Nissan: Renault-Nissan Alliance sells 8.5 million vehicles in 2015

  • Fourth largest automobile organisation posts solid sales notwithstanding macroeconomic downturn in Russia and Brazil
  • Renault and Nissan brands grasp all-time records, interjection to clever sales in USA, China and Europe
  • Alliance stays zero-emission leader; accumulative sales surpass 300,000 EVs

PARIS — The Renault-Nissan Alliance sole 8,528,887 million vehicles in 2015, adult roughly 1 percent from a prior year, interjection to record sales in a United States, China and Europe.

Combined sales for a world’s fourth largest automobile group, that includes Renault Group, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Russia’s AVTOVAZ, hold solid from calendar-year 2014 – notwithstanding pointy declines in a altogether Russian and Brazilian markets.

Renault, Nissan and AVTOVAZ (Russia’s largest automaker) comment for about one in 10 cars sole worldwide.

Renault Group, Europe’s third-largest automaker, sole a record 2,801,592 vehicles worldwide in 2015, adult 3.3 percent from 2014, in a marketplace that grew by 1.6 percent. This noted a third uninterrupted year of sales expansion for Renault. Dacia sales accounted for a record 550,920 vehicles, adult 7.7 percent. 

Renault, a fastest-growing vital code in Europe, reached a marketplace share of 10.1 percent in a marketplace that rose 9.4 percent. Renault defended a light blurb automobile care in Europe for a 18th uninterrupted year.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., sold a record 5,421,804 cars and trucks worldwide, adult 2.1 percent.  In any of a dual biggest markets, a United States and China, Nissan sole during slightest 1.25 million vehicles. Infiniti accounted for a record 215,250 vehicles, adult 16 percent from a prior year, interjection to all-time high sales in all pivotal regions, including a Americas and China.

AVTOVAZ, that sells cars underneath a LADA brand, sole 305,491 vehicles, down 31.5 percent due to a unemployment in a Russian marketThe Renault-Nissan Alliance has a infancy interest in AVTOVAZ by a corner try with state house Rostec. Together, a Renault-Nissan Alliance and AVTOVAZ sell about one in 3 cars in Russia.

The altogether Russian automobile marketplace plunged by some-more than 35 percent. The Alliance increasing a marketplace share from 30.7 percent in 2014 to 32.3 percent in 2015.

Renault-Nissan marketplace highlights


The Alliance’s tip 10 markets in 2015 were a U.S., China, France, Japan, Mexico, UK, Germany, Russia, Brazil and Spain.

In a United States, Nissan set an all-time record with 1,484,918 vehicles, adult 7.1 percent, ensuing in a record marketplace share of 8.5 percent. Nissan also set annual sales annals for Rogue, Versa, NV and NV200. In a light lorry segment, sales rose 20 percent compared with 2014.

In China, Nissan sole 1.25 million vehicles, adult 6.3 percent. Nissan stays a heading Japanese automaker in China with a marketplace share of some-more than 5 percent.

Earlier this month, Renault began prolongation of a Kadjar SUV during a corner try plant in Wuhan with Dongfeng Motor Corp. This is a initial indication to be constructed by Renault in China. The new plant will have an initial prolongation ability of 150,000 vehicles a year, with a intensity to enhance to 300,000 vehicles as direct increases.

In France, Renault’s home market, Renault sole 607,173 vehicles, adult 5.1 percent. Its marketplace share totaled 26.4 percent. The Clio compress automobile remained a top-selling newcomer automobile for a sixth uninterrupted year. Renault ZOE was a heading electric newcomer automobile with during 60 percent marketplace share.

In Japan, Nissan’s home market, Nissan sole 589,046 vehicles, down 12.1 percent. Nissan’s marketplace share stood during 11.7 percent.

In Mexico, Nissan posted record sales of 348,941 vehicles, adult 19 percent. With a marketplace share of 25.8 percent for 2015, Nissan has hold a tip sales mark in Mexico for a final 6 uninterrupted years.

In Brazil, Renault’s second-largest market, a marketplace share increasing by 0.2 points to 7.3 percent in a marketplace that engaged by 25.5 percent.

In India, that is approaching to be an critical post of Alliance sales and industrial expansion in a future, Renault remained a heading European automotive code with sales adult some-more than 20 percent to 53,848 vehicles.



More than 80,000 people in India placed orders for a Renault Kwid compress hatchback given a launch in September. The Kwid is a initial Alliance automobile built on Common Module Family-A architecture, a smallest and many affordable difficulty of cars in a Alliance CMF family. The Datsun code will launch a indication regulating CMF-A design after this year.

Zero-emission highlights
The Alliance sells about one in dual pristine electric vehicles worldwide. Through a finish of December, a Alliance has sole a accumulative 302,000 EVs worldwide.

The initial mainstream, mass-marketed EV, a Nissan LEAF, went on sale in Dec 2010. Nissan LEAF stays a world’s best-selling EV with some-more than 201,000 vehicles sole given a launch.

Since Renault began offered EVs in Oct 2011, Renault has sole a accumulative 83,000 electric vehicles worldwide, including a Twizy two-seater civic commuter. The Renault Kangoo Z.E. stays a tip light blurb EV in Europe.

In calendar-year 2015, a Renault-Nissan Alliance sole 85,000 electric vehicles, adult some-more than 2.5 percent compared with prior year. Nissan’s tellurian EV sales fell 9.8 percent, while Renault’s sales increasing 45 percent. The 2016 Nissan LEAF has an all-new 30 kWh battery, that delivers 20 percent some-more pushing operation between charges than a prior 24 kWh version. In further to LEAF, Nissan also sells a e-NV200 van.

In Europe, Nissan’s EV sales rose 14.3 percent in 2015 to scarcely 20,000 vehicles. Renault’s EV sales in Europe increasing 49 percent to scarcely 23,100 vehicles, incompatible Twizy. Renault ZOE was a best-selling EV in Europe in 2015, accounting for scarcely 19 percent of a market.

Top 10 Alliance Markets

*Including AVTOVAZ

Top 10 Renault Markets

Top 10 Nissan Markets

*Including Venucia brand

About a Renault-Nissan Alliance                                                                                     
The Renault-Nissan Alliance is a vital partnership between Paris-based Renault and Yokohama, Japan-based Nissan, that together sell one in 10 cars worldwide. The companies, that have been vital partners given 1999, sole 8.5 million vehicles in scarcely 200 countries in 2015. In further to AVTOVAZ, a Alliance operates vital collaborations with automakers including Germany’s Daimler, Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors, China’s Dongfeng Motor, and India’s Ashok Leyland.


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