Nissan: Nissan reports full-year formula for mercantile year 2016

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. currently announced financial formula for a 12 months to Mar 31, 2017.

Nissan generated an handling distinction of 742.2 billion yen on net revenues of 11.72 trillion yen as clever sales in a U.S., China and Western Europe partly homogeneous a impact of unfamiliar sell and debility in rising markets.


Fiscal Year 2016 Full-Year Financial Highlights

The following list summarizes Nissan’s financial formula for a 12-month duration to Mar 31, 2017, distributed underneath a equity accounting process for a Group’s China corner venture.

Fiscal Year 2016 Financial Highlights
 (TSE news basement – China JV equity basis)1

Based on normal unfamiliar sell rates of JPY 108.3/USD and JPY 118.7/EUR

On a government pro forma basis, that includes a proportional converging of formula from Nissan’s corner try operation in China, handling distinction was 882.4 billion yen on net revenues of 12.84 trillion yen.

Sales performance

For a mercantile year, Nissan’s tellurian section sales were 5.63 million units.

In a U.S., Nissan’s sales rose by 4.2% to 1.58 million units, homogeneous to a marketplace share of 9.0%, amid plain direct for models including a Rogue and Altima.

Nissan section sales in China, that reports total on a calendar year basis, rose 8.4% to 1.35 million units, homogeneous to marketplace share of 5.0%. In Europe, incompatible Russia, Nissan’s sales rose by 7.2% to 683,000 units, that resulted in a marketplace share of 3.8%. The Qashqai SUV and Navara pickup helped expostulate direct in a region.

Nissan’s opening in these pivotal markets helped homogeneous severe conditions in a Japanese market, reflecting a cessation of Kei automobile sales in a initial half. Sales in Japan – where Kei automobile sales have resumed – reached 557,000 units for a 12-month period, representing a marketplace share of 11.0%. In other markets including Asia and Oceania, Latin America, a Middle East and Africa, Nissan’s sales decreased 3.3% to 808,000 units.


The association expects to sell 5.83 million units in mercantile 2017. Recently-launched models including a Nissan Micra, Armada, Kicks, and Note e-POWER and Serena in Japan, are approaching to minister to sales expansion in a entrance financial year.

Based on Nissan’s plain opinion for section sales, a association has filed a following fiscal-year forecasts to a Tokyo Stock Exchange. Calculated underneath a equity accounting process for Nissan’s corner try in China, a forecasts for a mercantile year finale Mar 31, 2018 are:

Calculated on sell rate of JPY 108/USD and JPY 118/EUR

Nissan is also forecasting a 10.4% boost in a division to 53 yen per share for mercantile year 2017.


1 Since a commencement of mercantile year 2013, Nissan has reported total distributed underneath a equity process accounting for a corner try with Dong Feng in China. Although net income stating stays unvaried underneath this accounting method, a equity-accounting income statements no longer embody Dong-Feng-Nissan’s formula in revenues and handling profit.
2 Net income attributable to owners of a parent

For minute Nissan financial information and presentations:


About Nissan Motor Co.
Nissan is a tellurian full-line car manufacturer that sells some-more than 60 models underneath a Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun brands. In mercantile year 2016, a association sole 5.63 million vehicles globally, generating income of ¥11.72 trillion. Nissan engineers, manufactures and markets a world’s best-selling all-electric car in history, a Nissan LEAF. Nissan’s tellurian domicile in Yokohama, Japan, manages operations in 6 regions: ASEAN Oceania; Africa, Middle East India; China; Europe; Latin America and North America. Nissan has a tellurian workforce of 247,500, and has been partnered with French manufacturer Renault underneath a Renault-Nissan Alliance given Mar 1999. In 2016 Nissan acquired a 34% interest in Mitsubishi Motors, that became a third full member of a Alliance – a organisation with total annual section sales of roughly 10 million units a year.


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