Nissan: VIDEO REPORT: Legendary racer Steve Millen and his No. 75 Nissan 300ZX take to a lane in Monterey


MONTEREY, Calif. – For competition automobile motorist Steve Millen, anniversary gifts don’t get any sweeter than this.

To symbol a 20th anniversary of his – and Nissan’s – win during a 1994 24 Hours of Le Mans, Millen brought his mythological No. 75 Nissan 300ZX twin turbo racer out of retirement during a Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion in California.

“This Monterey ancestral reunion is a biggest and best of a classical automobile races in America,” pronounced Millen. “I’ve always come adult here as a witness meditative I’d like to do that one day. This time we motionless to come to contest and applaud a 20th anniversary of a Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring and championship wins. We had so most success for this automobile in 1994 that we had to come and applaud a 20th anniversary.”

The 800-horsepower No. 75 Nissan 300ZX twin turbo was one of 550 vehicles invited to contest in what has turn a cornerstone of a Monterey Peninsula’s annual Classic Car Week. Cars are comparison formed on any vehicle’s authenticity, competition provenance and duration correctness.

In fact, this automobile – framework No. 7 – still has a investigation plaque from Le Mans 20 years ago.

“We had a lot of success with this car. But, a automobile sat asleep for 20 years essentially. So when we motionless to come to this eventuality here in Monterey we ran right by a automobile from front to stern. Mark Honsowetz rebuilt a engine and freshened that adult for us. We put on new startle absorbers. We put on new AP Racing brakes. So we had to revive a automobile behind and get it to where we could run it tough like we are doing this weekend,” pronounced Millen.

Millen late from racing in 1996 after an collision during Road Atlanta. He stays connected with Nissan by his opening tools association that specializes in Nissans.

“I like doing tarmac rallying, and I’ve finished utterly a few Targa rallies in a GT-R, that is unequivocally a best automobile we can have for something like that,” pronounced Millen. “I unequivocally haven’t finished unequivocally most racing, so to come behind here for a initial time, it was utterly daunting primarily on a weekend. On Thursday we suspicion heck do we unequivocally have to go this fast? But now we am unequivocally enjoying it.”

At a competition event, Nissan had a special Laguna Seca garage area for spectators. The new 370Z NISMO and GT-R NISMO were also there for guest to enjoy.

“We have most racing story with Nissans in a past 50 years,” pronounced Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer, Design and Brand Management, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “So NISMO is Nissan Motorsport company, that unequivocally had a heyday taken from a motorsports assets. So now we have a 370Z NISMO and we have GT-R NISMO, and we will have most some-more NISMO entrance to a market. I’ve been here roughly 10 years. Always, people come to suffer a engine race. we consider it is unequivocally critical to have Nissan benefaction here.”

As distant as Millen and a No. 75 Nissan in a race?

“The cars are operative great, and it is only so most fun to out there racing opposite other competitors,” pronounced Millen.


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