Successful exam for a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team in Almeria.

Almeria. The countdown to a 2019 deteriorate in a FIM World
Superbike Championship (WorldSBK) has started: a BMW Motorrad
WorldSBK Team has finished a successful initial exam with a new BMW
S 1000 RR in Almeria, Spain. Together with riders Tom Sykes (GBR)
and Markus Reiterberger (GER), a BMW Motorrad Motorsport engineers
and a group collected profitable information for serve development
of a new foe bike.


Sykes and Reiterberger had taken to a lane with a Superstock
chronicle of a new RR during a finish of November, in Miramas (FRA). The
riders supposing feedback about a ergonomics and their change
requests per a handlebars, levers, footrests, seat, tank,
windshield and instrument displays were afterwards implemented in Munich.


At a same time, a initial components grown specifically for the
WorldSBK, such as brakes and cessation elements, were used in
Almeria. Both riders were means to finish a extensive programme
of contrast over dual days though any problems. They grown a basis
setup that will form a substructure for serve work during a subsequent tests
in Jerez de la Frontera (ESP).


BMW Motorrad Motorsport and a group also used a dual exam days in
Almeria to get used to one another in a new group configuration.


Reactions to a tests in Almeria.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “The
design of a contrast in Almeria was a corruption with the
superbike. On a one hand, we were means to weigh a modifications
per a ergonomics and we have seen that both riders have a lot
of certainty in a bike. We were also means to exam the
newly-developed WorldSBK components and we can see that we are moving
in a right direction. We have collected critical knowledge for the
subsequent tests and we know what work we still have to do. Of course, after
dual days of contrast a bike is still flattering most in a decline but
we are unequivocally gratified with a basis of a motorbike and with what the
group has achieved in a final few months. At a subsequent exam in Jerez,
we will confront a competitors for a initial time and will be able
to see accurately where we stand. We are looking brazen to this though we
would also like to combine only on a possess tasks and will not
get dreaming by a competition.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
“First of all, it was good to finally get a team
together. We had dual days during a circuit before a test, getting
final element together, assembly and nod and removing an
bargain for a mandate of a test. The dual days on the
circuit valid to be unequivocally positive, too. Both riders did roughly 100
laps any over a dual days though any vital issues. We worked our
approach by a unequivocally minute exam schedule. The pivotal points for me were
that a group are operative together unequivocally good and that the
extensive exam of tools and element went unequivocally positively. We have
a good base-setting for both riders and a good instruction to go to
Jerez. So altogether we are unequivocally happy.”


Tom Sykes: “I am unequivocally happy with a test. Of course,
it’s still early days and there is still a lot of things to come our
approach though like this we was unequivocally happy with my feeling for my BMW S 1000
RR. The ubiquitous feedback was good. We positively had dual very
prolific days testing, we altered utterly some parameters on a bike
and unequivocally accepted some pivotal areas to work with. It was a very
certain two-day exam for me and we was unequivocally happy and quite
tender with a finish result. It was a initial time in that new
environment, a whole group operative with any other and a engineers
from BMW Motorrad Motorsport. So it was a new knowledge for everybody
and shortly everybody was operative together like a clockwork. So it seems
that we are surpassing unequivocally quick and we got a good feeling within the
sourroundings in a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team.”


Markus Reiterberger: “The concentration was on completing a
roll-out with a new bike and for me to get used to a group and my
new crew. It is all new for me: a team, a operative methods and the
Superbike chronicle of a motorbike. The initial tour with a new bike
went unequivocally well. we felt right during home with a chair position and the
handlebars from a word go. Our extensive programme of tests
enclosed a lot of work on a chassis, electronics, geometry and a
horde of environment options. We wanted to try all out and pass on
a knowledge to BMW Motorrad Motorsport and a group to concede them
to work on credentials for a subsequent tests. We are still during an early
theatre and a concentration was on a organic tests. It was critical to
accumulate as most information as probable for a work that is still to
come. We are unequivocally gratified with what we have achieved so distant and we
are removing on good as a team. We are all operative towards making
swell together.”