Standout star of a compress SUVs: a new Audi SQ2

0 – 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 4.8 seconds: a engine

The heart of any Audi S indication is a engine, and a 2.0 TFSI in a SQ2 (combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.2 – 7.0*; sum CO2 emissions in g/km: 163 – 159*) is in rise form. It puts out 221 kW (300 hp) and a consistent 400 Nm (295.0 lb-ft) of torque between 2,000 and 5,200 rpm. Developed by Audi engineers and built in Győr, a engine outclasses all a rivals in this segment. The same relates to a competition SUV’s performance: The scurry from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) takes 4.8 seconds, and tip speed is a governed 250 km/h (155.3 mph).

The four-cylinder TFSI in a Audi SQ2 is a high-performance, 1,984 cc engine. It responds now adult to a redline during 6,500 rpm. In a energetic mode of a Audi expostulate name energetic doing system, it responds even some-more directly, with brief double-clutching concomitant a rigging changes by a S tronic. The engine develops a quite grave sound when driven dynamically. The 2.0 liter TFSI engine weighs customarily around 150 kilograms (330.7 lb), that advantages not only a sum weight of a Audi SQ2, though also a spindle bucket distribution.

Numerous high-tech facilities file a form of a absolute four-cylinder. The intake and empty camshafts are tractable to optimize fill and gas exchange. On a empty side, a Audi valvelift complement (AVS) adjusts valve lift in dual stages formed on demand. This reduces flushing waste in a explosion cover and ensures optimal upsurge of empty gas to a turbocharger, quite in a low rpm range. The advantages of this are flexible engine response and a serve boost of torque. Controlled by a quick and accurate electric crawl valve, a turbocharger develops a limit boost of 1.4 bar (relative) really dynamically. This engine government complement enhances potency and reduces fuel expenditure during operation underneath partial load.

Efficiency is also a vital focal indicate with a 2.0 TFSI. Two electric-powered rotary valves combined into a procedure umpire a coolant flows. Another vital member of a thermal government complement is a empty plural integrated into a cylinder head. It helps a engine to comfortable adult quickly.

Targeted measures implemented in many components boost strength and revoke middle friction. The regulated oil siphon requires little expostulate energy. Under partial load, a engine government complement deactivates FSI gasoline approach injection. Instead, fuel is injected indirectly into a intake manifold, that reduces molecule emissions. A molecule filter also cleans a empty gas.

Traction, fortitude and handling: a energy transmission

A seven-speed S tronic with a high widespread of 8.7 between a initial and final gears transfers a energy of a 2.0 TFSI. The motorist can work a lightning-fast dual-clutch delivery in a involuntary modes D or S, or change themselves. If a Audi expostulate name energetic doing complement is in “efficiency” mode, a purchase disengages when coasting, permitting a compress competition SUV to freewheel. From a residual speed of 7 km/h (4.3 mph), a engine already switches over to start-stop operation. 

The seven-speed S tronic’s dual clutches are in an oil bath. A small, mechanically driven rigging siphon reserve them with oil. At towering demand, a second, electrically driven siphon is activated. This fit oil supply and a low attrition of a particular components outcome in high efficiency.

As with each Audi S model, quattro all-wheel expostulate is customary in a SQ2. It combines high traction with fascinating handling. Its executive component is a hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch. It distributes torque invariably between a axles. If a front wheels remove grip, a multi-plate purchase can send adult to 100 percent of a force to a back within only a few milliseconds.

The quattro drive’s electronic controller provides for a ultimate in pushing delight and safety. During sporty driving, it can approach torque to a back spindle as shortly as a motorist turns a wheel. Under acceleration, a torque literally pushes a quick SUV into a curve. The quattro government complement enables accurate turn-in during bucket reversal, and provides limit control and trustworthiness when flapping on a low-friction highway surface. During quick driving, a quattro expostulate works closely together with a wheel-selective torque control, that smooths out a doing with little braking interventions during a middle wheels underneath reduced load.

20 millimeters (0.8 in) lower: a S competition suspension

The S competition cessation in a Audi SQ2 harmonizes optimally with a energetic powertrain. With a sportier setup than a complement on that it is based, it lowers a physique by 20 millimeters (0.8 in). The energy boost of a customary on-going steering has an S-specific characteristic. Its shelve is specifically geared so that a steering ratio becomes some-more approach a serve a circle is turned. This reduces a steering angle indispensable and produces a sporty pushing feel. Agility is softened when maneuvering, in civic trade and in parsimonious bends.

Typical S model: a extraneous design

The bottom Audi Q2 is already an SUV with a really particular character. The wedge-like settlement and accurate physique line, a prosaic cabin, a polygonal gash on a side and a blade on a C-pillar give it an observable appearance. Audi has serve honed a extraneous settlement for the S model. The front finish alone indicates a special position assigned by a vehicle. Eight honest double bars order a large, octagonal Singleframe grille. A front splitter joins a utmost edges of a dual winning atmosphere inlets to underscore a full breadth of a muscular SQ2 front end. The customary LED headlights and LED back lights with energetic spin signals illuminate a characteristic, arrow-shaped light signature.

Striking sum also set accents on a flanks and during a rear. The trim strips in a revoke segment of a doors are strongly contoured; a extraneous counterpart housings competition a shining, aluminum-look finish. A prolonged roof corner spoiler provides for sufficient downforce; a diffuser insert houses 4 empty tailpipes. The extraneous tone palette includes a customary ibis white and a discretionary colors ara blue, daytona gray, floret silver, glacier white, mythos black, quantum gray and tango red.

Audi offers dual packages for a SQ2 as alternatives to a customary exterior. With a black styling package, a Singleframe, a atmosphere estuary grilles and a diffuser are finished in shimmer black. The SQ2 extraneous package also relates black styling to a counterpart housings, a blade on a C-post and a tailpipe trims. The roof corner spoiler has a special contour, and quattro logos accoutre a doors.

