The BMW Group during a Mobile World Congress 2018.

The concentration on a patron and their mandate underpins a BMW
Group’s display of a subsequent stairs on a highway to digital and
intelligent connectivity between a motorist and car during this year’s
Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, holding place from 26
Feb –1 March.

  • Another accessible digital use will be introduced in 2018 to
    serve promote seamless connectivity. The BMW Digital
    will make it probable to clear a BMW regulating a
    smartphone. What’s more, adult to 5 digital copies of a pivotal can be
    common with other users.
  • Widespread connectivity will also be an essential requirement for
    unconstrained pushing inthefuture. In perspective of this, theoutdoor area of
    a BMW Group mount will underline a BMW i3 in movement as partial of a
    showcase designed to denote that
    autonomous pushing (Level 5) is set to turn a
    existence in a not-too-distant future.
  • A new technological proceed to full connectivity between
    smartphones and vehicles will also be on show. The eSIM
    will shortly make it probable to incorporate a car into
    a user’s existent mobile phone contract, paving a approach for a
    whole operation of opposite functions.

BMW Group location: Outside area in front of Hall 5 / Booth OA3B. 140.