The BMW Group emphasizes a unchanging concentration on sustainability during a 2021 IAA Mobility: More difficult CO2 targets go palm in palm with petrify measures and concepts for implementation

  • Increased gait in a conflict opposite meridian change
  • Commitment to a pure march to grasp a 1.5-degree target
  • 50% rebate in tellurian CO2 use-phase emissions by 2030
  • Over 40% rebate in CO2 emissions during life cycle
  • Circular economy: Up to 50% use of delegate element planned
  • E offensive: Delivery volume for battery cells roughly doubled –
    10 million all-electric vehicles within 10 years
  • BMW i Vision Circular demonstrates a intensity of a automobile that is
    consistently aligned to element cycles
  • Four additional judgment vehicles for a pioneering sustainable
    mobility brew on dual and 4 wheels
  • All-electric core models BMW iX and BMW i4 applaud their motor
    uncover premiere


Munich. The BMW Group is putting round economy and
tolerable civic mobility during a centre of a participation during a 2021
IAA Mobility. At a engine show, a association is consistently
demonstrating a sustainability and CO2 targets as good as its
petrify measures and concepts to grasp these goals.


More difficult CO2 targets and unchanging concentration on a round economy

The BMW Group is augmenting a gait of a efforts to quarrel climate
change. Looking forward to a introduction of a Neue Klasse, the
association is serve strengthening a self-defined objectives,
announced in summer final year, to significantly revoke CO2 emissions,
while also committing itself to a pure march that supports a 1.5
grade aim for a rebate of tellurian warming. The Neue Klasse
will also see a BMW Group hugely boost a use of secondary
materials with a organisation concentration on a beliefs of a round economy,
while also compelling improved horizon conditions for substantiating a
marketplace for delegate materials.


To grasp a serve rebate in CO2 emissions, a concentration is on the
utilization proviso of vehicles, that comment for 70% of a BMW
Group’s CO2 footprint. By 2030, a CO2 emissions per automobile and
kilometre driven will be during slightest halved from 2019 levels. The
joining of all manufacturers when it comes to combatting climate
change can best be compared when looking during a whole life cycle of a
vehicle, including prolongation and upstream supply chain. Here, a BMW
Group is formulation a rebate of CO2 glimmer per automobile of during slightest 40%.


“How companies are traffic with CO2 emissions has turn a major
cause when it comes to judging corporate action. The wilful factor
in a quarrel opposite tellurian warming is how strongly we can urge the
CO footprint of vehicles over their whole life span. This is why
we are environment ourselves pure and desirous goals for the
estimable rebate of CO2 emissions; these are approved by the
Science Based Targets Initiative and will broach an effective and
quantifiable contribution,” pronounced Oliver
Zipse, Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
in Munich on Thursday. “With a Neue Klasse we are significantly
heightening a joining and also committing ourselves to a clear
march for achieving a 1.5 grade target.”


The many absolute motorist on this trail to meridian neutrality is
electric mobility, with a BMW Group’s Neue Klasse set to provide
poignant serve movement to a market. During a subsequent 10 years
or so, a association will be putting around 10 million all-electric
vehicles on a road. As early as 2030, during slightest half of global
BMW Group sales will be all-electric vehicles, with a MINI brand
charity exclusively all-electric vehicles from 2030.


Against this background, a BMW Group has also roughly doubled the
smoothness volume for battery cells – a volume of EUR 22.36 billion has
been concluded with a applicable suppliers for a fifth era of
a BMW electric drive.


BMW i4 and iX as drivers for compelling e-mobility during a IAA Mobility

With a BMW iX and a BMW i4, dual critical core models of this
electric descent are introduced to a ubiquitous open for a first
time on a arise of a 2021 IAA Mobility. The BMW iX, a new
technological flagship of a BMW Group, is a spearhead in a areas
of electromobility and digitisation. BMW eDrive record of the
fifth era enables locally emission-free pushing pleasure with
electric four-wheel expostulate and an extended range. With the
BMW i4
, all-electric mobility is now permitted for a first
time in a reward mid-range model. Electric mobility has reached the
core of a BMW brand. The BMW i4 combines locally emission-free
pushing pleasure in a quite sporty character with copiousness space and
a practicality of a four-door Gran Coupe.


Fully electric versions of a high-volume BMW 5 Series and a BMW
X1 will follow in a years to come. The same is loyal for a BMW 7
Series and a inheritor of a MINI Countryman. In 2023, a BMW
Group will have during slightest one entirely electric indication on a highway in
around 90% of a stream marketplace segments.


BMW Motorrad is also consistently posterior an electromobility
plan for civil areas. The BMW CE 04, also presented during the
2021 IAA Mobility, ensures tolerable pushing pleasure on dual wheels
. With a electric drive, future-oriented pattern and innovative
connectivity solutions, a new scooter combines a functions of
mobility and communication. 