With a drag fellow of 0.34, a Audi SQ2 glides simply by a wind. The sound turn on-board stays low interjection to a vibration-optimized physique and Audi’s high turn of cunning in aeroacoustics. A structure of hot-shaped steels, that brew impassioned strength with low weight, forms a clever fortitude of a newcomer dungeon and is obliged for a high acerbity of a whole body.

The customary Audi expostulate name energetic doing complement lets a motorist select between a profiles auto, comfort, dynamic, potency and individual. It uses these profiles to conduct a impression of a steering, a seven-speed S tronic and additional systems. A symbol allows a motorist to set a Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) to off-road mode. Hold support is accessible as an option.

The operation of wheels accessible from Audi and Audi Sport offers a choice of 10 designs and sizes. 18-inch amalgamate wheels with distance 235/45 tires are standard; 19-inch wheels with distance 235/40 tires accessible as an choice (standard with a SQ2 extraneous package). The vast circle brakes magnitude 340 millimeters (13.4 in) in hole adult front and 310 millimeters (12.2 in) in a rear. They are quite durable, and their calipers – optionally embellished red rather than black – have S badges.

Dynamic accents: a interior

The compress Audi SQ2 has an extraneous length of 4,210 millimeters (13.8 ft) and a wheelbase of 2,594 millimeters (9.7 ft), permitting for a atmospheric interior. The luggage cell has a volume of 355 to 1,000 liters (12.5 to 35.3 cu ft) depending on a position of a dual or three-way separate back backrests. Standard apparatus includes competition seats, a front core armrest, involuntary atmosphere conditioning, a competition multifunction steering circle – optionally with paddles for a S tronic – and a motorist information complement with tone display.

The discretionary Audi practical cockpit replaces a motorist information system. The motorist controls a entirely digital instrument cluster around buttons on a steering wheel. The 12.3-inch arrangement offers 3 opposite views, including a shade that places a tachometer front and center. The many critical information is also manifest in a head-up display, another option.

The interior settlement takes adult a progressive, frozen lines of a extraneous and uses colors and materials to set sporty accents. The headlining, pillars and chair upholstery come customary in black. The musical inlay on a instrument row is matt brushed aluminum. The pedal caps and a footrest are done of immaculate steel; a bright doorway sill trims adult front competition S logos. The instrument dials are gray and a needles white. The MMI guard and a arrangement in a instrument cluster or Audi practical cockpit uncover S-specific start screens when a ignition is switched on.

The seats of a Audi SQ2 come customary in a multiple of leather and fabric. A leather/ Alcantara brew or excellent Nappa leather are optionally available. Accent stripes, resisting stitching in red and gray, and embossed S logos turn out a range. In further to black, a excellent Nappa leather upholstery is accessible in dual colors (black with red) and with a rhombus pattern. There are dual options for a musical inlay: a red anodized paint finish and a bright chronicle “Format light graphics” (with a ten-color ambient lighting package). Other options embody atmosphere vents with red interior rings and a flat-bottomed steering circle with change paddles.

The SQ2 interior package bundles these 3 features: a vents with red rings, a two-color excellent Nappa leather seats and a ambient lighting package with bright inlay. There are also specific building mats and a pivotal trim, both with SQ2 logo.

Top connectivity: MMI navigation and and Audi connect

As in a Audi Q2, a infotainment operation in a SQ2 covers a extended matrix. At a tip is a MMI navigation and with MMI touch. Its menus are clearly structured, and a rotary pushbutton on a core hovel console includes a touchpad that also enables multi-finger scrolling and zooming. Voice control and MMI hunt are also quick and reliable. Just a few letters or difference are customarily adequate to get a preferred result. The MMI navigation and has an 8.3-inch display; a information delivery procedure supports a quick LTE wireless customary and includes a Wi-Fi hotspot for a passengers’ mobile devices.

MMI navigation and also includes a Audi bond package (optional with MMI navigation). A SIM label henceforth commissioned in a car, a Audi bond SIM, brings countless online services on board, including trade information online, navigation with Google Earth, transport and parking information and entrance to Twitter and email. The giveaway myAudi app connects a owner’s smartphone with a car. It enables such functions as online media streaming and transferring a calendar to a MMI.

The infotainment operation in a Audi SQ2 includes such components as a Audi smartphone interface. It integrates iOS and Android mobile phones with their Apple CarPlay and Android Auto environments into a MMI system. The Bang Olufsen Sound System facilities a 705 Watt amplifier pushing 14 speakers. Anodized aluminum clasps support a woofers. LED light guides illuminate white light.

Technologies from a full-size class: a motorist assistance systems

The motorist assistance systems for a Audi SQ2 come from a full-size class. Audi pre clarity front is customary and uses radar to commend dangerous situations that can start with channel pedestrians or other vehicles in front of a car. The complement warns a motorist acoustically and visually, and triggers puncture braking if necessary. This can assistance to equivocate or revoke a astringency of a collision.

The support package bundles a many renouned discretionary systems, including adaptive journey control with stop go duty and a trade jam assist, that in further to a radar sensor also uses a front camera. At speeds adult to 65 km/h (40.4 mph) on precocious roads, it can support with steering, accelerating and braking.

Audi active line support helps a motorist to stay in a pushing lane. The discretionary park support can automatically drive a compress competition SUV into together or perpendicular parking spaces. Cross trade support back comes into play when a motorist wants to retreat out of a perpendicular parking spot. Another support duty is Audi side assist. In and with a radar sensor, it displays a visible warning in a particular extraneous counterpart to warning a motorist of a intensity jeopardy when changing lanes.