Podium outcome during season-opener: Second place for Timo Glock in a stirring Saturday competition in Hockenheim.

Hockenheim. BMW Motorsport started a new DTM deteriorate with a
podium: Timo Glock (GER) finished runner-up in a DEUTSCHE POST BMW
M4 DTM in Hockenheim (GER) – a sixth top-three outcome of a BMW
Team RMG (RMR) driver’s career. Glock challenged contingent winner
Lucas Auer (AUT, Mercedes) as a competition reached a stirring finale,
though eventually had to settle for second place and 18 points. DTM
champion Marco Wittmann (GER) finished a opening competition in a points,
channel a finish line tenth in a Red Bull BMW M4 DTM.


Timo Glock and Maxime Martin (BEL)
narrowly missed out on their initial points of a season. Glock clocked
a fourth fastest time of 1:31.161 mins in a initial subordinate of
a year, in that points were awarded to a tip 3 drivers for
a initial time. Martin was fifth in a SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM. Tom
Blomqvist (GBR) competent ninth in a BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM,
with Marco Wittmann dual places behind in eleventh. Bruno Spengler (CAN,
BMW Bank M4 DTM) and Augusto Farfus (BRA, Shell BMW M4 DTM) were
13th and 15th. Pole position went to Lucas Auer
(AUT, Mercedes).


The race:

Starting from fourth on a grid, Glock finished a good start and climbed
to third place in spin one. Wittmann also got off a line good and
slotted into seventh place. In contrast, Farfus unsuccessful to get off the
line during first, and fell to a behind of a field. While Glock moved
into second place, Blomqvist was a trusting plant of a collision in
a hairpin and forsaken good down a field. After a duration of
imperative array stops around a median indicate of a 55-minute race,
Glock upheld Mike Rockenfeller (GER, Audi) to recover second place. He
successfully shielded this position, and was means to tighten a opening to
Auer during a conduct of a margin though was incompetent to find a approach past the
Austrian. Wittmann finished in a points in tenth place. Martin,
Spengler, Farfus and Blomqvist finished a opening competition of a 2017
deteriorate in 11th, 12th, 13th and 15th.


The reactions:


BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt: “It obviously
feels good to have a initial competition of a year behind us, and to know
that we were competitive. Timo did a illusory job. He was a fastest
motorist today, and fought tough around a whole race. The fact
that we had a fastest automobile currently is unequivocally promising. Two of our
drivers finished in a tip ten. With that in mind, we had hoped to
collect adult a few some-more points. However, we have seen that a 2017
era of BMW M4 DTM has what it takes to demeanour after a tyres and
finish on a podium. Congratulations to Timo and a ‘Yellow Beast’ –
and apparently to Lucas Auer and Mercedes-Benz on a win.”


Stefan Reinhold (team principal, BMW Team RMG): “The
upshot of that competition is a certain one. We wanted to equivocate creation any
mistakes and furnish a good opening and we did precisely that. We
are gay with Timo’s second place, and Marco also picked adult a
point. we feel contemptible for Augusto with his emanate during a start. We will
take a unequivocally tighten demeanour to settle accurately what happened. On the
whole, we are happy with a opening competition and confident brazen of race
dual on Sunday.”


Marco Wittmann (#11, Red Bull BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
11th, competition result: 10th – 57 races, 8 wins, 15
podiums, 8 stick positions, 524 points, 2 Drivers’ titles):
“I got off to a good start and immediately gained dual places.
The opening path also went unequivocally well, and we was means to mount as high
as seventh place. However, we beheld in a initial army that we were
not utterly means to say a pace, that resulted in us dropping
behind to tenth. Conceding ninth place to Nico Müller so tighten to the
finish of a competition was a bit frustrating, though during slightest we picked adult a point.”


Augusto Farfus (#15, Shell BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
15th, competition result: 13th – 67 races, 4 wins, 12
podiums, 5 stick positions, 345 points):
“Unfortunately, I
had an emanate with a purchase during a start and did not get off the
line. That is a shame, as it meant we had already mislaid a competition before
we even started. After that, we had unequivocally good gait and was means to
finish an intensely prolonged second stint. Unfortunately, we did not get
it utterly right in qualifying, though my speed gives me a lot of
certainty brazen of tomorrow’s race. We are relocating in a right direction.”


