Pure&Crafted ON THE ROAD 2018 presented by BMW Motorrad. Pure&Crafted meets New Heritage. A successful highway outing by Europe comes to an end.

Under a ensign of “PureCrafted meets New Heritage”,
PureCrafted ON THE ROAD will cranky a finish line during Areal
Boehler in Dusseldorf on 3 and 4 November. At New Heritage, which
considers itself a festival for timelessness, all facets of
PureCrafted will be showcased once some-more to applaud a finish of
a season, comprising live song by headliners RAZZ, motorcycle
enlightenment and copiousness of new birthright lifestyle.

Since a premiere in 2015, PureCrafted has been
determined as a code by performances by The Hives, Refused,
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Mando Diao and Interpol.

After 3 successful years and sole out events, a festival
took on a opposite form this year. To find new inspiration, discover
trends and rise PureCrafted further, a festival was ON THE
ROAD this summer to find out a places where a PureCrafted
lifestyle is lived out each day.

On 24 May, we distinguished a kick-off eventuality to this adventurous
highway outing with a PureCrafted BBQ during Festsaal
Kreuzberg in Berlin, promulgation off a initial PureCrafted ON THE
ROAD supplement in character with gigs by The Picturebooks,
Rews and more.

Since then, 13 riders or teams have trafficked 40,000 km through
20 countries in 4 months, roving a PureCrafted Signature Bike,
a BMW R nineT Pure, all opposite Europe. Riding from Berlin to Morocco
and back, Bernhard Elflein of Herzbube Motorcycles
was on a highway a longest together with Sozia and his companion
Severine – and some luggage, of course!

All PureCrafted ON THE ROAD riders were asked to lane down
a many sparkling routes, a smallest manufactures, a most
well-developed builders, a best food and a coolest gigs – and to
knowledge their possess personal journey while doing so. Magazine
Craftrad’s Henry Kerinnes,
Jan Joswig and photographer Tim
; Berham Customs’ Martien Delgaauw and
photographer Jo Fischer; womanlike motorcycle club
The Curves; Team New Heritage
with Moritz Fuchs and Felix
; „boxer-loving“ Ben Arslan with
„best buddy“ and photographer Mile Stevic;
photographer Vanessa Blankenagel; product manager
Karsten Merz; Leevenstein co-founder and
photographer David Biene; and, once again, conduct of
The Curves, Cäthe Pfläging, for a „101 End
of Season Ride

Participating in a Distinguished Gentleman’s
in Hamburg and visiting INTERMOT in
Cologne, Ben Arslan brought a endless debate on a R nineT to an
end, roving it safely to a „PureCrafted Campus 66
“ in Krefeld on 5 October. There, on a top-notch
drift of a Campus Loft 66 in Krefeld Fichtenhain,
and in team-work with a Ace Cafe London, the
throng was treated to a hint of PureCrafted with live music
by Velvetones and vendors like Ondura Durable
and Blaumann Jeanshosen as good as a
preference of singular judgment and tradition bikes.

It’s not formidable to suppose that a PureCrafted ON THE
ROAD riders gifted a lot, met many engaging people and found
new friends.

You can review their full stories in a biography on a website:

Since such an epic highway outing can’t only finish like that, we
motionless to chuck a final party, of course.

Under a ensign of “PureCrafted meets New
, a celebration will be hold as partial of a New Heritage
Festival during Areal Boehler in Dusseldorf on 3 and 4 Nov 2018.

The New Heritage Festival has been determined in 2017.
Biannually, a festival draws from 5,000 to 7,000 visitors of all
ages to Munich and Dusseldorf where around 100 smaller and bigger
vendors benefaction their high-quality products. A different fringe
programme, including workshops, concerts, drinks and travel food,
turn off a events. By a way, many of a vendors already offered
their products during PureCrafted Festival’s “General Store” in a past.

As a partner of New Heritage, PureCrafted will curate a music
choice and all things associated to motorcycle enlightenment in Dusseldorf:

On Saturday evening, PureCrafted ON THE ROAD will cranky the
finish line with live performances by RAZZ,
Embrace a Emperor and DJ Joern
behind a decks.

BMW Motorrad will be on plcae as well, presenting a variety
of tradition bike highlights.

In addition, a PureCrafted ON THE ROAD riders will talk
about their experiences, and a ON THE ROAD summation film will premiere
in Dusseldorf, too.

Even a best highway outing contingency come to an finish during some point! One
thing’s for sure, though: PureCrafted ON THE ROAD brought us lots
of inspiration, new trends, many engaging contacts and large ideas.

We’re anxious to see how these new practice will impact the
destiny of PureCrafted.

Tickets: www.new-heritage.de

Website: www.pureandcrafted.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pureandcrafted

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pureandcrafted

Social media hashtag: #pureandcrafted2018

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