CO2 rebate by round economy: BMW i Vision Circular
shows huge potential

However, meridian permitted mobility is not automatically created
by a aloft series of electric vehicles on a road. Furthermore,
it is essential to revoke a use of primary element and a related
environmentally damaging exploitation of resources and their often
CO2-intensive estimate – generally when it comes to car
manufacturing, one of a many resource-intensive industries.


As partial of a holistic proceed to sustainability, a BMW Group
aims to boost significantly a commission of delegate materials
in a vehicles. On average, stream vehicles are made using
roughly 30 percent recycled and reusable materials. With a ‘Secondary
First’ approach, BMW Group skeleton to constantly lift this figure to
50 percent.


With a BMW i Vision Circular, a BMW Group is
demonstrating a unchanging pattern of a automobile according to the
beliefs of a round economy. The altogether pattern idea of this
idealist automobile was to emanate a automobile that is optimized for closed
element cycles and achieves a rate of 100% recycled materials or 100%
recyclability. In further to bio-based and approved tender materials,
materials that have already upheld by a product life cycle –
supposed delegate materials – are used for this purpose. This also
relates to a appetite storage system: The solid-state battery of the
BMW i Vision Circular is 100% recyclable and roughly totally made
from recycled materials. At a same time, it will grasp a
intensely aloft appetite firmness with significantly fewer of the
many profitable resources.


“We have enclosed circularity in a judgment right from a start
when conceptualizing a BMW i Vision Circular. That’s because this visionary
automobile is full of innovative ideas that mix sustainability with
new and moving aesthetics – we call this proceed Circular Design,”
explains Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design. Circular
Design is formed on a 4 beliefs RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE and RE:CYCLE.


Four additional groundbreaking concepts for tolerable civic mobility

Under a powerful of electric mobility, digitisation and
sustainability, a BMW Group will be presenting 4 additional
groundbreaking concepts for a versatile and tolerable mobility mix
on dual and 4 wheels during a 2021 IAA Mobility – in further to the
BMW i Vision Circular.


With a BMW i Vision AMBY, a initial high-speed
pedelec, a association is presenting a idealist two-wheel resolution for
civic mobility of tomorrow. From a outside, a BMW i Vision AMBY
resembles an e-bike, though offers significantly some-more possibilities. The
electric expostulate complement comprises 3 speed stages for opposite road
types: Up to 25 km/h for use on cycle paths, adult to 45 km/h on
inner-city roads and adult to 60 km/h limit speed on multi-lane roads
and out-of-town. The speed modes permitted to a supplement are stored on
a smartphone app. Manual preference of a speed turn is conceivable,
as is a involuntary showing of position and highway form by means of
geofencing record and a compared involuntary composition of the
limit speed.


The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY has a identical approach,
mixing a advantages of a motorcycle with those of a bicycle. It is
an intensely emotional, electric mobility judgment for crafty mobility
in and out of a city total with limit flexibility. Through an
programmed speed rebate system, interjection to innovative geofencing
technology, a supplement can also transport on roads (up to 60 km/h) as well
as on bicycle paths (up to 25 km/h). Unlike a BMW i Vision AMBY, the
BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY accelerates regulating a stifle hold and has
standard motorcycle footrests instead of pedals.


As a authorised horizon for such vehicles with a modular speed concept
does not nonetheless exist, a AMBY idealist vehicles are meant to provide
impulse for such legislation to come into effect.


BMW Motorrad is represented with another judgment during a 2021 IAA
Mobility – the
BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02. This is
conjunction a classical motorcycle nor a scooter, though a totally new
mobility offer. It is an simply accessible, electric two-wheeler for
those aged 16 and above who wish to be mobile and independent. The
importance is on uninformed looks, palliate of use and copiousness of emotions.


MINI Vision Urbanaut as a space judgment for a mobility of
a future

The categorical captivate of a MINI code during a IAA is a MINI Vision
Urbanaut, an innovative and entirely electric prophesy of space for the
mobility of a future. Here, standard MINI characteristics are
translated into a destiny of mobility and given an individual
interpretation. The MINI Vision Urbanaut is a summary of
“clever use of space” and a response to a needs of future
cities and lifestyles. The interior, in particular, is totally new
in pattern and uses tolerable materials such as cork for a floor
and steering circle or recycled fabrics for a seats. The rebate of
components and a deficiency of leather and chrome underline the
sustainability of a idealist concept.


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The BMW Group

With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW
Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and
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The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 31 prolongation and assembly
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In 2020, a BMW Group sole over 2.3 million newcomer vehicles and
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financial year 2020 was € 5.222 billion on revenues amounting to
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workforce of 120,726 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association set a march for the
destiny during an early theatre and consistently creates sustainability and
fit apparatus government executive to a vital direction, from
a supply sequence by prolongation to a finish of a use proviso of all products.