Positive start to a year for Volkswagen Group deliveries


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• 847,800 vehicles delivered in Jan / 3.7 percent increase
• Group CEO Müller: “Brands available arise in deliveries during commencement of year.
  Mixed developments on universe markets.”

The Volkswagen Group delivered some-more vehicles in a initial month of this year compared with a before year, handing over 847,800 models to customers. Commenting on a Jan total in Wolfsburg on Friday Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, said: “The brands available a arise in deliveries in January.” Müller continued: “Developments on universe markets during a commencement of a year are mixed. The conditions in Brazil and Russia stays tense, China is convalescent movement and a trend in Europe is generally stable.”

Developments on a altogether Chinese marketplace during a start of a year were quite positive, with marketplace expansion using during around twelve percent. The Volkswagen Group and a brands put adult an even stronger opening (+13.9 percent), handing over some-more than 400,000 models to business and creation Jan a record month. Never before has a Group delivered so many vehicles in China in a singular month. This expansion was a wilful cause in developments in a Asia-Pacific segment as a whole (+12.0 percent).

The conditions in a Americas was some-more challenging. The association delivered 61,100 vehicles in a North America segment in a initial month of a year, of that 36,400 units were handed over to business in a United States (-7.0 percent), where a sales stop for several models with diesel engines had an impact. Deliveries in a South America region, where a ubiquitous mercantile meridian stays tense, declined appreciably (-32.2 percent).

In Europe, Jan was a some-more appreciative month (+1.8 percent). The Group with a twelve brands available a slight boost (+2.9 percent) in Western Europe. Deliveries remained fast in a home marketplace of Germany (+0.4 percent). In contrast, developments in Central and Eastern Europe (-4.2 percent) continued to feel a effects of a moving conditions in Russia (-29.5 percent). Increases in several other markets in a segment could not equivalent a downward trend in January.

Overview of deliveries by a Volkswagen Group: