Successful competition weekend for a BMW S 1000 RR: 6 wins and a sum of 15 lectern finishes on several continents.

Munich. Six wins and a sum of 15 lectern finishes on several
continents: a BMW S 1000 RR racers can demeanour behind onto another
successful weekend. Kenny Foray (FRA), 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy
personality Jordan Szoke (CAN), Cyril and Florian Brunet-Lugardon (both
FRA) and Karel Kanika (CZE) climbed onto a tip step of a rostrum
in their particular championships. Their associate BMW riders completed
a success with some-more clever results.



MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship during Donington Park,
Great Britain.


The MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) trafficked to
Britain’s Donington Park to reason a sixth spin of a deteriorate during the
weekend. Jordi Torres (ESP) of a Althea BMW Racing Team finished the
initial competition on Saturday in ninth position yet late in competition dual on
Sunday. His team-mate Raffaele De Rosa (ITA) was 15th in
a initial feverishness and claimed a top-10 finish in competition two, channel the
line in tenth.


Jordi Torres: “In competition one, we had a utterly consistent
pace, that authorised me to pass a integrate of riders. Considering the
quivering issues we suffered it was not bad to finish a competition in
ninth. In competition dual we attempted to pull and locate Camier and Forés because
we felt that we had a stronger gait than them. Unfortunately though, I
crashed during a equivocation and could not continue with a race.”


Raffaele De Rosa: “Race one was not easy,
utterly with a clever wind. we managed to finish a competition but
a tyre was flattering most destroyed. On Sunday, conditions were
different; it was hotter. we attempted to urge my gait and while there
was a certain grade of alleviation we had hoped to do some-more to be
honest. we wish we can make another step brazen during Misano.”



FIM Superstock 1000 European Championship during Donington Park,
Great Britain.


British Donington Park was also a venue for a fourth competition of the
2017 FIM Superstock 1000 European Championship (STK1000). Former GP
racer Federico Sandi (ITA / Berclaz Racing Team) was, once again, the
tip placed BMW S 1000 RR racer. He came home in fifth. His
team-mate Sébastien Suchet (SUI) also claimed a tip 10 finish,
channel a line in seventh.


Federico Sandi: “I am utterly happy, since we were
quick over a whole weekend, as we were in Imola dual weeks ago
nonetheless there is a slight beating as a lectern was possible.
But on this line we struggled a bit to spin in a quick corners so on
a final 3 laps my right arm was a bit bruise and we mislaid some time
and finished fifth. But a lectern was unequivocally in reach. We
continue to make progress, a group does a illusory job, we get to
know a bike improved with each competition weekend, my certainty and my
feeling urge event by session. we consider that during a subsequent spin in
Misano we could be means to competition to a podium.”



British Superbike Championship – Superstock category – in
Donington Park, Great Britain.


The Superstock category of a British Superbike Championship (BSB STK)
also was in movement during Donington Park (GBR) during a weekend. It hold two
races on Sunday, total to an “endurance race”. In both legs, 18
laps were completed. After competition one, a teams had 10 mins in the
array line to change tyres, refuel and ready a bikes for a second
part. In a initial part, Ashley Beech (GBR / Jones Dorling Racing)
crossed a line in fourth, followed by associate RR riders Michael
Rutter (GBR / Bathams SMT), Matej Smrz (CZW / Lloyd Jones PR
Racing Team), Chrissy Rouse (GBR / Mission Racing) and Adam Jenkinson
(GBR / Northern Escalator Installations) in positions 5 to eight.


In a second part, Jenkinson rode his BMW S 1000 RR to third place
on a podium. Rouse was fifth and Rutter, Beech and Smrz took places
6 to eight. Tom Tunstall (Integro) finished both legs in tenth.



French Superbike Championship during Lédenon, France.


It was a ideal weekend for Kenny Foray (FRA) and a Tecmas Racing
Team in a French Superbike Championship (FSBK) during Lédenon (FRA). On
Saturday, a BMW S 1000 RR supplement cumulative stick position, and on Sunday
he took a win in both races. With this double win, Foray extended
his altogether lead in a FSBK championship standings.


Kenny Foray: “We had a good weekend. In a first
race, we had a unequivocally good rhythm. For a second heat, conditions had
altered and a temperatures were aloft so we chose opposite tyres.
After a few laps we felt unequivocally good on a bike so we took my second
feat of a day. We are unequivocally happy.”



French European Bikes Championship during Lédenon, France.


In a French European Bikes Championship (FR EU) races of a at
Lédenon (FRA), a BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers were in a joining of
their own. In Saturday’s initial race, they distinguished a top-6 lockout
and in Sunday’s second race, they cumulative places one to five.


Cyril Brunet-Lugardon (FRA / Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise) was
Saturday’s winner. Michel Amalric (FRA / Tecmas Racing Team) and
Hernani Teixeira (FRA / Team ERT Motorshow) assimilated him on a podium
in second and third. Places 4 to 6 went to RR riders Florian
Brunet-Lugardon (FRA / Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise), Julien Brun (FRA
/ JB Racing Team) and Sylvain Ghio (FRA).


Race dual on Sunday saw a illusory conflict between a Brunet-Lugardon
brothers. After 19 laps, Florian took a win – with an advantage of
usually 0.009 seconds over Cyril. Fabien Gabrielian (FRA / FG Racing)
finished a lectern in third. Amalric and Brun followed in fourth and
fifth respectively.


Florian Brunet-Lugardon: “After my injuries, we had
worked tough to get fit again to be means to competition again in Lédenon. It
went improved with each session. Even in a initial race, we was trying
to quarrel with Cyril, yet he was very, unequivocally fast. we was fibbing in second
position, yet on a final path we forsaken behind to fourth. In a second
race, we was means to follow Cyril and we started a final conflict when
accelerating from a unequivocally final dilemma towards a finish line – and I
took a win with 0.009 seconds advantage! It was a good race.”


Spanish Championship in Barcelona, Spain.


The second spin of a 2017 Spanish Championship (CEV) was hold in
Barcelona (ESP) during a weekend. Carmelo Morales (ESP) claimed another
lectern finish on his Graphbikes easyRace SBK Team BMW S 1000 RR –
notwithstanding a fact that he had crashed on Saturday. He finished a race
in second place and also set a fastest competition lap. The points put
Morales into a lead in a altogether championship standings. Pedro
Rodriguez (ESP / Castromaroto Racing) crossed a line in sixth position.


Carmelo Morales: “After a outrageous pile-up we had on
Saturday, we was not feeling too good physically and we could not be as
accurate in overtaking as usual. Despite that we managed to step onto
a lectern and we am unequivocally happy as we gave 100 per cent in a race.”



Canadian Superbike Championship during Shannonville, Canada.


The Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) hold a 2017 curtain
raiser during Shannonville (CAN) during a weekend – and a man, who
dominated a array over a past years, was jubilant again. Jordan
Szoke (CAN), a personality of a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy,
continued his strain of ideal competition weekends on his BMW S 1000 RR of
a Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team. Szoke cumulative pole
position, won a competition and also set a fastest competition lap. It was his
15th uninterrupted win in a series. Ben Young (CAN / Scot
Build Developments BMW) assimilated him on a lectern in third, Matt
McBride (CAN / Riders’ Choice) was fourth.


Jordan Szoke: “Some tools of me feel bad that I’m
winning, yet these races aren’t easy. I’ve only been unequivocally fortunate
to come out on top. we feel great. I’m comfortable. we feel as yet I
have zero to infer like when you’re younger, so I’m only perplexing to
suffer it, and it’s taken a bit of vigour off me so we can concentration on
roving well.”



Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship in Poznan, Poland.


The Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR) kicked off a 2017
deteriorate in Poznan in Poland during a weekend. The screen raiser saw one
feat and one some-more lectern finish in a Superbike category (AARR SBK)
for a BMW S 1000 RR. Karel Hanika (CZE / EKO IVRacing BMW CSEU)
dominated a initial competition of a class, environment a fastest path and
claiming a win with an advantage of some-more than 4 seconds. In the
second race, Patryk Kosiniak (POL) stepped onto a podium, finishing
third. In a Superstock category (AARR STK), reigning champion Michal
Prášek (CZE / Rohac and Fejta motoracing Team) was a tip placed
BMW rider: he crossed a line in fourth and fifth place respectively.



South African Motorcycle Road Racing Championship during Kyalami,
South Africa.


Kyalami (RSA) hosted a fourth spin of a 2017 South African
Motorcycle Road Racing Championship (RSA SBK). BMW supplement Lance Isaacs
(RSA / Supabets Sandton BMW Motorrad) started a thespian initial competition on
Saturday from stick position and fought for feat until a final
stages when a pile-up resulted in him retiring. It was therefore David
McFadden (RSA / RPM Centre Sandton Auto/BMW Motorrad) who crossed the
line as a tip placed BMW S 1000 RR Racer in sixth place.


After his group had remade his RR over night, Isaacs was means to
applaud on a lectern in Sunday’s second race. He claimed second
place and set a fastest competition lap. McFadden was seventh on that occasion.


Lance Isaacs: “It was a unequivocally tough weekend and it was
unequivocally unsatisfactory to pile-up out of a initial competition due to tyre issues.
The guys worked unequivocally tough to reconstruct a bike for a second race.
In a feverishness on Sunday we attempted to keep my conduct down and to stay with
a personality yet unfortunately it was not meant to be. We were suffering
again with tyre issues and a lot of gibberish so we focused on not
risking too most and finishing a race. We can take so many positives
from this weekend. The bike is unequivocally good and we will now continue to
work tough to strech a tip step of a podium.”



SuperBike Series Brasil in São Paulo, Brazil.


The SuperBike Series Brasil (BRSBK) hold a second competition of a 2017
deteriorate in São Paulo (BRA) during a weekend. Danilo Lewis (BRA / Tecfil
Havoline Racing Team) was a tip placed BMW rider, channel the
line in sixth. Alex Borges (BRA / PRT – Pitico Racing Team) was
seventh, and Davi Lara Costa (BRA / JC Racing Team) also done it to
a tip 10, finishing ninth.