P6 and P8: Michael outpost der Mark is a best-placed BMW supplement on WorldSBK Sunday during Magny-Cours.

Magny-Cours. The eighth competition weekend of a 2021 FIM Superbike
World Championship (WorldSBK) during Magny-Cours (FRA) drew to a close
on Sunday with a Superpole competition and competition two. Michael outpost der Mark
(NED) from a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team finished sixth and eighth
on his BMW M 1000 RR. His team-mate Tom Sykes (GBR) was twelfth in
a Superpole competition and went on to finish tenth in competition two. Jonas
Folger (GER) from a Bonovo MGM Racing organisation came home 18th and 16th.


Sunday during Magny-Cours began with a warm-up in a morning, in which
Sykes, outpost der Mark and Folger were fourth, ninth and 15th fastest.
That was followed by a Superpole race. After a clever qualifying,
Sykes again started from third on a grid, with outpost der Mark ninth
and Folger 19th.


Sykes primarily determined his position in a heading organisation during the
start of a Superpole race, however fell behind to eleventh place on
path two. Van der Mark gradually worked his approach by a margin and
was using fifth during a median point, before dropping a position.
The Dutchman finished a ten-lap scurry in sixth place, that put him on
a second quarrel of a grid for competition dual on Sunday afternoon. Sykes
came home twelfth, that warranted him tenth place on a grid for the
second race. Folger finished 18th in a Superpole race. Folger was
promoted one position from 19th to 18th on a grid for competition two, as
another supplement was incompetent to start a race.


Van der Mark done a clever start to competition dual and found himself in
fourth place for a brief spell though forsaken behind to sixth place on lap
6 when he was overwhelmed by a opposition while battling for fourth place,
a Dutchman only means to equivocate crashing. He showed good fighting
suggestion to conflict behind towards a front of a field, though was no
longer means to conflict in a second half of a race. Van der Mark
forsaken behind to eighth place, a position he reason on to by to the
finish. Sykes endured a formidable start, after that he was lagging in
18th place. However, he fought his approach behind to 14th on a opening
lap. By a finish of path seven, he was using in tenth place – a
position he confirmed by to a finish of a 21-lap race. Folger
also done a bad start, though softened in a second half of a race
and took a checkered dwindle in 16th place.


Quotes after competition dual during Magny-Cours.


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“Tom’s had a unequivocally tough day to be honest. He’s not got into
his stroke and got kick adult a bit in both races and mislaid places. We
know a tip 10 are so tighten together and we don’t consider Tom has had a
satisfactory impulse during it currently so he will be unhappy with his
performance. Mickey had a good Superpole race. we consider he did really
good to come by there, he had a good conflict so to start the
underline competition from sixth position was a unequivocally good step. It was a
bizarre competition really. He got divided unequivocally good and was in a tough battle
with a front guys. Then Andrea Locatelli done a tough though satisfactory move
on Michael though it looks like a stop safeguard did a pursuit and saved him
from what could have been a vital collision since a gyroscopic
outcome of a bike pulled Andrea behind into a side of Mickey and he
had nowhere to go so it was really lucky. But he fought behind and used a
lot of tyre that towards a finish left him with no reason so eighth
position is all we could do today. A good competition altogether from Mickey and
we consider we can come divided from Magny-Cours with some positives. We have
tested during Catalunya, so we are looking brazen to going there next.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“This morning’s Superpole competition was alright. we had good pace
and had a good feeling with a bike. we was only blank one or two
tenths to stay with Scott Redding and quarrel for fourth place. we was
assured going into a categorical competition and had a clever start though afterwards I
started to onslaught after a few laps. we had some moments with a few
riders and mislaid a lot of time there though during a moment, a package is
only not good adequate to quarrel any dilemma with a other guys. In
some corners we are losing too most time.”


Tom Sykes, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “It was
formidable today. Put me on a transparent lane and we can go front row, put
me on a transparent lane again in comfortable adult and we can be consistently in the
tip four. We only can't float with a others. Unfortunately, when I’m
with a other riders it becomes a lot some-more stop and start and we
can’t follow them when it comes to opening a gas. As shortly as we got
transparent lane my path times came down and were not too distant from a fifth
position in terms of path time, though we can’t overpass a opening during this
level. There’s a lot of information to be looked at, we will see with
a organisation where we can improve.”


Jonas Folger, Bonovo MGM Racing: “I struggled in the
races when a tank was full, quite on a opening laps. we was
not means to reason my line in a corners, that meant we could not go on
a attack. The final third of any competition was improved – that was the
best territory of a competition for me. We contingency now find out because we have
these problems with a full tank. we will also see what we can do
differently as a rider, to safeguard that we get a BMW relocating better. On
a whole, it was another tough weekend for us. We will now analyse
all and we will take a tighten demeanour to see what I, personally, can
do better. Hopefully things will go a approach during a subsequent competition weekend
during Barcelona.”