Nissan: Nissan Mexico’s trade opening respected with a National Exports Award from Mexico’s Ministry of Economy

JALISCO, Mexico Mexico’s Ministry of Economy has famous Nissan Mexico’s trade opening with a 2015 National Exports Award during a rite during a XII Mexican Foreign Trade Congress. Mexico boss Enrique Peña Nieto hosted a event, that was recently hold in a Mexican state of Jalisco.

“For Nissan Mexico, it is an respect to be a initial automotive association in a story of some-more than 5 years of a National Exports Award to acquire this prestigious respect in a vast exporting enterprises category,” pronounced Airton Cousseau, boss and handling director, Nissan Mexico.

This endowment represents a tip approval postulated to tip heading companies in terms of unfamiliar trade. Its design is to kindle mercantile expansion of a nation by exports, therefore contributing to Mexico’s development.

“After being determined as a production leaders in 2014 with some-more than 800,000 vehicles fabricated – as good as uninterrupted sales care for over 75 months in a domestic marketplace – we reaffirm a care in a exports segment, achieving final Aug a miracle of 5 million exported units given a start of a unfamiliar trade operations in 1972,” pronounced Armando Ávila, production VP, Nissan Mexico.

Nissan models now exported from Mexico include: Sentra, Tiida, March, NOTE, Versa, Tsuru, NV200, NV200 Taxi NY, NV250 (VAN), NP300 and a new NP300 Frontier. In FY2014, Nissan Sentra had a largest trade volume; it was shipped especially to a U.S. and Brazil, with a sum of 219,336 units.

Last year, Nissan Mexico exported 538,971 vehicles, apropos a largest car exporter for a code globally. From Jan to Aug 2015, a sum of 353,428 units have been exported.


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Herman Morfin
Nissan Mexico Corporate Communications
[email protected]