Scania and Ericsson join army to urge ride efficiency

At a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ericsson and Scania announced corner investigate efforts to accelerate a connectivity of blurb vehicles and infrastructure. Ericsson and Scania are assured that advances in communications technologies and destiny deployments of 5G networks will capacitate improvements in a ride of people and cargo.

“We’ve been vocalization about introducing vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications for utterly some time though now it’s unequivocally holding off,” says Håkan Schildt, Director of Strategy and Business Development during Scania’s Connected Services and Solutions business unit. “We now see larger prospects for arguable communications by mobile networks.”

New developments in LTE and 5G standardization have combined opportunities for dedicated vehicle-to-vehicle communications regulating a mobile network while minimizing risks of unpredictability and latency.

Scania has pioneered platooning concepts with lorry and trailer combinations pushing in tighten formation, thereby shortening atmosphere drag and fuel consumption. Legislation during benefaction permits trucks to expostulate during a protected stretch from any other regulating common in-vehicle facilities such as radar and journey control. However, an even narrower stretch between trucks – serve shortening fuel expenditure – requires vehicle-to-vehicle communications and companion control systems. Research by Ericsson and Scania has now shown that amply arguable communications can be determined regulating 4G, and destiny 5G, networks.

In a wider perspective, vehicle-to-infrastructure communications is an enabler for system-wide platooning in formulation and organizing a arrangement and retraction of platoons according to track and schedule. Trucks can so join and leave platoons in an optimal manner.

“In perspective of a huge benefits, we’re assured that vehicle-to-vehicle communications will be implemented by ride operators of all types,” says Claes Herlitz, Head of Automotive during Ericsson. “Addressing a hurdles acted by flourishing newcomer and burden volumes, extended communications can minister to larger logistics potency and thereby reduced environmental impact.”

Learn some-more about platooning from a Scania film on Youtube