Quantum computing: BMW Group launches “Quantum Computing Challenge” in partnership with AWS to crowd-source innovation.

Munich. Starting today, researchers, start-ups and
pioneering companies from a tellurian quantum computing village can
introduce solutions for specific industrial hurdles to a BMW
Group Quantum Computing Challenge
. Run in partnership with
Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), a Challenge encourages entrants to
come adult with innovative quantum algorithms and exam their solutions on
genuine quantum computing technologies. Quantum computing binds potential
to residence severe problems in a automotive zone in complex
optimisation, materials research, and – in a form of quantum machine
training – programmed pushing in tomorrow’s world.


Peter Lehnert, Vice President BMW Group Research, New
“The technological landscape in a margin of
quantum computing is usually only starting to take shape. Different firms
and investigate institutes are posterior a accumulation of approaches. By
rising a throng origination initiative, we are anticipating to daub into
additional innovative energy that would be over a strech of a
customary tendering process.”


Specific hurdles for quantum computing.

Experts from a BMW Group have identified over 50 hurdles at
several stages of a value sequence where quantum computing could
yield a intensity advantage in a future. This requires innovative
algorithms and a poignant alleviation of a hardware. The BMW
Group has motionless to rivet a tellurian quantum computing village to
assistance find a best solutions for a evident destiny and beyond. The
Quantum Computing Challenge will concentration on 4 specific challenges
where quantum computing could broach an advantage over classical
computing methods:

  1. Optimisation of sensor positions for
    programmed pushing functions
  2. Simulation of element deformation in a prolongation process
  3. Optimisation of pre-production car configuration
  4. Machine Learning for programmed peculiarity assessment


Registration starts today, and a deadline for submissions is 24
Sep 2021, after that they will be examined and judged by a
row of experts. A final eventuality will take place in Dec 2021,
where a tip entrants will have a event to representation their
solutions to a row of consultant judges. The winners will benefit a BMW
Group as a customer and will also be concerned in a doing of
a particular commander projects.


AWS is ancillary a BMW Group around a Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab,
an consultant organisation of professionals that helped outline a plea use
cases and who will be on a row that selects a winners. AWS will
yield credits for entrants to use Amazon Braket to encourage
growth and contrast of a quantum algorithms submitted. Amazon
Braket provides a growth sourroundings for users to try and
build quantum algorithms, exam them on quantum circuit simulators, and
run them on a accumulation of quantum hardware technologies.


“Quantum computing is in a early stages though a long-term impact
promises to be transformational for many industries,” pronounced Bill Vass,
Vice President of Engineering, AWS. “Indeed, enabling slicing edge
investigate in quantum computing and assisting businesses ready for the
quantum destiny is because we launched Amazon Braket and built out a team
of experts during a Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab. We’re anxious to
support BMW and a quantum village in this origination challenge. We
extol BMW’s care in rebellious genuine industrial hurdles where
quantum computers might one day yield an advantage.”


BMW Group is pushing a origination of a quantum ecosystem.

The Quantum Computing Challenge once again underscores how a BMW
Group is personification a heading purpose in efforts to settle a quantum
ecosystem. As recently as June, a association assimilated army with nine
other vital companies to found a
Quantum Technology and Application Consortium
. The consortium’s idea is to furnish a high apportion of
use cases for attention and, in so doing, emanate direct for quantum
computing. QUTAC will speed adult growth of a record in
Germany and Europe.


On 16 June, a BMW Group, together with a Technical University of
Munich (TUM), also announced a creation of an included chair in “Quantum Algorithms
and Applications.”
Over a duration of 6 years, a BMW Group
will make a account of €5.1 million accessible to TUM for a professorship,
apparatus and personnel. By holding this step, a BMW Group and TUM
are seeking to overpass a opening between a superb simple research
carried out in Germany and a specific focus in industry.