Nissan: Nissan inaugurates satellite pattern studio in Brazil

  • Taro Ueda, Vice President Nissan Design America, strictly opens a studio
  • Brazilians minister to a examine into materials, interior and extraneous pattern

 RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Nissan strictly non-stop a satellite pattern studio in Rio de Janeiro today. Located during Nissan Brazil’s headquarters, a Nissan Design America Rio studio (NDA-R) is tasked with researching materials and styling and is already contributing to destiny expansion projects. Taro Ueda, Vice President of Nissan Design America (NDA), led a opening ceremony.

The studio opening is another step in Nissan’s plan for poignant expansion in Brazil as a association builds movement towards achieving a Power 88 goals. This follows a poignant miracle in Apr when Nissan non-stop a new production plant in Resende.

“Brazil has been one of Nissan’s pivotal markets for years and can offer new impulse for a pattern of a products for Brazil as good as globally,” pronounced UEDA. “Soon, we might see some formula of a work finished by this group in partnership with other pattern centers around a world.”

While in Brazil, Ueda met Brazilian pattern students and professionals. He gave a debate to 70 people during Rio’s Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) and hosted a pattern seminar during Nissan Brazil’s headquarters.

“Rio has a smashing multiple of vibrancy and farrago that represents a Brazilian enlightenment and people, with any segment being singular in a possess way.” Said UEDA. “This is an ideal plcae to settle a pattern studio.”

Robert Bauer will lead a examine and pattern activities during NDA-R. His group includes Brazilian pattern professionals who already examine trends, materials and styling. Another one of his team’s critical tasks is to examine internal pattern talent and resources.

Nissan’s products are designed with tellurian collaboration. The opening of a Rio pattern studio signals a brand’s joining to Brazil’s pattern ambience and consumer needs.

In further to NDA-R, Nissan has several other pattern centers around a universe including locations in London, Beijing and San Diego. Nissan Design is led by Shiro Nakamura, Nissan Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, who is formed during Nissan domicile in Atsugi, Japan.



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