Professional growth concentration maintains Bentley’s standing as tip employer

The position of Bentley Motors as an employer of choice has been underlined after a association was recognized as a Top Employer for a fifth uninterrupted year.

Bentley was awarded for a joining and loyalty to a personal growth of a 4,000 colleagues operative during a Crewe headquarters. Employee conditions, care growth programmes and recruitment processes were praised as some of a best in a UK.

Marlies Rogait, Member of a Board for Human Resources, said: “We have a clever group all a proceed by a business. Everyone during Bentley, from a craftspeople in a factory, to a executive group in a boardroom is impossibly ardent about what they do. That’s because it is so critical to safeguard we assistance all of a colleagues be as good as they can be, with each event to rise their skills.”

“This endowment is unchanging approval that we are on a right lane to creation Bentley as a company, a products, a networks, and a people, even greater.”           

The annual recognition, undertaken by a Top Employers Institute, highlights heading employers in a UK that yield glorious worker conditions, maintain and rise talent via all levels of a organisation, and that essay to constantly raise practice practices.

Bentley has combined 1,500 UK jobs in a past twin years, reinforcing a company’s joining to UK manufacturing.
Strengthening a company’s concentration on development, Bentley recently implemented an upskilling programme. The programme broadens and enhances a skills of Bentley colleagues, focusing on core competencies within a business. Tools embody a introduction of training islands, training from master trainers, and adopting a twin preparation proceed for trainees.

Last year was Bentley’s largest ever intake of trainees, including apprentices, graduates and industrial placements opposite all business areas. Industrial chain positions are now available, with neophyte and connoisseur vacancies opening after this year.

Looking serve ahead, to support a company’s destiny investment in a employees and a community, Bentley is personification a pivotal purpose in bringing a University Technical College to Crewe. Focused on Engineering and Design, a propagandize will offer an moving preparation for 14-18 year olds seeking a pathway to destiny employment.