic are used. The
multiple of all a state-of-the-art technologies used formula in a
high gravimetric appetite density.


The electric engine is cooled by a probably 360°
cooling geometry in aluminium surrounding done around a additive
prolongation procedure. In addition, materials with high thermal
conductivity – such as ceramic and creosote – are used. Thanks to CFD
optimization, a vigour detriment is minimal and limit potency is guaranteed.


The inverter converts approach stream from the
customary battery into swapping current, that powers a electric
motor. Parts of a surrounding are also done from twine composites.
Multiple MOSFETS (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors)
with state-of-the-art silicon carbide record are used on the
inside for a semiconductor. Thanks to this technology, a inverter
achieves really high dielectric strength while carrying a reduced distance and
minimal appetite losses, and is so smaller and lighter. An effective
cooling complement and low-loss circuit blueprint assistance make a inverter as
fit as possible.