Nissan: Nissan Launches LEAF Qualified Pre-Owned Program

  • Zero-Emission accessibility increased in Quebec by Quality-Assured, Pre-Owned Nissan LEAF 100 per cent electric vehicles

Montreal, Quebec/Mississauga, Ontario – Today, Nissan announced a new module signaling a hulk jump brazen in electric car (EV) accessibility.  Effective immediately, Quality-Assured, Pre-Owned Nissan LEAF vehicles will be accessible for squeeze or franchise in a range of Quebec finish with a $4,000 provincial inducement as partial of a province’s Drive Electric program. In sequence to qualify, a Pre-Owned Nissan LEAF vehicles contingency be purebred outward of Quebec, and possibly 2013 or 2014 indication year. This outlines a initial time Canadians have a choice of owning a formerly owned fully-electric vehicle, while still benefitting from a provincial incentive.

The Nissan LEAF Qualified Pre-Owned Program contributes to a Quebec Government’s design of augmenting a series of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in a range to 100,000 units by 2020. Click here to learn some-more about a Pilot Project for Used Vehicles. Having remade a performance, practicality and open notice of EVs around a universe given a launch in 2010, Nissan stays a undisputed personality in EV technology.

“The Nissan LEAF Qualified Pre-Owned Program is another proof of Nissan’s oath to emanate intelligent mobility solutions, by broadening a accessibility and practicality of electric vehicles,” says Joni Paiva, boss of Nissan Canada Inc. The Nissan LEAF Qualified Pre-Owned Program, matched with existent Nissan efforts to rise provincial infrastructure, will be instrumental in flourishing seductiveness and acceptance toward a extended advantages of 0 glimmer mobility. We demeanour brazen to continued expansion of a EV marketplace in Quebec.”

The LEAF vehicles entrance from a U.S. will be mutated to accommodate Canadian regulations. This includes an OEM strap for a daytime using lights, and units will be converted to metric. The approved Nissan LEAF play will also implement a 4.5L windshield washer liquid tank vs. a 2.5L on a U.S.-sourced LEAFs. The Pre-Owned Nissan LEAFs will be versed with a Quick Charge pier to capacitate charging with a turn 3 DC Quick charger, along with a winter package that includes: battery heater, exhilarated outward mirror, exhilarated front seats and exhilarated behind seats, exhilarated steering wheel, and RearView Monitor.

Nissan Canada Finance (NCF) will offer authorised business a 3.99% franchise rate on 36 months for a LEAF SV and LEAF SL. For business that cite a loan instead of a lease, NCF will also offer a special loan module for both a SV and SL trims on 48 and 60 month terms with rates starting as low as 1.99%.

These LEAFs will be accessible by Certified Nissan LEAF dealers in Quebec. The Pre-Owned Nissan LEAF vehicles contingency be sourced from outward of a range of Quebec, and will have to honour peculiarity criteria to validate for a program.

All Quality-Assured Pre-Owned Nissan LEAFs will also come with a manufacturer singular extended guaranty of 3 years or 40,000 kilometres.*

About a Nissan LEAF

Ever given a initial Nissan LEAF rolled off a public line, it has been ceaselessly distinguished around a world, garnering some-more than 90 awards, including being named Car of a Year in Japan and Europe, not to discuss winning a really prestigious World Car of a Year.

Nissan’s birthright with EVs dates behind 70 years with a Tama Electric Vehicle. Nissan, that has dedicated itself to in-house investigate and growth of a EV battery, has taken it from zinc and nickel hydride to lithium-ion. The association successfully marketed a world’s initial lithium-ion battery EV in 1996 with a Prairie Joy EV. The believe and knowledge gained from this gave Nissan a large advantage over a competitors and resulted in a initial mass-produced EV in history, a Nissan LEAF.

All LEAF models underline an 80kW AC synchronous engine that generates 107 horsepower and 187 lb-ft of torque, providing a rarely responsive, fun-to-drive knowledge that consumers mostly design from traditional, gasoline-powered vehicles. Unlike inner explosion engine-equipped vehicles, LEAF has no tailpipe, that means there is no glimmer of CO2 or other hothouse gases. Nissan LEAF can be charged adult to 80 per cent of a full ability in only underneath 30 mins with a discerning charger.”

*some exclusions apply, greatfully hit a Nissan play for details.


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