Nissan: Nissan record care continues with introduction of Intelligent Rear View Mirror on 2018 Armada SUV

  • New Intelligent Rear View Mirror1 uses rear-mounted camera to “look around” customary interior obstructions, such as high passengers and cargo
  • First-ever Nissan focus on 2018 Armada Platinum model, also disdainful in full-size non-luxury SUV segment
  • The mirror’s built-in LCD guard provides stretched margin of perspective and softened prominence in low-light conditions, permitting a motorist to feel some-more assured when maneuvering in a accumulation of trade conditions
  • Driver can simply switch between intelligent and normal counterpart functions

Mississauga, Ont. – Following a new proclamation of a modernized ProPILOT Assist™ and Rear Door Alert (RDA), Nissan is rising another innovative record in a 2018 indication year – a Intelligent Rear View Mirror (I-RVM). The I-RVM adds a built-in LCD guard within a normal rearview counterpart to assistance yield transparent rearward prominence unfettered by normal obstacles such as cargo, high passengers or a pattern of a vehicle.

Traditional counterpart function.

Easy flip of a switch.

Intelligent counterpart function.

The 2018 Nissan Armada will be a initial Nissan car to offer a new I-RVM record when it goes on sale during Nissan dealerships national in September. Exclusive in a full-size non-luxury SUV segment2, a record will be customary on a Armada Platinum grade.

The consumer advantages of a I-RVM are many, including “removing” interior obstacles such as oversize load and behind headrests, improving prominence in low-light conditions, shortening glisten and providing an stretched margin of view.

“One of a simple fundamentals we’re taught when initial training to expostulate is checking a vehicle’s mirrors, we learn to adjust in sequence to get an optimal line of sight. Nissan is holding that required reserve step to a subsequent turn with a new I-RVM,” says Bert Brooks, comparison manager, product planning, Nissan Canada Inc. “It provides a clear, stretched margin of perspective underneath a far-reaching operation of conditions – giving a motorist a best probable perspective of a behind flanks no matter how swarming a behind of a car gets, possibly it be with high passengers or high cargo.”

The Intelligent Rear View Mirror looks only like a normal rearview mirror, solely it has a built-in LCD guard that can be activated with a flip of a switch located during a bottom of a counterpart – even while a Armada is moving. This allows a motorist to entrance possibly a conventions rearview counterpart reflection, for instance to assistance see what is duty inside a behind of a Armada, or a new intelligent perspective as desired.

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How a I-RVM Works
Nissan’s new I-RVM utilizes a high-performance, narrow-angle camera and a specifically made LCD monitor, with a singular aspect ratio of approximately 4:1, contra required monitors’ 4:3 or 16:9. Matching a customary wide-angle camera lens to this guard could not be finished given a images from a camera, when practiced to a special guard size, constructed a low-resolution pattern with deficient pattern quality. To overcome this challenge, a narrow-angle camera was grown so that pattern peculiarity would not be sacrificed when formatted for a specifically designed monitor.

When a LCD guard and counterpart are used in unison, a clarity of a guard and a thoughtfulness in a counterpart can emanate an pattern overlie – a twin layered outcome – creation it formidable to get a purify view. But with a I-RVM, Nissan practical a special record to a constructional pattern of a LCD guard and a mirror, enabling it to duty but any pattern overlaps.

The camera projects an pattern onto a guard for a transparent view, as good as a some-more gentle pushing experience.

The high-quality camera and pattern estimate complement implemented in a LCD guard consistently formula in a transparent pattern with minimal glare, even during morning or nightfall conditions or when a car is being followed by a car with clever headlights.

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