Timo Glock (#16, DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
4th, competition result: 2nd – 57 races, 3 wins, 6
podiums, 1 stick position, 231 points):
“To mount on the
lectern after a opening competition is fantastic. My guys during BMW Team RMG
have a lot of tough work behind them. They positively merit this
result. The automobile was usually unequivocally prepared only before a weekend, and was
unequivocally good from a word go. we had a good start and a good opening lap.
we upheld Gary Paffett true away, though wasn’t means to lift transparent and
get him out of a DRS window. That meant we had to urge tough – with
all we have schooled in a past. It was unequivocally good fun. The
fans were treated to a good show. Towards a end, we suspicion that
Lucas Auer was personification games with me and simply saving his tyres.
However, he was indeed carrying genuine difficulties, so we gave it
everything. It was not utterly adequate in a end, though we am definitely
happy with second place.”


Bart Mampaey (team principal, BMW Team RBM):
“Starting with 3 cars is apparently a totally new
plea for us all. We competent with dual cars in a tip ten, which
was a good result. In a race, Tom mislaid a lot of places when he was
strike by another car. There was really some-more in it for him. Bruno had
a good race. His subordinate outcome was not ideal, though he had
unchanging gait in a race. The tip 10 was really within reach,
though unfortunately we did not conduct to collect adult any points. The race
was going unequivocally good for Maxime, though afterwards we had an emanate during the
array stop. This showed us that we still need to make a few adjustments
to a equipment. We finished some critical commentary in a race, and are
now looking brazen to tomorrow.”


Bruno Spengler (#7, BMW Bank BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
13th, competition result: 12th – 140 races, 14 wins,
45 podiums, 17 stick positions, 758 points, 1 Drivers’ title):
“My start was good though we did not have a ideal position in
spin one. That resulted in me losing a places we had gained to that
point. After that, we attempted my unequivocally hardest to pierce by a field.
At one indicate we was down in 17th, though we eventually finished
twelfth. we coped good with a changes, such as a singular DRS and
miss of radio communication. Communicating with a group around a pit
house worked well, and we was means to gait my DRS well.”


Tom Blomqvist (#31, BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM – Grid
position: 9th, competition result: 16th – 37 races, 1
win, 5 podiums, 1 stick position, 172 points):
“I am
apparently disappointed. we was good positioned in a race, and felt
comfortable. Then Robert Wickens spun me. My competition was over after that.”


Maxime Martin (#36, SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
5th, competition result: 11th – 47 races, 2 wins, 6
podiums, 2 stick positions, 231 points):
“I had a good
start, though afterwards got stranded behind a few cars. Then came a array stop,
during that we had a few problems. That resulted in us losing
profitable time. It is a good shame, since we could have finished much
better. However, we have another event tomorrow, and will do our
unequivocally best again.”


The standings:


Drivers: 1. Lucas Auer (28 points), 2. Timo
Glock (18)
, 3. Mike Rockenfeller (15), 4. Edoardo Mortara
(13), 5. Mattias Ekström (10), 6. René Rast (8), 7. Gary Paffett (8),
8. Paul di Resta (4), 9. Nico Müller (2), 10. Marco Wittmann
, 11. Maxime Martin (0), 12. Bruno Spengler (0),
13. Augusto Farfus (0)
, 14. Loic Duval (0), 15. Robert
Wickens (0), 16. Tom Blomqvist (0), 17. Maro Engel
(0), 18. Jamie Green (0).


Teams: 1. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport BWT (41 points),
2. BMW Team RMR (18), 3. Audi Sport Team Phoenix
(15), 4. Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline (12), 5. Audi Sport Team
Rosberg (8), 6. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Mercedes me (8), 7.
Mercedes-AMG Motorsport SILBERPFEIL Energy (4), 8. BMW Team
RMG (1), BMW Team RBM (0).


Manufacturers: 1. Mercedes (53 Punkte), 2. Audi (35),
3. BMW (19)


The service:

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